Episode 139 – Reds (1:28:03)

We talk about the epic film “Reds” which follows John Reed as he covers the Bolshevik Revolution as an idealistic journalist with utopian visions of successfully implementing socialism. Our guest is Jon Reed (no relation) and we have a barn-burner of a discussion about this marathon of a movie that has some many discussion-nuggets that our show went a little long.

A Ronald Reagan favorite. #9 on the top ten list of “epics”. An obsession-project for Warren Beatty who would shoot up to 100 takes and keep the film rolling so that he had over two weeks of footage. This movie destroyed his relationship with Diane Keaton and got Gene Hackman to refuse a role a decade later. His speech scene instigated the crew to strike over “exploitation” demanding higher wages.

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Episode 138 – Justice League (1:29:16)

We’re back and we’re ringing a bell. We’ll wrap up “Batman v Superman” and also tackle the debacle that is “Justice League”. Our man from Adelaide joins us once again to put on a clinic on the DCEU and try to make sense of it all. We also have a discussion on the Marvel movies from the MCU, with a little “Man of Steel” spice added in for flavor with our Australian friend, Shaheen.

Batman, Wonder Woman and an all-star team of superheroes race to stop a new super-villain from destroying Earth in this continuation of the DECU. Picking up where Batman v Superman leaves off, this follows the aftermath of the death of Superman and the assembling of a new group of heroes to unite and fight a new threat. This is a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster of a film that had a director change midway that ended up in a budget-busting (and narrative destroying) re-shoot where 2-1/2 hours of Snyder’s footage got cut, leaving only 1/2 of the film with the original filming and the other half with Joss Whedon’s quippy nonsense.

After his fairly successful defense of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, Shaheen tells us more about the 5-movie plot that was Zack Snyder’s vision and hope that one day we see it come to fruition in one form or another. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

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Episode 137 – Bad Times at the El Royale (1:13:23)

Continuing our series of overpromising and under delivering…we will underwhelm you by not doing Justice League this week, and instead hit you with “Bad Times at the El Royale” starring Jeff Lebowski and an ensemble cast. Set in the late 60’s, several strangers who are each walking contradictions, meet by chance at Lake Tahoe’s El Royale, a former hotspot hotel straddling the California/Nevada border. Morality becomes different depending on which side of the line you’re on.

This is a fun discussion on a Tarantino-esque film that folds over itself, but leaves rough edges so you can fill in some of the blanks in the story on your own – intentionally.

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Societal sodomizing

This is war. I’m not peddling hyperbole here, folks. We are in the thick of it. Right now. Everywhere. There is no neutral ground. And the battlefields are primarily our children, our faith, and our homes.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven … a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.” — Ecclesiastes 3

“Modern war often deals in abstractions,” writes Father Stephen Freeman. “Modernity is an efficient war machine.” And what drives our ceaseless enemy is nothing short of the apex of post-modern religiosity: nihilism.

In other words, life has no purpose. Existence is meaningless. After all, the stem nihil is defined as “nothing” in Latin. Thus, there is no inherent morality, and reality can be whatever you want it to be. Everything’s fluid. Facts and nature be damned.

Here is 10-year-old drag star Queen Lactacia in a sexually suggestive photo with drag queen Violet Chachki. Homo tyrants defended the picture, claiming the problem lay with uptight conservatives and their lacking “body-positive” attitudes. The boy’s mother admits there’s a sexual component to drag (ya think?!) but that it doesn’t matter since drag “makes him feel beautiful.” And since nihilism aims to smash beauty (since it’s seen as holding up tradition), post-modern “beauty” becomes all about self, not glorifying God.

According to nihilist guru Friedrich Nietszche, “The highest values are losing values. There is no goal. There is not Truth, no ‘thing in itself.’ There is no answer to the question ‘Why?’” That’s the ethical and existential part of it.

Then there are the political ramifications of nihilism, which posit that the destruction of those archaic social norms and backwards religious orders is necessary for a future “progress.” This creates a “new man” who is “angry for the cause of justice and equality and preaching,” wrote Father Seraphim Rose in his prescient book “Nihilism.”

“Owing its whole energy to its passion to destroy Christian Truth,” the religion of nihilism “comes to the end of its program in the production of a mechanized ‘new earth’ and [an even more] dehumanized ‘new man,’” continued Rose, who allegedly flirted with homosexuality before converting to Orthodoxy in 1962. Subsequently, “the man created in [God’s] image has lost his nature and fallen into sub-humanity,” which then becomes this new man’s “higher humanity.”

Multnomah County Library’s “kid-friendly drag” events were advertised as appropriate for children ages 2-6 who were accompanied by “their favorite adult,” and were touted as a program which “encourages kids to look beyond stereotypes, and fosters empathy and creativity.” At Portland’s St. John’s Library, children were allowed to crawl on top of sexually deviant strangers in dresses. Leftist parents are just itching to prove what new men they are by sacrificing their children on the altar of “higher humanity.”

Of course, Marxist doctrine finds its home in the godlessness of nihilism. In “The German Ideology,” Marx and Engels wrote that “the alteration of men on a mass scale is necessary, an alteration which can only take place in a practical movement, a revolution.” This will enable the overthrowing class in “ridding itself of all the muck of ages and become fitted to found society anew.”

Nietszche wrote in “Will To Power” that “Everything which was formerly disdained as unholy, forbidden, contemptible, and fatal – all these flowers now bloom on the most charming paths of truth.” With such dark roots as these, it’s easy to understand why LGBT dogma is one of nihilism’s most effective weapons. It’s the perfect catalyst for infinite change, with the T for “transgender” or “transsexual,” and the addition of QIA for “queer” or “questioning” (depending on the source), “intersex,” and “asexual.”

That’s why there’s often a + to denote the ever-increasing letters and definitions within the culturally coveted acronym. It’s best to fold those few “pansexuals” and “polysexuals” into the fold, since the P is being saved for the big cheese: “pedophiles.” It’s coming soon, but society isn’t quite ready for such progress … yet. But when it is, this leap forward will undoubtedly pave the way for other sexual “identities,” like bestiality and necrophilia. Anything’s better than a stodgy ol’ “cis,” says the empowered new man.

This video is supposedly debunking LGBTQIA+ myths, when all it does is showcase people who claim to only want acceptance, but what they truly desire is control. The claim that sex is a “self-determined social construct” is part of the nihilist arsenal.

St. Augustine of Hippo is thought to be the first person to record applied Christian ethics to the idea of morally justifiable war. In discussing this modern conflict between progress/nihilism and tradition/Christianity, it’s clear that we’re not the aggressors. Unfortunately, we’re on the defense, simply trying to salvage some sanity out of this purposeful chaos.

“You cannot stop progress. The machine is rolling.” — Andrea Tate, female drag queen and certifiable angry grrrrrl

Think how quickly we’ve descended into dystopia. It was in May 2012, just 7 years ago that we in North Carolina voted against gay marriage. And it was in November 2008, just a little over a decade ago, that same-sex marriage failed in leftist California. June 26 just marked the 4-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling which pronounced from on high that homosexuals have the “fundamental right” to marry.

Obergefell v. Hodges was the turning point for gay tyrants, who were losing in the court of public opinion, so they turned to their apparatchiks in government. Thus, they ‘d finally succeeded in what they claimed had always been their goal: marriage “equality.”

“Engaging young minds through sights and sounds.” This is how the AP described a drag queen reading to toddlers at the Brooklyn Public Library. It’s “fantastic,” claimed the organizer, because it addresses “issues of gender fluidity and self-acceptance.” In other words, let’s fill young impressionable minds with nihilism and narcissism. But poor “Little Miss Hot Mess.” HE received “negative comments on social media” from a bunch of meanies. Boo hoo. In a rational world, he’d be receiving pitchforks, not a publicly subsidized space to peddle his perversion.

It’s not a slippery slope, they promised. It won’t affect your religion, they assured us. It’s just about fairness, they said. Oh hon, stop being so paranoid. Lighten up, sweetie, and open wide.

This is what Judith Reisman, former investigator of child sexual abuse, calls the “Kinsey principle of lulling ‘straights’ into a false sense of security,” referring to the famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey, who also happened to be a pedophile and is still a highly influential “intellectual” to this day. Sit back and relax, baby. Daddy Kinsey will make it all right.

Sure, homosexuals already had civil unions in many states and would’ve gained ground in some quarters. But they and their legal allies convinced the masses that redefining marriage was the necessary reform to right the wrong of gay couple’s supposed second-class status regarding hospital visitation, child custody, health insurance benefits, and tax breaks. Even conservative people who fancy themselves patriotic stalwarts capitulated. I mean, it’s why grandpa fought the Nazis, right?

“Who are we to stand in these Americans’ pursuit of happiness? They’re just citizens who want ‘access’ and desire ‘tolerance,’” the useful idiots clamored.

“It’s none of our business what two consenting adults do,” lectured the libertarians. “That’s what privacy is all about.” Well, it ain’t so private any more, is it?

Abounding F-bombs, fever-pitch emotion, distorted logic, seething hatred, and the politicization of children comprise the enemy’s mindset, as seen in this pro-gay-marriage video from 2010. Now add in rampant violence with police protection and government sanction of 2019, and you have the makings for a helluva scary foe.

Forget the fact that the majority of gay people aren’t in committed monogamous relationships. Forget the fact that most homosexual people have lots of promiscuous (to even anonymous) sex with lots and lots of people. Forget the fact that gay couples often mimic the traditional male-female dynamic of marriage, so it’s really like hetero-lite … minus the bio babies.

Really, marriage equality was a big, fat lie that unhinged the gates of hell. And now, for some odd reason, the nihilists who foisted their worldview down the throats of unwilling Americans through judicial fiat now want special legal protections. Supra-rights. Supra-platforms. Supra-speech. Supra-safe spaces.

Recently, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said she wanted to give homosexual couples reparations. And the so-called Equality Act “would add ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ as protected classes to existing laws banning discrimination in places of public accommodation, employment, housing, and by recipients of federal financial assistance.” What could go wrong?

My only caveats to this would be ALL media, ALL the time. Oh, and not “everyone” resists. Just ask your fellow parishioner, a “woke” homeschool mom, that “fiscal conservative, social liberal” co-worker, or your “open-minded” neighbor.

You won’t spit, citizen! You must swallow and like every minute of it. Central authoritarians and their goons in the Fourth Estate will white-knight for the rainbow-huddled masses till you comply. No complaints, bigots.

Now look where we are. Not only do tax-payer-funded libraries host homosexual indoctrination, but tax-payer-funded police physically remove moms who film these shocking public events and then allow the nihilist foot soldiers to harass them. Courageous people who have the audacity to resist the fashionable sexualization of children have been doxxed by Antifa and predictably threatened by their violent hordes. It’s the ol’ one-two of Maoist barbarism, comrade.

In our twisted culture, the mama bears get called homophobic (a claim that can get you shunned from polite company at best, and canned from a job and made unmarketable at worst), and the sexual deviants are lauded as “stunning and brave” and pegged as victims in an unjust system.

Photos taken at the Renten Library, which not only hosted two disgusting drag shows but immersed children in “teen pride.” This included flavored condoms, sex lubricant, gift cards for chest binders, footage of how to make dental dams, and info on Planned Parenthood’s “gender reformation services,” and how to safely share a sex toy. The inset illustrates the left’s doxxing tactics: make available date of birth and home address, and then harass till the mom becomes a “new man.”

Sure, it totally makes sense to send out a freakin’ SWAT team to arrest a peacefully protesting pastor and have snipers on the rooftop to keep an eye on those trouble-making family-values voters. Meanwhile, Antifa continually takes over America’s city streets. Welcome to Weimerica, y’all.

Heck, when politicians do have the good sense to cancel “drag queen story hour” at the public library, evangeleftists will step in to subvert the will of the local community, as happened in another city. A church, yes, a supposedly Christian church hosted the sexual event aimed at children. If these are our brothers and sisters in Christ, no wonder America’s post-Christian.

If there’s one thing that “pride” month solidified for me, it’s that there is literally no respite from gay-mania in the West. None. Not Lyft. Not princesses. Not Christian music. Not speech therapy. Not sports. Not online dictionaries. Not Oreos. Not children’s cartoons. Not public schools, of course. Not Ikea. Not Mother’s Day. Not Catholicism. Not high-church Protestantism. Not Evangelicalism. And not even Orthodoxy.

The blue-haired kid in this virtue-signaling ad is known as Desmond Is Amazing. When featured on Good Morning America, he was introduced as a “trailblazer” to the oohs and aahs of the hosts and the automatons in the audience. The religion of self pervades all of LGBT la-la land, from the corporate cronies, to the conformists in gen pop, to the glitter activists and their parents (typically mom, of course).

I could realistically spend all day and night just linking to the incessant LGBT brainwashing, but you get the point. This unceasing onslaught is by design so that we either (a) stay at home and don’t engage in the public square, thus, becoming refugees in our own communities or prisoners in our homes, or (b) we simply succumb to the madness.

If it’s one thing the enemy is good at, it’s wearing people down. Either way, the consequence is the same: a deracinated culture brimming with atomized individuals. This kind of hopelessness makes for a pliable people, as well as individuals who are hungry for “identity.” Trash family and God, and nihilism becomes the measure of your worth, even though it’s an immeasurable illusion. Destruction is the end goal.

This societal sodomizing (as I like to call it) is pushed on a reconstructed populace who typically play nice but always, always get burned. Ever the altruists, they bend and accommodate and assume the noblest of intentions of the enemy because being called “mean” is apparently one of the worst slights a person can confront. Plus, you know, there’s always Netflix to ease the pain.

When evangelical “pastor” Nadia-Bolz Weber (who you might know because of her awarding Gloria Steinem a vagina statue made of melted-down purity rings) retired as leader of her heretical Denver church, the role was aptly filled by Reagan Humber – a “reverend” who’s married to the drag queen “Fruit Bomb.” Thanks for the (literal and figurative) shit show, pervs.

Toughen up, people. Even though there’s admittedly no escaping (yet), we should not bend over and take it. Not now. Not ever.

societal sodomizing: (verb) having nihilism shoved up our anuses so hard and so many times that we experience uncontrollable fecal leakage due to damaged bowels, and our rectums eventually prolapse, as is the case for many serial sodomites.

synonyms: nihilism, assault, cultural genocide, godlessness, coercion, anarcho-tyranny, globalism

antonyms: freedom, sanity, tradition, decentralization, manners, kindness, respect

Used in a sentence (noun, present participle form): Eventually, you’ll submit to the societal sodomizing and maybe even grow to like it. Relax and enjoy the ride, darlin’.

Sure, we don’t have the systemic power of the “new man,” but we do have the godly authority as sovereigns, citizens, and parents to fight this nihilism. Let’s not give one more inch to the societal sodomizers. They already have enough.

Tune in for my next blog, which will take a keen look into the real endgame of the nihilists and their LGBT cohorts. It ain’t pretty, folks.

Source: Dissident Mama – Societal sodomizing

Episode 136 – Star Trek: TNG – S2E9 The Measure of a Man (1:05:41)

We venture back to the neutral zone and boldly go where no man has before to discuss another episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation with Pat MacFarlane of Liberty Weekly. This is our continuing mission to cover a few key episodes of this thought-provoking series for this summer. You can find his show at: http://www.libertyweekly.net

Picking up decades after Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek series, The Next Generation follows the intergalactic adventures of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his loyal crew aboard the all-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, as they explore new worlds.

In early June, we covered the episode called “Justice” which can be found at AA131/LN74. We will be doing at least one more, that is directly related to tonight’s episode, in early August.

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