Episode 24 – Wolverines! Red Dawn (1:54:42)

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We are back at it again discussing the 1984 cult-classic, Red Dawn. Is there a libertarian thread? There seems to be. This is a long and rambling podcast almost 2 HOURS long! We also spend a fair amount of time discussing the recent Stefan Molyneux video where he appears to be breaking up with libertarianism. It’s an interesting conversation and we hope you enjoy. Looking forward to comments or feedback to the show. WOLVERINES!

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Don’t Become a Champion of the Middle Ground

Laurence Vance posted an article earlier this month in which he provided an overview of various Republican tax plans, or as he rightly calls them “tax scams.”  As usual, Mr. Vance is on point.  In the article, he displays all of the recent tax plans put forth by Republican members of Congress and even the Presidential candidates … read more
Source: Battle For Liberty – Don’t Become a Champion of the Middle Ground

Ep. 13: How I Voted in the 2016 General Election

In this episode, I’ll give you my political philosophy on the practice of voting.  Here’s a preview: sometimes I think it’s ok and other times I think it’s opposed to the nonaggression principle.  If that sounds confusing, don’t worry.  Just have a listen and I promise you’ll understand. As a special bonus, I also tell … read more
Source: Battle For Liberty – Ep. 13: How I Voted in the 2016 General Election

The Most Fantastic Libertarian Voting Guide EVER!!

lewisSo in case you hadn’t noticed (which I’m sure you haven’t), Libertopia has been pretty quiet lately on the whole fantasmagoric, utterly life changing and galactic news-shaking issue of voting in America. That’s because, quite frankly, we’re not really too worried about it. That and having a ton of other things coming up that’s not really related to the island of Libertopia (apart from not getting stuff posted as regularly as we used to). But anyway.

So I’ve been sitting here thinking, “since Libertopia is such a MAJOR libertarian  news outlet (not), I should really get with the program and issue an official voting guide on who I think you should vote for. Because, you know…uh….all the huge alphabet soup news agencies, movie stars and social media czars are screaming out that we better vote for you know who, or the entire world as we know it will end. Just like it has threatened to do every four year cycle since they started figuring out they could make dump-truck loads of money off this thing.”

Which leads me now to the moment you’ve been waiting for with baited breath since you began reading this post. Y’all ready for this? My voting recommendations are as follows:

For President, vote for whoever the heck you want to vote for. Or don’t vote at all. I mean seriously. Did you think as a libertarian I could really do that to you? But I will say this. I’m so mind-numbingly sick of the whole election thing here in America that I could projectile vomit for about four days straight from here to Antarctica. Every where I go, the near cult-like fervor surrounding the election of another limp balloon that sells used-cars on the weekend all while moonlighting as a politician seems like it’s the only thing people can think or talk about. And as sad as it might be, I even recall people after the 2012 election saying they woke up the next day to learn that their political champion hadn’t been elected, and were depressed for a whole week. Pathetic. Why let this whole thing run your life like this? I’ve tried to ignore the absurd media circus, social media rants and mind-numbing post-debate discussions as much as I can, and my quality of life has increased in happiness by about a factor of about 99.99 percent.

Sure, I’ve been through these elections before, and am familiar with all the hysteria that is pumped out to a multi-billion dollar tune. But honestly, i’m my own person. I have people I know and care about in my community. People I respect and honor who I can actually get to know. And ultimately, some clown that I’ve never met just isn’t worth a whole lot of my time. But…but…no. That’s it. Be your own person. Take responsibility. Spend time with those you love. Get to know your neighbors. And just enjoy your life 🙂

Do you have thoughts on the American election cycle, clueless voters, establishment politics, the voting process, media bias, special interest groups or any other libertarian issue related to this topic? Let us know! Also, don’t forget to check out our many other amazing libertarian articles, cartoons (which can be found here), and our cool 60 page book with some of the finest libertarian content around at Libertopia: Collection One!

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Episode 23 – Ene-muh of the State (55:31)

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We discuss the 1998 Will Smith/Gene Hackman film. The election and how the media is in the tank for Hillary. We aren’t fans of Trump either, but it is full-press against him in the press. We hope that this whole farce shakes the confidence that people blindly have granted democracy. Robert also brings up the hypocrisy surrounding legal vs. illegal gambling.

(Apologies to Blink182 for the name rip-off)

For show notes and more, please visit: http://www.readrothbard.com/episode-23
Source: The Read Rothbard Podcast – Episode 23 – Ene-muh of the State (55:31)

Episode 22 – V is for Voluntary

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We’re a bunch of lying liars! We said more frequency! We said shorter shows! Well, here we are 2 days later than our once a week schedule and with a show over an hour long. Oh well. We talk about “V is for Vendetta” and weave in some talk on individual vs. collective ownership and some SJW-logic problems.

For show notes and more, please visit: www.ReadRothbard.com/Episode-22-1
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Episode 21 – Hunger Lames

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Episode 21 – Robert and I adopt a shorter format of just over 30 minutes to discuss the Hunger Games that started off as a promising book series that we both read over five years ago and ended up as an increasingly bad movie franchise. Enjoy yourself.

Not a lot of show notes for this one, but you can still visit: www.ReadRothbard.com/Episode-21
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Comment on The 2016 Election is a Wealth of Hypocrisy by The Question

I personally find the rationalization refreshingly honest. The United States politically is moving away from the tiniest pretense of constitutionalism and toward open nationalism v. globalism, so why not admit it? The character of a candidate no longer matters, and in fact never really did. Are we to believe Trump is the first womanizer ever to run for public office? If we’re going to hold our current politicians to such a lofty standard, let us apply it to all others in the past.

Anyone who has served a tour or two in the culture war can attest that this election is a reflection on the average United States citizen. Yes, yes, they claim to dislike the two candidates yet they endorse the very system and vision of a dictator-style president that attracts people like them. It is no different than a girl who says she wants a good man but then chases after jerks and later wonders why all her boyfriends are jerks.

Source: The Great Fiction – Comment on The 2016 Election is a Wealth of Hypocrisy by The Question

Ep. 12: Following Up! Gary Johnson & An Interested Listener

Things are getting downright comical over at the Johnson/Weld campaign — and not in a good way.  Gary, they’re not laughing with you… In this episode, I follow up on on my previous commentary on the Libertarian Presidential ticket.  If you haven’t heard anything from this high school student council ticket lately, you’ll want to … read more
Source: Battle For Liberty – Ep. 12: Following Up! Gary Johnson & An Interested Listener