The Voluntaryist Origins III Campaign Wraps Up A SUCCESS!

Hello, Voluntaryist Fans!

I am excited to announce that the Voluntaryist Origins III Indiegogo Campaign has ended on unprecedented heights!

campaign close success Voluntaryist origins III

Thanks to you, we had 124 backers raising a total of $6,324!

This means that Voluntarist Origins III has officially beaten all past records in support!

To thank you for this, I am going to give all physical comic backers the third stretch goal in addition to the two we unlocked! So now you have not onenot twobut THREE BONUS ITEMS!

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It’s my small way of saying, “Thank you!” for being so generous with your time, link shares, and contributions.

In addition to that extra perk, I can also announce that we will be able to produce a FULL-LENGTH ISSUE with a solid 24 standard pages! You can pat yourselves on the back for going above-and-beyond to help make this comic the best yet!

With the campaign officially closed, I will now be taking the next steps to get production underway.

Once the funds release to me, I will be immediately working with our new creative team at Cornerstone Creative Studios, handing over the script and character descriptors so that they can get to work on the initial pencils and inks.

I will also begin working on non-comic perk orders. Those who ordered a perk that does not involve a print comic will get your goodies a little sooner than the projected delivery date.

Those who ordered the physical comic will receive their perks together with the other extras that come with the order.

My expected delivery date is March 2020. I hope to get it to you sooner, but I want to make sure that I leave enough time in case of any unexpected delays from third parties in the production process.

I will be updating you when I send out the non-comic perks and will be sharing teasers here on Indiegogo, Facebook, Minds, and the main Website as production comes along.

As always, if you have any thoughts or questions, you can reach me at mr.voluntary[at]gmail[dot]com.

I will be reaching out a few weeks before shipment through the campaign dashboard to make sure that everyone has provided their most up-to-date address. I want to ensure everyone gets what they ordered.

I’m humbled by how much care and engagement you’ve given Origins III and I cannot wait to bring a smile to your face with a perk package you’ll be proud to show off!

Thank you for believing in me and this comic.

I’m looking forward to another successful production process as we continue to design the canon origins story for Voluntaryist!

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Thank you for supporting closing post cover Voluntaryist

Source: Volcomic – The Voluntaryist Origins III Campaign Wraps Up A SUCCESS!

Voluntaryist Origins III Ends in Less than 24 Hours!

Hello, Voluntaryist fans!

The Voluntaryist Origins III comic campaign ends in less than 24 hours here:

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The campaign has been a wild success so far! Not only is Origins III the best-funded campaign of all-time, but we have also reached one of our first STRETCH GOALS FOR THE FIRST TIME!  
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Thanks to your generous support, all those who ordered a perk at a print comic level or higher will also be receiving a special Voluntaryist art print in addition to your expected perk goodies!

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Source: Volcomic – Voluntaryist Origins III Ends in Less than 24 Hours!

If you want to save babies, you might be a neo-Confederate

Juxtaposing every ill, both past and present, to the South is big business. It can earn you political capital, as well as high-value virtue-signaling points in other spheres of influence.

There are varied reasons to take this easy and lazy path, the most obvious being that some folks just hate Dixie and want to make extinct those they see as backwoods yahoos dwelling within its white-supremacist borders. Most of those cultural-Marxist maniacs are lost causes.

But what is concerning to me is when smart people malign the South in order to promote a worthy cause or make a well-meaning point. Their historical illiteracy not only promotes cultural genocide by propping up the progressive narrative and its horrible real-world consequences, but it also detracts specifically from the respective missions of each of these dupes.

Evangelical bigwig John Piper uses emotion and data to infer that “If you hate racism, you must hate abortion,” thus, inferring that the Klan only lynched people, that only black people were ever lynched, and of course, that only Southerners ever did the lynching. Too bad Tuskegee University‘s own stats belie those assumptions, which only serve to feed into the anti-Southern zeitgeist, promote anti-whiteness, fuel increased racial divisions, perpetuate historical ignorance, and consequently take away from Piper’s original intent: that killing babies is bad. Why not compare abortions to drive-by shootings? Well, because that takes intellectual honesty and balls of steel – two things which are sorely lacking in American discourse.

Take Father Lawrence Farley, a learned and highly articulate Orthodox priest out of British Columbia. He recently wrote an article smashing the myth of “enlightened and tolerant Spain” while under Islamic rule during the Middle Ages.

I suppose Farley thought that by contrasting the Muslim conquerors of al-Andalus with those horrible racists of the “Old South” he’d give himself cover. After all, critiquing Islam – a group with extremely high status on the Victim Pyramid – can be a career-ending act for some folks.

But it is Farley who is “not telling the whole story.” “Tolerance” and “equality” are post-modern notions born of Northern conquest, perpetuated throughout the Progressive Era, promulgated by the Social Gospel and throughout the halls of government, and entrenched in every nook and cranny of today’s Western ethos.

In contrast, the South fought for self-determination and against being governed by an oppressive central authority. I bet the Christian dhimmis of Spain could relate to such “gallant” ideals as these.

It was the North who viewed the South as a “benighted, primitive, and ignorant lot” in need of reform and being “under the watchful eye of a tolerant” Union. Just like the rulers of al-Andalus, it was the Lincolnian nationalists who paved the way for the “multi-cultural, multi-religious” hell-hole called ‘Murica.

“Kitchen Ball at White Sulphur Springs, Virginia” by Christian Friedrich Mayr, 1838. I was surprised when I saw this oil painting at the NC Museum of Art, for it shows that Southern plantation owners often sponsored social events for their slaves, and many educated them in reading and writing, taught them about Christianity, attended church with them, and allowed them to have families. No, I’m not defending chattel slavery, but I am saying that it was not an institution that was exclusive to the American South, where it was more than not paternalistic and viewed with an Ephesians 6: 1-9 eye, unlike say, Muslim slavery, which often featured male castration and female concubines. It’s called context, Father Lawrence – something I think a priest would appreciate.

Because Farley uses such a predictable and historically inaccurate Dixie-bashing tactic, it discredits his overall point. But hey, Farley’s a Canadian, so I suppose one cannot expect him to know something that most Americans, even Southern-born preachers like Piper, don’t even understand. Or perhaps they just choose to ignore facts in order to meet their high-time-preference goals.

The slavery paradox is rather fashionable in the pro-life movement. In this Live Action video, the claim is that with the publication of the “Whipped Peter” photo, “nearly every American saw how cruel slavery was.”

The assumption, of course, is that all slave owners (who were only 5% of the Southern population, by the way) beat the tar out of their slaves, benevolent Yankees were outraged, and thus rallied behind the North. Obviously, the heathenish South had to be invaded and vanquished in order to be taught a lesson. Too bad none of this true.

Even leftist Kirkpatrick Sale knows this is an Orwellian strategy used by the “anti-racist” totalitarians in order to destroy true history and seize power. Such dogma shouldn’t be used by someone as savvy and educated as pro-life advocate and Live Action founder Lila Rose.

Similar to Rose, pro-life advocate Abby Johnson references slavery at a Kentucky hearing on the state’s Heartbeat Bill, saying, “Our history tells us time and time again that it is unjust to take the life of an innocent human being.” Agreed. But again, American slavery wasn’t a murderous institution. One can argue that it dehumanized blacks, as well as white indentured servants, but “killing” wasn’t normally part of the plan.

On one hand, if you think Lincoln waged a war against a sovereign government in order to “free the slaves,” you must believe that the deaths of 750,000 soldiers and 50,000 civilians (including women, children, and slaves) was worth it. You must think that it wasn’t catastrophic but necessary. Only total war could have solved this conundrum. Wow, talk about myth-making.

And even if every slave in the South and in the oft-forgotten border states (the latter of which, including Washington, D.C., still maintained the institution of slavery with federal marshals returning runaway slaves during the War) was whipped like Pete (which they weren’t), few slaves were murdered by their owners.

But somehow the coerced servitude of slaves under a typically paternalistic arrangement is akin to murder these days, while the actual methodical killing of Southerners and their planned “extermination” nary warrants a mention. Genocidal war? No biggie.

Obviously, feminists have no idea about the Gadsden Flag’s secessionist roots. Or maybe they just don’t care, since to the them, “freedom” is contingent upon a centralized system in which they get to call the shots AND still play the victim. They are Jacobin Yankees to the core.

Yup, killing those racist crackers was the right choice back then, just as making them the barometer against which every modern woe is measured is the right choice now. I mean, Southerners were the only people on planet Earth throughout all recorded history to ever enslave other humans, right? And certainly Southerner extraordinaire Thomas Jefferson was evil incarnate and cheered on slavery to his dying day, right?

And all the people who are anti-slavery today (oooooh, so brave!) would certainly have been the ones in the 19th century promoting peaceful ways to end the entrenched legal institution, right? They surely would not have supported the reckless disregard for human life and revolutionary upheaval that paved the way for the purposeful poverty, imperial tyranny, and unnecessarily amplified social and racial tensions which have resulted, right?

This leads me to my “On the other hand.” If you think that Lincoln had to put those insurrectionist states back in line in order to “preserve the Union,” you cannot bemoan the centralized leviathan under which we’re currently toiling.

It could also be called “How to get all carpet-bagging AND native-born feminists to flee!” I mean, L.A. has instituted a travel ban to Alabama due to HB-314’s “attack on reproductive rights and economic justice,” so life is good for my Southern-without-apology peeps in Bama. Roll Tide, y’all.

Simply put, you cannot be happy about the most recent pro-life wins in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and a few other states if you don’t believe in federalism. In other words, states’ rights. You cannot truly believe that Roe v. Wade is a scourge that has been foisted upon all of America through judicial fiat if you don’t believe in the sovereignty of the states and the 10th Amendment.

You cannot cheer on these anti-abortion measures if you don’t give credit where credit is due: that it was precisely such decentralization that the Confederacy fought for. Not slavery. Just look up the Corwin Amendment or the Hampton Roads Conference for goodness sake.

It was precisely the God of the Bible who authors all life and creates each unique human in his image which the CSA battled to defend against the humanist, transcendental, and unitarian blasphemers. Not slavery.

It was home and kin that lit a fire under rebels, who were resisting the rootless, industrial, and materialist invasion of Dixie. Not slavery.

Too far” seems to be a talking point. Why? Because when a sovereign polity shakes the very foundations of puritanical-progressivism, even the “conservative Christians” are taken aback, as it tweaks their methodically instilled Lincolnian sensibilities.

The South wanted to be left alone, with each self-determined state in this new confederation to do as she saw fit. Some like Virginia and North Carolina most likely would have abolished slavery sooner rather than later, a peaceful act that states in New England were allowed to do on their own accord without federal coercion. That’s how federalism is supposed to work.

Forcing people to bend to a central authority is what tyrants do. It’s what has given us Roe and all the other horrible nationalized “reforms,” like the CIA, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, the Department of Education, the FDA, the EPA, the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Civil Rights Act, the ADA, Homeland Security, and the pending Equality Act.

Just like Obergefell v. Hodges in making homosexual “marriage” legal from sea to shining sea, even though that is clearly the opposite of what “the people” had voted for via various state referendums. The overlords in D.C. must force people to bend to their will. This kind of oppression causes unrest, for there is no such thing as political universalism, especially among 325 million people who share little in common.

In our secular-global mass democracy, the South has become a caricature for meanness and injustice, when in fact it was her people, our ancestors who peacefully abandoned the “great American experiment” for it was already dying in 1861. The final nail in the Jeffersonian coffin came in April 1865.

Forget that the late-great thinker Harry Browne said libertarianism was built upon individual liberty AND personal responsibility. But really, does the LP not understand decentralization? Or the 10th Amendment? Or that not all people define themselves by killing babies, doing drugs, and sticking things up their butts, and then trying to bully others into singing the praises of AND subsidizing said libertinism. It’s called non-aggression, dummies.

And it is precisely because of the outcome of the War Between the States that we even have something called Roe v. Wade. This is why we even have something laughingly referred to as the “law of the land.” They’re both products of those invaders, thieves, and killers known as the “indivisible” Union.

Some on the right say these pro-life victories are a distraction from the larger threats of the empire. But to me, sticking even one tiny dagger into the heart of the parasitic nation-state bodes well for freedom. Sure, lower courts will challenge these state laws and SCOTUS may refuse to hear the cases, but at least informed people will know then why states’ rights matter so much.

So, if you think Roe is horrible law and that courts don’t invent rights, you might be a neo-Confederate. If you think that murder is and always has been the purview of state law, you might be a neo-Confederate.

If you think that legislators make laws, not judges, you might be a neo-Confederate. If think that laws should be more localized and less “national,” you might he a neo-Confederate. If you think that radical egalitarianism and feminism were part and parcel of the progressive remaking of the America, you might be a neo-Confederate.

If you find it utterly unacceptable that you’re propping up Planned Parenthood with your blood-drenched federal taxes, you might be a neo-Confederate. Hell, if you think that the real slavery going on is that a third or more of your labor is confiscated by Washington for foreign wars and killing abroad, and for propping up the the Deep State and promoting godlessness and degeneracy here at home, you might be a neo-Confederate.

If you support the staunchly pro-life, pro-woman, and pro-family laws being passed by individual states, you might be a neo-Confederate. If you plan on never visiting and spending one dollar in the cesspool known as New York because of its late-term abortion laws, you might be a neo-Confederate. If you want to save babies in the most effective political way possible, you are a neo-Confederate. Deal with it.

Source: Dissident Mama – If you want to save babies, you might be a neo-Confederate

Episode 130 – Rambo: First Blood (1:05:34)

Memorial Day isn’t just about sales on electronics and home appliances, it’s also a time to discuss valor and heroism and sacrifice. With that, we bring you our review of Rambo: First Blood

Green Beret veteran Rambo takes on a Pacific Northwest sheriff and the National Guard. He’s a soft-spoken Vietnam vet who drifts into a small town looking for no trouble, but finds it in the form of a psychotic local sheriff who finds pleasure in hating him for no reason.

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Voluntaryist Origins III – 100% Funded! Stretch goals open!

Hello, Voluntaryist fans!

I am excited to announce that Voluntaryist Origins III has reached 100% of funding!

Woohoo! We did it!

100 percent funded indiegogo

Because we reached the main goal, we now how have time to reach for STRETCH GOALS!

The first three stretch goals are as follows:

$5,500: A NEW special Voluntaryist art print to all backers at the physical comic level or above.

$6,000: A NEW voluntaryist game card to all backers at the physical comic level or above.

$6,500: A NEW voluntaryist character design pinup sheet to all backers at the physical comic level or above.

stretch goals voluntaryist origins III web

So, if you didn’t get a physical comic perk yet, now is the time to join in and upgrade to get us to the new stretch goals for print comic backers!

Don’t worry though if you don’t have any more pocket change to spare – you can still help us unlock the new stretch goals by sharing the campaign to your social media, getting the word out to those who have not yet seen the campaign!

Pho and I will be doing one last live stream Tuesday night (March 28th) as the campaign comes to a close, so join us as we wrap up the final hours and talk about the next steps with the comic! (Time of stream to be announced that day.)

Thank you so much again, everyone, for your generous help and support in bringing the Voluntaryist Origins III comic to life! I am excited to know that this comic was a success and am looking forward to making this issue the best of all time!

In liberty,

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100 percent funded voluntaryist origins III comic cover

Source: Volcomic – Voluntaryist Origins III – 100% Funded! Stretch goals open!

Episode 129 – The Day the Earth Stood Still (1:30:52)

We stare at the brink of destruction and analyze a movie that was so good, they made it twice. We’re talking about “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with special guest, Dr. Dennis Foster.  We go over the original sci-fi classic from 1951 and the remake they made Heinz-57 years later.  Klaatu barada nikto.

The original 1951 version about the Cold War where an alien emissary gives a dramatic demonstration of power when he attempts to warn mankind about the folly of atomic experimentation.

In the remake Watermelon one, they made Heinz-57 years later in 2008 starring Neo from the Matrix, renowned scientist Dr. Helen Benson finds herself face to face with an alien called Klaatu, who travels across the universe to warn of an impending global crisis.

Our guest is Dr. Dennis Foster. He was born in Washington, D.C. but raised mostly in Denver, Colorado. Went to Drake University in Des Moines as an undergraduate (majoring in economics). Went to work for a bank in Denver after graduation for one year before starting graduate school at the University of Hawaii. He received his doctorate from there in 1991. Since 1990 he has been teaching at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. For the past few years, his primary courses have been Macroeconomics, Money & Banking, and Public Choice Theory.

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Episode 128 – Into the Spider-verse (1:17:35)

We swing into action for Mother’s Day to talk about Into the Spider-verse with Jack V Lloyd and the Pholosopher, two of the hardest working AnCaps in the business.

This will be a fun discussion as we go deep into comic lore and find the economic and moral angles that free-wheel our episodes into the third-rail of cultural Marxism.

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the mask.

You can check out our guests’ sites and the current campaign here:

The Pholosopher:

The Voluntaryist Comic:

IndieGoGo Campaign for Origins III:

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Public schools are killing our kids

Yes, you heard me right, folks. Certain death isn’t guaranteed, but the progressive path on which they’re led most definitely leads to undue suffering. It’s killing our youth mentally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically, and it’s killing their futures.

Yet, you have North Carolina “teachers” ditching their responsibilities last week to march in Raleigh to “demand respect.” Demand more funding for salaries, social workers, and Medicaid. Demand more and more, despite their lacking merit, despite their poisonous pedagogy, and despite the outlandish student outcomes, both academic and social.

The chants were telling: “Hey, hey, ho, ho! Defunding schools has got to go!” “Funds not guns.” “Down with vouchers.” Wow, so original.

Me First

“Education is a right! This is why we’ve got to fight!” was an appropriate slogan for an event taking place on May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day. Just create fictional “rights” and then demand subsidization. Huh, no wonder one of their branding efforts was “Red For Ed.”

Just like the 19th-century holiday that is celebrated every May 1st in communist countries the world over, the march should have really been called Me First. And just like MeToo, this malevolent movement doesn’t give a damn about facts, but by God are they willing to use emotion and slight of hand to benefit themselves. To hell with the collateral damage.

Like all good extortionists, these petulant protesters have a list of list of demands and they act as if they’re holding children hostage. Make no mistake: these aren’t “everyday angels among us,” as public-ed fanatics entreat in teary-eyed pronouncements.

Rather, teachers are opportunists whose business is “a jobs project and an agency for letting contracts,” said the late John Taylor Gatto, influential public-school critic and two-time New York State teacher of the year.

The air of sanctimony surrounding the “teaching” knows no bounds.

“We are not skipping school when we teach the Golden Rule!” was another chant. Curious that the marchers would equate “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” with increased theft and the perpetuation of a deadly system.

Leftist Gov. Roy Cooper said teachers are “the first line of defense for crises big and small.” The ironic thing is that it’s through this monopolistic miseducation that so many crises are born.

Crisis creators

Activist teachers plant the poisonous seeds and water the rotten fruit, then wonder why students aren’t growing into functioning young adults. The schools are incubators for secular-humanism, and then the teaching establishment wonders why there’s an epidemic of drugs and suicide among youth.

The educrats foster the very ideologies that increase moral hazards and high-time preference, and then self-righteously demand money for mental counseling and medical care to fix the damage they themselves created.

Maybe students wouldn’t need so much “access” to psychologists if government schools were places of true learning, and not a “putrid Petri dish of social engineering,” the history of which I wrote about last spring (see inset).

Curiously, parents will gather at a school bus stop located within a stone’s throw from their house, sitting in their cars, shining headlights onto the children, sipping coffee in their pajamas or work clothes, while keeping an eye on the kiddos till the big yellow day-care vehicle arrives.

Public schooling “kills the family by monopolizing the best times of childhood and by teaching disrespect for home and parents.” — John Taylor Gatto

Some parents insist on overseeing their sons and daughters in their own neighborhood amongst their own neighbors, but then allow these young impressionable minds to be handed over to government employees – mere strangers whose job is to indoctrinate for 6-8 hours per day for approximately 180 days per year.

And being that most teachers are still female, it should be no wonder why schools are just brimming with leftist pet projects. As Christopher DeGroot explains, “research confirms what people have long observed: that women (on average) are more egalitarian … and more supportive of the welfare state than men. They are also higher (on average) in conformityless open to ideas, and value consensus.”

So, women support the unsustainable ideology of wide open borders way more than do their male counterparts, and then demand more money to deal with overcrowded schools. Leftist Logic 101.
Gender’s fluid but grrrrls rock

Conservative Mom and traditionalist Dad’s social rules are out. Cultural Marxist schemes are in. These include hyper-sexualization of children, and not just sex that can produce babies (which are considered disposable by all the cool kids and their progressive mentors), but deviant sex.

It’s the queering of youth, and students are told they can identify as boy or a girl or no gender at all. It’s fluid, they say. It’s about breaking down antiquated social constructs, they say. It’s about freedom, they say. Lies are normalized.

“Lucky is the man who does not secretly believe that every possibility is open to him.” Walker Percy

It’s really a kind of bondage of immediacy, with no basis in reality or science or nature, and certainly with no worry of consequences. Gone are the days of deterring against fleeting fancies of the flesh or encouraging self-control. All this nihilistic permissiveness is leading kids to destroy themselves physically (through abortions, STDs, hormone-replacement therapy, and sometimes sex-reassignment surgery and other medical procedures like mastectomies for teenage girls).

Meanwhile, gender has never been more heightened. Boys who want to remain boys are constantly emasculated and told they’re toxic. They’re misdiagnosed with ADHD, and subsequently pumped full of psychotropic drugs to “cure” them of their God-given traits. It’s by design that the powers that be want to quell the rambunctious, inquisitive, driven, and sometimes defiant-to-the-status-quo nature of boys.

Conversely, girls are praised specifically for their private parts and for succeeding in a feminized miseducational system. I guess the future may indeed be female if it’s run by anti-male feminists who insist on drugging males in order to increase compliance and decrease their competition. Sadly, this is what passes for female empowerment and “evening the playing field” in 2019.

Diversity is our downfall

Similarly, students are told that diversity is our strength, while “people of color” are contemporaneously urged to identify themselves solely through victimhood. They become hostile to free expression, hostile to logic, and hostile to white males, who they blame for every ill of life. Personal responsibility and self-reflection are no longer required.

“There can be no true education without moral culture, and no true moral culture without Christianity.” — Robert Lewis Dabney

It’s how we get to the point of teachers falling all over themselves in order to ally with Muslim kids during Ramadan. Secularizing Christianity out of existence is part of the plan.

And so goes the spiritual killing of a generation. Silence Christian prayer, ban biblical teachings, nary a word about this fellow named Jesus. Equality is your God, kiddos, because the archetype must be made extinct.

“Egalitarianism leads inevitably to the government-sponsored equivalence of truth and error,” writes Dr. Boyd Cathey of the dangers of critical-race theory being peddled within American “education” at all levels. Rainbow flags are the new religious symbol, and ally clubs and safe spaces are church.

An oxymoronic existence

The system concurrently teaches children to be self-centered yet self-loathing. Mistrustful of intimacy yet sex-obsessed. Resistant to parental attention but yearning for familial love and kinship.

It ingrains in students an air of moral superiority, but is in no way based in moral truths. It proffers environmentalism while denying biology and nature. It touts a faux liberty while promoting tyranny,

The products of public schooling are peer-dependent radical individualists who loathe solitude. They’re pitiless social-justice warriors and brutal socialists who are simultaneously delicate flowers.

They’re dehumanized humanists. They’re a mess of frustrated feminists and desensitized dudes, drowning in a collective of dichotomies which are divorced from reality.

They’re a population perpetually monitored and micro-managed so they view privacy and self-determination as illegitimate. Oddly, they’re an utterly unsocial generation (and by “social,” I’m talking about face-to-face contact and communication, not social media) and one steeped in what Gatto calls “provisional self-esteem.”

It’s a perception of self-worth that can only be attained through the approval of others, most notably that of the “experts.” Thus, feelings of inadequacy result. It’s all such an utterly confusing and contradictory existence which kills a young person’s mental and physical health, but more school psychologists and condoms should do the trick.

Ritalin for all!

“Rich or poor, schoolchildren who face the 21st century cannot concentrate on anything for very long,” Gatto stated. “They have a poor sense of time past and time to come … (and) are addicted to distraction.”

“Young people are indifferent to the adult world and to the future, indifferent to almost everything except the diversion of toys and violence,” he continued.

They’re so frantic about pretend identities and obsessed with materialism that young people (hell, most Americans) are clueless about what can really ground them: family, faith, and community. The diminishment of these pillars of civilization is undergirded by the centralization of schooling and its professionalized teachers.

“Is it any wonder Socrates was outraged at the accusation that he took money to teach?” asked Gatto. Even in ancient times, “philosophers saw clearly the inevitable direction the professionalization of teaching would take, preempting the teaching function, which belongs to everyone in a healthy community.”

Yet, Newsweek declares that it is teachers who are “in charge of our future minds.” Astounding that some parents will not only endure but celebrate oligarchs who want to replace them.

The educrats want students to be rootless, hopeless, and disoriented, so that they’ll remain loyal consumers of both the corporate and governmental systems. With easily pliable youth, statism is ensured, and student dysfunctions and apathy will in turn be a consistent cash-cow for growing the empire and lining the pockets of “public servants.”

Tyranny of the now

Students aren’t being given the tools to survive the real world, much less challenge the powers who want to manipulate and control them. They exude what C.S. Lewis called “temporal chauvinism,” an egoist fantasy that posits moderns as perfect, and the past as filled with dimwits and racists.

They’re taught that Western heritage is hate. It’s a steady diet of negativity, with no nuance, no context, no appreciation for human progress, and no thankfulness for sacrifices made or lessons learned.

No wonder despite the myriad of identities from which a modern youth can choose (or the “intersectionality” of a few), kids today are condemned to a crisis of identity. This is why students so often cling to post-modern tribes that have no real value or tangible worth, and will eventually kill a human’s very essence.

As long as little Johnny (who now identifies as Janie) pledges allegiance to globo-homo citizenry, who cares? Hulu and hip hop, Apple and the Avengers, Androids and activism, Netflix and the NFL, soy-milk lattes and LBGTQIA, carbon credits and coexist, porn and progressive politics, veganism and video games – anything to deaden his humanity will work.

Today’s youth are passive guinea pigs who think they’re so woke, yet “those kids will be no threat to the state apparatus … (and) they’ll fasten the chains to their own ankles,” as Lew Rockwell once astutely remarked. But they’re already in shackles.

And some of them realize it, which in turn leads to violence and hostility. And this abomination of desolation coupled with gun-free zones even leads to physical death.

As the great G.K. Chesterton once opined, education is supposed to be “simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” But instead, public schools are killing young souls and consequently killing society.

“The State did not own men so entirely, even when it could send them to the stake, as it sometimes does now where it can send them to the elementary school.” G.K. Chesterton

Personal secession from the leftist indoctrination centers has never been more important. And by the way, anyone can homeschool. Anyone. It just takes sacrifice of material goods and time that, unfortunately, many Americans aren’t willing to do without. It has nothing to do with privilege; it has to do with priorities.

Now, in the teachers’ defense, they do seem to get what they want (like an average teacher salary of $51,214) whenever they make a dramatic fuss, so you can’t really blame the professional propagandists for pushing the “It’s for children” racket. This is how they get away with demanding even more from tax payers for what they call a “livable wage.”

I say it is government schools that are not livable. It is citizens concerned with the health of our kids’ minds, bodies, and souls who should be the ones marching in the streets. We should be mad as hell and shouting from the highest rooftops “NO!” to the establishment’s demands.

Instead of writing articles about how “disadvantaged” students lose when schools are closed due to protest, we should encourage teachers to skip school every day and break our children free from this mythical hostage situation.

And instead of falling all over ourselves to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week why don’t we take this opportunity to ask educrats why public schools are killing our kids? We must push back against the madness; it really is a matter of life and death. Our future depends upon it.

Source: Dissident Mama – Public schools are killing our kids

Voluntaryist Tabling Photos from LPF con 2019!

Hello, Voluntaryist fans!

I wanted to share some photos with you from my most recent tabling at the Florida LP convention. I had a great time getting to meet up with liberty-lovers of all kinds including die-hard Voluntaryist fans and new people who hadn’t heard about the series before!

It was encouraging to see so many who are not only passionate about principled liberty, but who also care enough to support creative projects carrying the torch forward.

I am looking forward to seeing what other tabling opportunities I can participate in to grow the Voluntaryist comic fandom!

Thank you again, everyone, for supporting Voluntaryist Origins III. Your support has enabled me to continue expanding Voluntaryist world to new venues!

Cheers in liberty,

-J ( :

Source: Volcomic – Voluntaryist Tabling Photos from LPF con 2019!