“Find what you love, and let it kill you.”: An Exclusive Interview with Caryn Ann Harlos

Caryn Ann Harlos, libertarian, libertarian national committee, libertarian party, interview, libertopiaLibertopia cartoons recently had the privilege to talk with the creative and talented Caryn Ann Harlos, the Region 1 Representative of the Libertarian National Committee (amongst many other things, which can be read about in more detail below). As well as a unique and influential voice within the libertarian community as a whole, Caryn  has also been known to visit our growing community here at Libertopia on more than one occasion. She was also recently a guest on the Tom Woods Show (Ep. 844), in which she discussed where the Libertarian Party is today, and where it might be going in the future. So we hope you’ll enjoy this exclusive interview, and find out how people just like you are out there making a positive difference in a wide variety of ways!

Thanks for talking with us Caryn! To start with, could you tell us a little bit about your involvement as a libertarian?

I am the Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee representing Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Montana, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming as well the Communications Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado and Colorado State Coordinator for the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus.  What motivates me?  A deep and abiding conviction that this is the right solution for humanity that honours each person’s inherent rights and will lead to the greatest human potential and prosperity.  I have come to earnestly believe that the initiation of force and abandonment of natural rights is inherently wrong and wish to see it eliminated as much as can be achieved. I most enjoy speaking with other people and seeing the light bulb go off as it did to me, and in assisting other libertarians in spreading the word.

Caryn Ann Harlos, libertarian, libertarian national committee, libertarian party, interview, libertopiaHave there ever been any particular writers, speakers, books, movies etc. that helped raise awareness of libertarian issues in your life? Would you mind describing this process?

No writers or persons “brought” me to libertarianism.  I think like many libertarians, I can point to that spark throughout my life, but my realization came more through huge life changes and self-examination.  I don’t particularly like bringing this up because we all have agency, and I don’t think we can always lay the blame for past experiences totally on other people (some exceptions of course), but I was previously in a very bad and controlling marriage and involved in a pretty fundamentalistic Christian church that did not equip me to deal with getting out of such a situation.  But when I started to break free of that, it really opened the flood-gate for libertarian and liberal ideas without me realizing that is what they were, and my views started changing out of that more rigid mindset and ideas.  During that time I became much more “liberalized” in my faith and views and disillusioned with nationalism and the mixing of politics and religion, so by the time I was exposed to the Libertarian Party I was ready, and I made the jump literally over a lunchbreak simply by reading the Libertarian Party platform—and at that time I had completely abandoned the political sphere.  The me of today is, dare I say, radically different from the me of yesterday, but more in line with what I think I have always intuitively known about the nature of rights and freedom.  The one strand that has been consistent is an abiding love for the absolute right to freedom of speech.  I participated in anti-censorship events in my youth and am now in a lawsuit with the State of Colorado over political free speech in the form of “ballot selfies.”

Caryn Ann Harlos, libertarian, libertarian national committee, libertarian party, interview, libertopia, taxation is theftDo you have any unique experiences so far through working in the libertarian community? (fun memories, unusual stories, interesting people you’ve met, etc)

I don’t know that any experiences were unique, but I think that meeting so many different people with different lives and stories and wants and needs has made me a much richer and certainly a much better person.  I often joke that if you asked the me of ten years ago what scenario was more likely to be true today:

  • a. dead
  • b. have ten children
  • c. founded a nudist camp
  • d. become an anarchist on the governing board of a political party

I would have laughed my ass off at option d. I don’t even like politics.

What might your goal be for the future working in this area?

I have learned now not to anticipate.  I honestly don’t know.

Any recommendations on how liberty-minded people could get involved in their community, and be a positive ambassador for libertarianism?

I love the expression I heard lately, “Find what you love, and let it kill you.”  Find your niche and passion in liberty. For me, right now, it is the Libertarian Party.  If that can be yours too, the field is wide open, and there is plenty to do in every interest and skill to pour yourself out to the extent you wish to for liberty.  There are state and county affiliates hungry for your help.

Where can readers find out more about what you do?

I am prolific on Facebook, and of course, very active in the Libertarian Party-so that is where to find me. Within the internal specifics of the policy, I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus, and we can be found at lpradicalcaucus.org and our FB group (link here) – I hope to see you there.

Caryn Ann Harlos, libertarian, libertarian national committee, libertarian party, interview, libertopia, abolish all the thingsAnd last of all – do you have a favorite piece of libertarian art that you’ve created or relates to you in a personal way? (Note: we always think it’s fun to end our interviews by asking those individuals we’ve chatted with if they’d mind sharing a cool piece of artwork. This can be anything from a simple sketch to a piece of music or poetry that they’ve created, or even a favorite graphic that relates to them personally in some way.) Caryn notes that the “abolish all the things” image at left “is a meme someone made of my activities at the National Convention as I walked around with Radical Caucus thumbs up/thumbs down signs and a light saber for proposals.” Enjoy!

Also, don’t forget to take a look at our libertarian artists page for more great artist interviews and artwork from a variety of different artists in our community! You can also check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here, or download our 60 page art ebook at Libertopia: Collection One!

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The Kowloon Walled City: Embarrassing Problem or Unregulated Utopia?

Kowloon Walled CitySince it’s complete destruction by the government in 1994, the Kowloon Walled City has attracted a fair amount of interest over the years as either an embarrassing problem of crime and cramped living conditions – or as an intriguing example of a population that lived without rulers and their regulations. Existing within the much larger city of Hong Kong, Kowloon was a complex society of around 33,000 – 50,000 people living out their lives in a roughly 6.4 acre area. It was one of the most densely populated places in the world, and it somehow all worked.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t become familiar with Kowloon until recently. As an artist, I sometimes look for inspiring images or interesting subject matter online in order to help spur a little creativity. This particular search (which had something to do with unique places in the world), somehow brought me to Kowloon. I first saw the photo of Kowloon from the air, with it’s roughly 14 story buildings crammed together as if it were almost one huge block – except with open spaces here and there, and varying levels to the top floors. Meanwhile, within the city itself, there were walkways, rooms, hallways, passageways, and streets where daylight hadn’t shone for decades. Without a doubt, it was chaotic in appearance. But it was also a testament to architecture being transformed and altered over time to meet the many needs of it’s occupants (similar to what was portrayed in the iconic architectural look seen within the film “Bladerunner”).

Kowloon’s near anarchist society came about as a result of a dispute between Great Britain and China. Neither could figure out who owned the space on which Kowloon sat, so it really didn’t have much of a government presence. As a result, thousands of people saw opportunity to be had here, free from harsh or burdensome red-tape, fees and fines. For example, while there were many dentists which worked out of Kowloon, there were also schools, shops, places to eat and socialize, rooftop gardens, areas for children to play, places of worship, small manufacturing facilities and more. All unregulated.

To be fair, Kowloon was not without problems. There were drugs and prostitution, as well as organized crime – all problems that exist within any city, even highly controlled ones. And there was the problem with lack of space as well, with many families having to share rooms, or spaces having multiple uses throughout the day. Some people even had to haul water from various water sources located within the city. But it was far from being a slum. Many people who lived here took pride in their homes and the businesses they ran, and liked the close-knit communities they formed with their neighbors. And when you consider all the thousands of men, women and children that lived here, with many fondly reminiscing years later about their experiences of growing up there, it’s pretty remarkable.

No, this society didn’t turn into some kind of barbaric Mad Max scenario, or implode on itself from some lack of a “guiding hand of progress”. In the end, it was doomed by a government that seemed to have felt embarrassed that such a place existed outside of their control. People were forcibly evicted (although compensated, many simply didn’t want to leave their homes), and the entire place was razed and turned into a park.

What do you think? Would a free society be able to function very well without central planning, eminent domain or a controlling force at work? Would a place like Kowloon work in other areas of the world? If Kowloon had more space, and the people who lived here were able to have access to free market resources outside the city, how would it possibly have been different? What libertarian/voluntaryist lessons can be taken from Kowloon in regards to decentralization, urban planning and architecture that is able to more effectively meet the needs of people?

If you’d like to learn more about Kowloon, check out the following:

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My Facebook Friends

​By ANonyMom

Based on what friends have posted on Facebook, they all hate me. 

They just don’t know it. 

Did you know that Silence is Violence? Haha. Right. 

Most friends probably assume I am like minded to them, that I obviously support/detest the same things or else why would we even be friends?!
There is no point in me telling people how I feel, they’re not going to like it.

The truth is painful for these people and they will avoid it at all costs behind a wall of virtue signaling garbage shit into their echo chamber of emotionally charged irrational beliefs.

New Art: Those Warm and Fuzzy Collectivist Feels

Collectivism, public school, Statism, funny meme, cool memes, awesome artwork, illustration, comrade, socialism, cartoon, meme, libertarian, leftism, progressives, leftist, progressivismCollectivism, Statism, funny meme, cool memes, awesome artwork, illustration, comrade, socialism, cartoon, meme, libertarian, leftism, progressives, leftist, progressivismCollectivism, Leftist Academia, Statism, funny meme, cool memes, awesome artwork, illustration, comrade, socialism, cartoon, meme, libertarian, leftism, progressives, leftist, progressivismHey all, it’s your favorite libertarian artist putting pencil to paper, and working around the clock to create even more awesome libertarian art for you to laugh at, share on social media with all your friends and neighbors, or angrily punch your fist through your ipad screen. It’s totally up to you, cause that’s just how free we are around here.

Anyway, the inspiration from this came from a friend who was talking about all the public school hysteria on the internet. This person said how it was kind of odd that a lot of people on both the left and right act as if western society would deflate like a sad balloon if that glorious thing known as government education were to cease to exist. “It’s kind of a collectivist mentality” this person commented with a smiley emoticon. “You know, like the Borg on Star Trek. Or all those fun Commies that worship the State like a god.”

So I thought an image of an old style Communist like Karl Marx rubbing his cheeks, getting all those warm and fuzzy collectivist feels over sending dissidents to work camps and regulating all of society out the wazzoo would be perfect. And just for kicks, I threw in a couple other different designs and slogans concerning leftist academia and statism in general. Do you have any ideas? Let me know! Feedback is always appreciated, and encouraged.  Also, be sure to check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian cartoons, illustrations, funny memes and infographics! Because let’s face it…sometimes the best thing you can do is laugh!

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How to Create Division & Politicize EVERYTHING!!!

Are you a budding politician, wealthy celebrity, statist conservative or leftist hipster looking for a few tips on how YOU can create division and foment hatred in our society today? If so, then we have found the absolute perfect new book for YOU!  It’s How to Politicize Everything for Dummies! As the cover notes, “Get government involved in ANY of these areas, and you’ll have people at each other’s throats in no time!” Wow, who knew that such fun could be had?!

how to politicize everything, race, gender, money, marriage, family, religion, medicine, science, art, education, art, libertarian, meme, graphic design, parody, government, progressive

In this book, you’ll embark on a fascinating journey that covers everything from the history and growth of BIG government in the world, to the amazing story of how the rise of the radical left and right has caused so much pain in more recent times for the average American citizen. Plus, you’ll see just how easy it can be to push your views on others through the State on such topics as race, gender, money, marriage, family, religion, medicine, science, education and even art! Get your copy today!

Note: This is unfortunately not an actual product, and is meant for entertainment purposes only. But still, if it gave you a good laugh – why not check out some of our other cartoons, graphics and artist interviews? These are all available for FREE for you to use in helping share a great message through thought-provoking visuals and other awesome art (which is really important in the internet age, when attention spans online are about 2 seconds). And please, by all means leave a comment and let us know how you’re enjoying libertopia graphics. This is a labor of love done in our spare time (which sometimes isn’t much), so all that great feedback means a lot!

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Breaking News! Fake News Watchdog Attempts to Censor Libertopia Cartoons!

fake news, logo, leftism, left, censorship, censored, protectionFake News Headquarters: Galactic Imperium News recently reported that libertopia Cartoons, a little known niche corner of the webiverse, was added with great fanfare to the much vaunted Fake News Watchdog List. “This is a great day for Leftists, Progressives and all kinds of other people who just like something to gripe about,” said the Fake News Watchdog Creator, Boogroo McGrabmasters.

Libertopia cartoons, a libertarian site that claims to be a labor of love by a rather obscure artist known as Lewis Liberman, came across the radar of the Fake News Headquarters when libertopia’s cartoons, memes and artist interviews was discovered by an angry Leftist. Enraged not only by the recent election – but also by numerous blatantly disagreeable attempts to have fun, the vigilant social justice warrior brought the offensive content and web address of libertopia cartoons to the attention of McGrabmasters. After a quick review of the material, Boogroo’s highly trained team of Fake News Sniffers added the site to their long list of what they’ve come to see as thought crime perpetrators. “This is exactly the reason we created this list,” Boogroo proudly notes. “And look, attempting to limit or block the reach of certain content isn’t really about censorship or the first amendment. We’re simply trying to protect innocent people from being triggered by content that they might not agree with, and may in fact cause serious emotional and psychological distress.”

fake news, cartoon, illustration, leftism, progressiveMcGrabmasters then pointed out that the Fake News Watchdog HQ employs a long set of important – but confidential – criteria in order to build their Fake News List. However, he did point out that, “We think that the most reputable news sources are those that are backed by huge, highly centralized media empires who have absolutely zero interest in conveying bias, state interference or any other kind of political or social propaganda. These are news sources we can trust with absolute confidence. The smaller and more independent the ‘news’ site, the less trustworthy it is in our eyes. We also believe that any ‘news’ that is something we politically disagree with is also suspect of not being true.”

When asked about how interested individuals could make use of the Fake News List, McGrambasters indicated that it was available for free download via their website. “The nice thing about activating our Fake News List application on your device is that you’ll no longer have to be discerning or thoughtful about the kind of content you want in your life! You can trust us, and trust the safe space we’re building around you. And to us here at Fake News HQ, that’s a beautiful thing!”

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Merry Christmas from Libertopia Cartoons!

Christmas, Libertopia Cartoons, Santa Claus, Leftism, Conservatives, Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, Political Cartoon, Illustration, Libertarian, modern society, progressives, progressivismFrom all of us here at Libertopia Cartoons, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy 2017! For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, or the heralding in of a New Year, we of course wish you happiness and success too – so please don’t send me hate mail or anything ha ha. But seriously, this year has presented some difficult challenges for a lot of folks out there, what with the divisive election and general negativity/hysteria generated largely by the Establishment Media. Even Santa Claus (as pictured in the cartoon above), isn’t sure what to do! However, as libertarians and voluntaryists, I think we’ve got some really compelling reasons as to why we can extend the olive branch of peace to others and celebrate the Holiday season with all – and continue to look forward to a hopeful future of “peace on Earth and goodwill towards men”!

Thoughts or suggestions? Leave a comment! ! Check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian cartoons and infographics! Also, you might want to check out some of our holiday themed cartoons that we did last year, which are (shockingly enough) still very relevant. See Peace on Earth? and Libertopia’s Christmas Wish for 2015!

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The Intolerance and Hatred of the Left (and the Right)

leftist, intolerance, cartoon, illustration, political cartoon, conservative, diversity, intolerance,

I guess it really shouldn’t be surprising that when it comes to the whole Left and Right debate here in the States (and maybe Europe too), it ultimately boils down to two differing views on how one interprets and interacts with the world around them. I mean, wow. Like that’s such a huge revelation. But when you think about how people in our supposedly enlightened time period snarl and foam at the mouth over each other, it’s almost like they’re genuinely shocked – and even offended – that someone could think differently than they do. Which is pretty funny, given the militant attitude people on the left claim to have about tolerance and appreciating diversity.

But yeah, I understand a little where these people are coming from. It’s been a while since I’ve been all caught up in those paper-thin Star Trek dreams of the moldy old Left or the Mighty Imperial State that the Righteous Right has tried to peddle for a while now. Because after a while, it’s just all smoke and mirrors and zero substance. It’s pretty pictures and self-righteous blatherings. It’s do as I say, but not as I do. And at it’s very worst, as history has shown time and time again, it’s some tyrannical group dumping a pile of bodies into a hole in order to build a “better” world.

Still, what I find particularly ironic is how both the Left and the Right, while having some serious differences, also share some pretty big similarities too. Particularly when it comes to holier-than-thou attitudes, intolerance and the eagerness to use force to further their agendas. Yeah, you heard me right. I’m saying the Left is just as intolerant as the Right they so lovingly claim to loathe. The evidence is pretty obvious at this point, what with the Leftists embedded in the arts, sciences, institutions of higher learning and Establishment Media Empires attempting to silence anyone they don’t agree with (through mockery, violence and legislation, to name a few).

But there is another way. As a libertarian who believes in peace (peacefully leaving others alone), I’m not saying if you have strong beliefs or serious convictions about something that you should NEVER talk about it in a public setting. But what I am saying is that it’s pretty ridiculous that people can’t do it without feeling like they’ve gotta smash something up. Does being a Progressive on the Left mean going back to the same old ways of using mob rule to force others to agree with what you believe? Does being a Conservative on the Right mean that you’re really not taking that Golden Rule of doing unto others to heart?

As the music group War put it so eloquently, why can’t we be friends?

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Election Day Poo

vote, voting, election, cartoon, libertarian, voluntaryist, grim reaper, democrat, republican, lesser of two evils

When I asked someone what this post should be called (which is being posted on the eve of a great holy day,  a.k.a. The American Presidential Election) one of our younger readers suggested that I go with election day poo. Yeah, I had misgivings about it at first too – but I reconsidered once I read how a lot of the millennial generation is really pretty sick of the whole election mess (such as this article about millennials preferring “giant meteor” over anyone else). Although I can’t help but think that a lot of people, regardless of age are pretty tired of the goofy theatrics on the part of the establishment media, and the constant badgering of voter registration via social media sites like facebook, twitter and google. So there you have it. I’m going back to playing Destiny now.

Do you have thoughts on the American election cycle, clueless voters, voluntaryism, statism, establishment politics, the voting process, media bias, special interest groups or any other libertarian issue related to this topic? Let us know! Also, don’t forget to check out our many other amazing libertarian articles, cartoons (which can be found here), and our cool 60 page book with some of the finest libertarian content around at Libertopia: Collection One!

For even more fun:

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The Most Fantastic Libertarian Voting Guide EVER!!

lewisSo in case you hadn’t noticed (which I’m sure you haven’t), Libertopia has been pretty quiet lately on the whole fantasmagoric, utterly life changing and galactic news-shaking issue of voting in America. That’s because, quite frankly, we’re not really too worried about it. That and having a ton of other things coming up that’s not really related to the island of Libertopia (apart from not getting stuff posted as regularly as we used to). But anyway.

So I’ve been sitting here thinking, “since Libertopia is such a MAJOR libertarian  news outlet (not), I should really get with the program and issue an official voting guide on who I think you should vote for. Because, you know…uh….all the huge alphabet soup news agencies, movie stars and social media czars are screaming out that we better vote for you know who, or the entire world as we know it will end. Just like it has threatened to do every four year cycle since they started figuring out they could make dump-truck loads of money off this thing.”

Which leads me now to the moment you’ve been waiting for with baited breath since you began reading this post. Y’all ready for this? My voting recommendations are as follows:

For President, vote for whoever the heck you want to vote for. Or don’t vote at all. I mean seriously. Did you think as a libertarian I could really do that to you? But I will say this. I’m so mind-numbingly sick of the whole election thing here in America that I could projectile vomit for about four days straight from here to Antarctica. Every where I go, the near cult-like fervor surrounding the election of another limp balloon that sells used-cars on the weekend all while moonlighting as a politician seems like it’s the only thing people can think or talk about. And as sad as it might be, I even recall people after the 2012 election saying they woke up the next day to learn that their political champion hadn’t been elected, and were depressed for a whole week. Pathetic. Why let this whole thing run your life like this? I’ve tried to ignore the absurd media circus, social media rants and mind-numbing post-debate discussions as much as I can, and my quality of life has increased in happiness by about a factor of about 99.99 percent.

Sure, I’ve been through these elections before, and am familiar with all the hysteria that is pumped out to a multi-billion dollar tune. But honestly, i’m my own person. I have people I know and care about in my community. People I respect and honor who I can actually get to know. And ultimately, some clown that I’ve never met just isn’t worth a whole lot of my time. But…but…no. That’s it. Be your own person. Take responsibility. Spend time with those you love. Get to know your neighbors. And just enjoy your life 🙂

Do you have thoughts on the American election cycle, clueless voters, establishment politics, the voting process, media bias, special interest groups or any other libertarian issue related to this topic? Let us know! Also, don’t forget to check out our many other amazing libertarian articles, cartoons (which can be found here), and our cool 60 page book with some of the finest libertarian content around at Libertopia: Collection One!

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