Episode 187 – Heat (1:14:01)

We hot things up around here with Mike C. as we review another Michael Mann film, “Heat”. Appropriate for our first movie of the summer.

Life is short. Whatever time you get is luck.

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Dissident Mama, episode 9 – Jack Kerwick

Episode 9 features Jack Kerwick, whose work has appeared in both scholarly journals and popular publications including Townhall, The Agonist, BeliefNet, Abbeville Institute, The Imaginative Conservative, and Frontpage Magazine. Kerwick received his doctoral degree in philosophy from Temple University. He is a professional philosopher who teaches at several institutions in New Jersey. Kerwick’s areas of specialization are ethics and political philosophy, with a particular focus on the classical conservative tradition.

In our discussion, we talk about the “Great UnReason” regarding coronavirus and the progressive riots, both of which are hastening the fundamental transformation of the West. He sees hope in the self-defense measures taken by many Americans, as well as rising gun sales and the fact that the cultural-Marxist mayhem has been solely an urban phenomenon.

But I’m not so sure. Will Americans who live outside the cities actually rise us up? Can they under the current paradigm of state-sanctioned leftist violence, social and corporate struggle sessions, and lawlessness toward the law-abiding? Will it even be enough? I’m quite a bit more black-pilled than is Kerwick, but his ideas may be at least part of the solution. Take a listen, and let me know what you think in the comment sections.

Kerwick’s books are “Higher Miseducation: A Dissident’s Essays on the Assault against Liberal Learning,” “Misguided Guardians: The Conservative Case Against Neoconservatism,” “Christianity and the World: Essays Philosophical, Historical and Cultural,” and “The American Offensive: Dispatches From the Front.” Also of note is the book “Exiled: Stories from Conservative and Moderate Professors Who Have Been Ridiculed, Ostracized, Marginalized, Demonized, and Frozen Out,” which features an essay by Kerwick.

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Source: Dissident Mama – Dissident Mama, episode 9 – Jack Kerwick

Dissident Mama, episode 8 – James Edwards

Episode 8 features James Edwards, host of the The Political Cesspool, a Tennessee-based syndicated talk-radio show that has been on air now for 16 years. Edwards is a paleocon and a free-speech advocate who doesn’t shy away from hard conversations, which has gotten him in some hot water over the years.

Like his hero Nathan Bedford Forrest, Edwards has been maligned and vexed with guilt-by-association and guilt-by-accusation attacks for discussing topics that many others aren’t willing to touch. Heck, he knew all about the tyranny of the PC gestapo and cancel culture back when some of us were still liberals and neocons. But also like Forrest, Edwards keeps raising the black flag and moving forward.

Mentioned in our conversation are my blog posts “White souls aren’t worth much these days” and “White Christians should feel guilty,” and Edwards’ 2010 book “Racism, Shmacism: How Liberals Use the ‘R’ Word to Push the Obama Agenda.” Also mentioned is Pat Buchanan’s influence in Edwards’ political activism, so I’ve included two TPC interviews in which Buchanan and Edwards discuss the stalwart’s prophetic books “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” and “Churchill, Hitler, and ‘The Unnecessary War’: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World.”

And if you’d like to listen to my appearance on TPC from back in April, click here. Live radio is a whole different beast than is podcasting. My sons claim that during my interview I said that Levon Helm played Loretta Lynn’s “mother” in “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” and when I referred to the Battle of the Crater in Petersburg, I called it the Siege of “Gettysburg.” I vehemently denied both charges, but they’re probably right. Oy. Hey, at least I’m raising kids who pay attention to detail. I really don’t know how Edwards does it live every Saturday night.

Additional reading on Nathan Bedford Forrest’s faith include articles “Nathan Bedford Forrest and God’s Amazing Grace” by Mike Scruggs and “When the Devil Got Saved: The Christian Conversion of Nathan Bedford Forrest” by Shane E. Kastler. For deeper biographical dives, check out the book “A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest” by Lochlainn Seabrook and the many articles on Forrest at the Abbeville Institute.

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Source: Dissident Mama – Dissident Mama, episode 8 – James Edwards

Episode 186 – Mrs. Doubtfire (1:11:56)

Hellllloooooo…. we’ll do some light cooking with the Culinary Libertarian tonight and discuss the lengths a father goes to see his kids amidst a divorce in Mrs. Doubtfire for Father’s day.

When faced with a crisis, he began to work on himself to acquire skills and demonstrate his responsibility… though it was too late to save the marriage despite having hot flashes on his first day as a woman.

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Fake secession for thee; despotism for me

“A question settled by violence, or in disregard of law, must remain unsettled forever.”
Jefferson Davis

On Thursday night, there was mass case of “Blue flu” in the Atlanta Police Department. It’s alleged that cops in three zones called in sick over the arrest of Garrett Rolfe, the offficer who’s facing felony murder charges for the shooting of the left’s newest black martyr Rayshard Brooks.

While APD denied the story, Twitter was abuzz with talk of silent police scanners, gun shots, and general fear and loathing. I honestly don’t care what happens in Atlanta ’cause as Uncle Jesse from “The Dukes of Hazzard” once wisely opined, “That city ain’t been right since Sherman burned it.”

In 2020 Murica, “free” means anarcho-tyranny. Good thing Atlanta’s such a friendly place for white folks.

But what I do care about are real-time experiments in “police-free” living. This isn’t because I’m pro-cop. If you’ve read my stuff over the years, I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that “law enforcement” are the ones who’ve fostered the anarcho-tyranny, allowing it to flourish at the whims of our overlords.

Just check out the police standing down in Raleigh last night while hedonistic mobs were allowed to take over the streets and lynch monuments to Confederate veterans. Couple that with the tyranny of law that I’m expected to follow, with its 4,000 statutes just on the federal books alone, and one can see that the there is certainly systemic inequality and it’s aimed right at dissenters.

But I do believe in order, rules, civility, and due process. And I do know there are good cops, to whom I recently offered this advice: walk away because you are expendable to the commissars.

Moreover, if police aren’t going to police, well, let me do it. I mean, if some depraved dude was trying to rape me, I’d put a bullet in his head. I wouldn’t call the cops. If a criminal broke into my house, I would stop him with deadly force. I wouldn’t call the cops. If a thug tried to rob me in a parking lot, I’d use my lawfully obtained handgun to stop him in his tracks. I wouldn’t call the cops.

That is self-determination. That is autonomy. That is self-defense. That is the great equalizer. And that is precisely why the government-riot syndicate aims to squash my human rights.

I’m certainly not a “thin-blue line” kinda gal, but I sure don’t want cultural-Marxists doing soviet-style policing in my neck of the woods. They’re both part of the same broken system which clearly does not care about my autonomy or my civil rights.

The current lawlessness and chaos seen during the red riots that are raging across America aren’t interested in my safety, nor is the “police-free” Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), where the Antifa-BLM Brown shirts have been given free reign to quite literally take over with force six blocks in Seattle. The city’s police department boarded up the East Precinct and abandoned the scene, and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is emboldening the left-wing insurrection.

“Lawfully gathering and expressing First Amendment rights, demanding we do better as a society and provide true equity for communities of color is not terrorism,” she said. “It is patriotism.” These “rights,” of course, only apply to the left, which views riots as “expression” and dissent to them as “violence.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Normie con Steven Crowder actually does a good job describing the insanity that is CHAZ, as well as deconstructing the conspiracy theory that is “systemic racism against blacks.” Perhaps the Overton Window may be moving just a bit.

Even the Seattle police chief says she supports “free speech,” but that she’s “very angry about the situation.” Wow, how bold. Apparently, aiding and abetting lunatic criminals is a popular thing these days.

Turns out the “Free Capitol Hill” freak show exhibits precisely what is terrorism: the use of “violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.” But we’re supposed to believe they’re patriots. Good Lord.

These left-wingers vandalize, force local businesses within the perimeter to close shop, compel residents to flee, and even prey upon those outside of their “borders.” They have created a “state of fear,” which again meets the definition of terrorism. And these aren’t the anti-gun liberals of yore; they’re armed to the teeth and aren’t required to follow the gun laws and regulations the rest of us must abide by or be thrown in jail.

But pay no attention to your eyeballs. Durkan assures us that CHAZ is “more like a block party atmosphere. It’s not an armed takeover. It’s not a military junta. We will make sure that we will restore this but we have block parties and the like in this part of Seattle all the time … there is no threat right now to the public.”

It’s like a love-fest, y’all. Independent journalist Andy Ngô, who has been covering Antifa and neo-Marxist riots for years, would disagree.

Ngô describes CHAZ as a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”
“It’s hard for me to overstate the anarchy that’s on the streets in a neighborhood in the largest city in the Pacific Northwest” where leftists have “laid siege to a territory,” Ngô explains.

CHAZ and the race riots are all part of America’s “colour revolution,” akin the Republic of Georgia’s Rose Revolution. It’s organized and funded to an extent by people with very deep pockets, and relies upon those Maoist-manufactured “victim groups” who are miseducated, media-frenzied, system-built, regime-backed, and ready at any given moment to take to and take over the streets.

The typically peaceful colour revolutionaries in the former Soviet bloc resisted communism and touted Western democracy, while America’s violent revolutionaries embrace communism and mass democracy. In other words, mob rule with a puppet strong-man at the top. But he’s just a figurehead of the globalist string-pullers, which was so often the case in the revolutionary waves that preceded.

The far-left foot soldiers are the result of decades upon decades of what former KGB officer and Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov calls “ideological subversion.” In 1984, he prophetically explained how this psyop has manifested itself today.

“Despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country,” Bezmenov said. It’s all about changing people’s perception of reality, leading to what I call the gulag of the mind.

This is how the BLM-Antifa cabal – which is comprised of conformists to industrial-capitalism, slaves to Western prosperity, and addicts to immediacy – somehow thinks they’re rebels. They aren’t fighting the system, they are propping it up. They only serve their oligarch masters.

The “movement” is a morass of competing interests. It’s deep state and commoner. Anti-capitalist and bourgeois. It’s pro-state and anti-cop. It’s powerful and plebeian. It’s American and globalist. It’s neoliberal and anti-liberty.

It’s a “collective of black voices” but brimming with self-loathing whites and ethnic Jews. Like everything in modern America, it’s an empty slogan, with corporate, NGO, media, and government sponsorship. Anti-regime it is not. CHAZ is the system.

The CHAZ-istanis are so dense that they actually “gendered” the clothing. Hopefully, the AK-armed rainbow warriors deported these obvious misogynists from the progressive promised land.

That’s not autonomy. Perhaps that’s why the commie collective changed its name to Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP). Or maybe that’s due to their affinity for the French Revolution and guillotine “justice.”

Autonomy requires self-government and independence in practice, not theft and coercion. Not handouts and subsidies. Not extortion and censorship. It’s a concept based upon being free and informed.

A case study in CHAZ’s fettered foundation is its list of demands. It includes naturalization of illegals into the U.S., more emphasis on POC curriculum within Washington State schools, free college, rent control, and reparations.

Funny that I’m considered the extremist, even though my “demands” require no action of anyone else. Simply don’t destroy my heritage, don’t silence me, don’t punch me in the face, don’t steal from me, don’t burn down my house, don’t punish my children. Their demands, however, require everything of me: rhetorical and physical veneration, ignorance (of data, history, knowledge, logic, and common sense), my money, my guns, my freedom of conscience, and my slavery.

CHAZ sure as hell ain’t secession either.

Secession occurs when persons in a country or state declare their independence from the ruling government. When a dissatisfied group secedes, it creates its own form of government in place of the former ruling government.” Clearly, CHAZ doesn’t meet either one of these political standards.

Even etymologically, CHAZ doesn’t fit the bill. Secession comes from the Latin word meaning to “withdraw” or to “retire.” But the Bolshevik bullies are instead trying to insert themselves and their demented ideology into all our lives. They are rising up from within, not receding from.

Journalist John Nolte compared CHAZ to a Jeffersonian vision, “where everyone owned their own little piece of America and basically governed themselves: an agrarian society that grew its own food, hired its own teachers, built its own churches, and left the neighboring societies alone. … basically, Jefferson described a CHAZ, no?” Nope.

“The Southern Confederacy was a CHAZ, no?” Aw, hell no!

The Confederate States of America didn’t want anything from the U.S. government other than a peaceful divorce. The CSA’s secession only required the Union to follow the U.S. Constitution. That’s it. Nothing more.

Moreover, the South seceded through conventions and shared guiding principles as laid out in the Confederate Constitution. Conversely, CHAZ is the tantrum of a toddler, but one who also happens to be illegally armed and backed by the Cathedral, the term for the “interlocking network” of elites who “preach the egalitarian faith and manufacture public opinion.” So stunning and brave.

CHAZ is an fascist-enabled malevolent mob with no guiding principles other than anti-white hatred. They’re high-time preference reactionaries who make it up as they go along.

These are the hubristic hoodlums who want to silence dissenters and shame Southern heritage. It really would be comical if they didn’t have all the power.

Secession cannot flourish without common purpose and identity, and as the leftist losers will eventually find out, aggrievement is not an identity. CHAZ proclaims that “This space is now property of the Seattle people.” The hypocrites don’t even believe in private property, and I bet most of them weren’t even born and raised in Seattle.

They are not a people, as are the Southern people, whose “national consciousness” was forged though invasion, war, conquest, and reconstruction. They aren’t fighting for tangibles like hearth and home as were Confederates; rather, CHAZ is based upon confused and cobbled-together abstractions.

CHAZ isn’t even seeking true independence. When you’re demanding government fixes, centralization becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They are about normalizing dogmatic destabilization, not conserving traditions. They’re not even anarchists because they’re coddled by government. Hell, when people are bending a knee to you, you are the law.

The left never sought reconciliation. It’s always been about conquest and control, and tolerance will not be allowed. The riots and lawlessness are the Maoists’ victory lap through the institutions.
So did the CSA, but the outcome was the same for both of these peaceful, self-sufficient entities: blood and fire. Yet, CHAZ’s progressive parasites are celebrated as heroes. Lesson here to dissenters: don’t challenge the narrative.

Leftists are invaders. Colonizers. Vainglorious foreigners who want to instruct locals through brute force how best to live. They are Yankees to the core – pernicious puritans with no restraint.

Yet, they’re still “waiting on the American white man to solve our problems for us,” warned Malcolm X, not wanting to “become separated from the jurisdiction of this white nation.” CHAZ isn’t about sovereignty, it’s about dependability. It’s not about autonomy, it’s about propelling forward the system. It’s not about reconciliation, it’s about revenge. It’s not about decentralization or even love, it’s about power.

“The consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.”
Robert E. Lee, 1866

God do I want real separation, with leftist enclaves going their own way and me going mine. I would give almost anything to be free of the cultural-Marxist ball and chain that pulls down my home, my heritage, and my sons’ futures. But this isn’t secession. THIS is despotism.

Source: Dissident Mama – Fake secession for thee; despotism for me

A gulag of the mind

Part of the thing that bothers me most about the BLM-Antifa-government-academia-media-corporate-church cabal claiming to protest the death of George Floyd, now Rayshard Brooks, and every black man who’s shot and killed by cops or even men who are tasked with policing their own neighborhoods is the narrative is built upon lies. Many lies.

The most effective prevarication is the deceit about “systemic racism.” Everything – from the race riots, the leftist-terrorist destruction of history, property, and life, and the anarcho-tyrannical “autonomous zones,” to the never-ending “anti-racism” pronouncements from companies, the groveling of Christian and political “leaders,” and the grotesque virtue-signaling from people you thought previously were normal – stems from the assertion that there is a common and overwhelming social, economic, and political practice of legit racism against black folks.

Comprising only about 13 percent of the U.S. population, blacks accounted for 52.5 percent of homicide offenders in 2011. But repeat after me: math is racist and logic is a tool of the patriarchy. Progressive programming is a mighty thing.

After all, if this is true, surely whitey must atone, right? But of course, it’s all lies. It’s a false moral claim which in turn creates a a false moral panic. It’s mythology, smoke and mirrors, and quite diabolical when you think about it. Like my friend Nick says, “There’s more evidence of a Global Satanic Elite Pedophile Ring than ‘White Supremacy’ or ‘Systemic Racism’ in America.” So let’s unpack it.

“Christ taught us truth; the Devil teaches us falsehood, and strives in every way to contradict every truth; devising various calumnies against it.”
— St. John of Kronstadt

According to Merriam-Webster, “racism” is defined as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” That’s a pretty good, traditional explanation of the word.

But according to the BBC, the dictionary powerhouse Merriam-Webster will soon be changing its definition to include such subjectivity as self-perceived “hurdles” and “systems that are in place” which purportedly advantage whites over blacks and are a consequence of white “social and institutional power.”

Well, let me lay it out there for you. The only systemic racism that exists today in America benefits blacks and marginalizes whites.

There is no “systemic racism” against black Americans. I’ve written about it before in “If anyone should be taking a knee, it should be …” We – the tax-paying, law-abiding, middle-class citizens (both black and white) – have bent over backwards for “impoverished” black folks for 50 years, poured money into programs for housing, education, business loans, home mortgage loans, Medicaid, EBT, WIC, and other subsidies.

 Virtue signals aren’t just selfish, they’re sneaky sleights of hand because they can trick pliable people into believing something that’s based on lies. It should really say “more likely to die by gun homicide at the hands of other black Americans.” Those would be called facts, governor. But then again, that doesn’t further the revolution.

On the losing side of that paradigm, is the archetype: my white, straight, Southern, Christian sons. They are being told they must give even more through lost opportunity via black and female scholarships, affirmative action in hiring and education, and racial and gender quotas in education. And to rub salt in the wound, they must also subsidize the myriad of left-wing programs that are claimed to “right the wrongs.”

Well, there is something very wrong in that there have been no social advancements for anyone. Instead, our “help” has created more strife within the “black community” and has put whites at a huge disadvantage, while also fostering the racial divide and increasing hostility. The government-media-corporate syndicate manufactures this true inequality, yet whitey’s still told he has work to do.

Source: FBI crime stats.

Maybe it is the “black community” that has work to do. Maybe if they stopped blaming me and my “privilege” and “ancestral sin” for all their problems, and they stopped listening to the progressives peddling untruths, they could focus on the root causes of their problems and act accordingly to remedy those ills, which would make everyone happier in the long run.

The Great Society was a lesson in the misery and wrought by central planning. We’re still living with its fictions and failures today.

Despite half a century of “help,” nothing will ever be enough. The riots aren’t about true justice or “equity,” otherwise the mob wouldn’t be calling for my sons’ slavery and oppression. This is why those who craft and perpetuate the narrative keep such tight control on dissent.

Take LBJ’s “War on Poverty.” It has been an utter catastrophe culturally, politically, and economically, as I explain “A hurricane of hubris,” yet race pimps and their duped do-gooders clamor for more and fault me when their egalitarian nightmares come true. And just wait for the post-modernized “coming white tax” and slavery reparations. We ain’t see nothin’ yet.

People put PC rhetoric ahead of the tangible and very dismal results, as black economist Thomas Sowell says. And as black economist Walter Williams notes, the struggles of black Americans aren’t a consequence of slavery and discrimination; rather, they are self-imposed. And “moral relativism” should not to be confused with racism, adds black writer Star Parker. They’re all part of the “social justice” swindle.

As Williams states, poverty is predictable, with a stable, intact family at the core. Yet, BLM aims to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement” and instead promotes “villages” … “with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking.” It’s almost as if BLM is self-fulfilling prophecy of victimization.

These black men get where I’m coming from.

Note what the sainted MLK says in the video above. It’s quite different from the quote “A riot is the language of the unheard” being shared around social media. Alas, virtue-signalers are a lazy bunch. Go figure.

In the interview from whence this quote comes, King told Mike Wallace that “black power is … a reaction to the reluctance of white power to make the kind of changes necessary to make justice a reality for the Negro.” Yet, changes were made and have been implemented over that past 50 years, but still more is required. Where there should be gratitude and self-reflection are now revolutionary demands and increased destruction. Power and supremacy are indeed the operative words within this anti-white paradigm.

This emotional plea is based upon the fiction that “black bodies” are being hunted by cops and roving gangs of “white supremacists,” and that black folks are void of self-control, and self-determination. They are coddled and treated like children, or worse, automatons who aren’t actors, but are only acted upon.

Even in places like lefty San Francisco, where black folks only comprise about 6 percent of the city’s population (unlike my Southern city which has about a 30-percent-larger black population), blacks are “cited for resisting arrest at a rate eight times greater than whites even when serious crimes are not involved.” Just like Rayshard Brooks did.

“It’s not exactly that pundits don’t know this fact, more or less, it’s more that pointing it out is not a move allowed by the rules of their game,” Sailer explains. “So, they forget; or practice, as Orwell called it, ‘protective stupidity.’” Yep, silence is indeed violence, wouldn’t you say?

“What happened in Ferguson was quite different from what we were told,” black academic John McWhorter notes of the false narrative built around the death of Michael “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Brown. “No one can doubt now that Brown did not die with his hands up; he had been quite aggressive with Darren Wilson, and Darren Wilson shot him because he was afraid.”

“The most prominent case of a cop murdering a black man is one where we happen not to have been told the truth,” McWhorter continued. “Where you can always say, ‘Actually, that didn’t happen.’ It’s not healthy because it’s going to stand in the way of constructive debate. It’ll leave many people wondering whether we were lied to about a lot of the other cases.”

And dare I say, that is more the case than not, which I wrote about in “Apparently, we will get fooled again.” So, what we get is more deceitful chatter of systemic racism, while white dudes with the Battle Flag (gasp!) on their trucks are said to have used a “racial slur” during their white-supremacist “lynchings.” Hell, the “angry white man” stereotype for mass shooters is even a leftist-concocted lie. The political theater of it all is mind-numbing.

But you’re just an evil “neo-Confederate,” Dissident Mama. Why should I listen to you? As I’ve cited above, there are a few honest black intellectuals or outlier celebrities who are resisting the lies. But here are a few more voices in the wilderness.

Candace Owens broaches the taboo issue of black crime stats, as well as the consistent criminal past of George Floyd, who has now been canonized by the cultural-Marxist cabal.
Black musician and liberty-lover Eric July lays out the truth about self-loathing whites, personal responsibility, the victim mentality, and what it means to be a free-thinker.
Black immigrant Nestride Yumga who is thankful to be in America calls out the hypocrisy of BLM … and gets lectured by a “white ally,” of course.

Yumga does God’s work in pointing out the selective outrage and ignorance woven so tightly into the woke movement. “Go to Chicago. They die every day. But it don’t matter because you can’t get attention for that,” she proclaims. “African-Americans kill each other more than anything. It’s numbers. How about you start the change at home? … Why does it take a white person to kill a black person and, oh my gosh, it’s the end of the world.”

Regarding Chicago and the 50+ people who were shot there over Memorial Day, black journalist Jason L. Riley wrote, “None of these deaths or shootings involved police, so there will be no massive protests over them, no tearful commentary on cable news and social media, no white politicians wrapped in Kente cloth taking a knee for photographers.”

“The reality is that the carnage we witness in Chicago is what’s typical,” he continued, “law enforcement has next to nothing to do with black homicides, and the number of interactions between police and low-income blacks is driven by crime rates, not bias.”

Moreover, more whites are shot to death by cops than are blacks. Now this isn’t adjusted per capita. But still, you’d think honest “defund the police” activists would at least acknowledge that, or that fact that there were only 1,004 fatal police shootings last year. I’m not minimizing death, but c’mon, in a country with 320 million people, is that really something to riot about? And to be fair, we cannot forget about the law enforcement who are killed, as well.

The left always says, “Blacks can’t be racist because racism requires systemic privilege.” But being that the BLM-Antifa syndicate’s anarcho-tyranny is allowed, given police and governmental protection and corporate and media sponsorship, who has the systemic privilege now? It is they who are establishing and flaunting their “supremacy” and furthering inequality under the law for me. Hell, the leftist terrorists are basically a political party at this point.

Who had the systemic privilege when the Reopen movement was slandered as a “white supremacist” because the largely white and always peaceful rally-goers simply wanted to go back to work? Reopen is called “racist” because middle-class folks want to feed their families and don’t want to lose their small businesses, but the progressive protests which have destroyed communities, economies, lives, and the last few remnants of of social trust and order are more than fine. They should not only be tolerated, but celebrated. Jewish comedian Dave Smith points out the double standard.

So according to 2020 dystopia, here’s my updated definition.
Racism (n): knowing FBI crime statistics, using your own eyeballs, being informed, utilizing logic over emotion, not being self-hating, believing there is systemic racism but that it’s aimed at white folks, venerating only Jesus Christ and the Christian saints.

“Observe, a vertebrate man in his natural habitat,” blogger Bnonn Tennant described Brit journalist Peter Hitchens, who refused join hundreds of useful idiots taking a knee in Oxford, England. Let’s be like Peter.
And let’s not be like this fool, whose support of “systemic racism” against blacks is completely based upon feelings, not facts.

“One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world,” Alexandr Solzhenitsyn once said. The famous Russian author survived the Soviet gulags and understood better than most the oppression of body. But he also knew the leverage of lies and the totalitarian terror that are so often their dangerous consequence.

I have no political or social privilege, and there are certainly no systems that have my back. I am censored, threatened, and shunned. And even though I’m powerless, I refuse to capitulate to the “elite psychological manipulation,” as editor Dan McCarthy described Bolshevik con. I won’t live in a self-imposed gulag of the the mind, heart, and soul. I prefer freedom and facts over feelings. I pray you do, too.

Source: Dissident Mama – A gulag of the mind

Episode 185 – Superman: Red Son (1:28:02)

We flip the script with Shaheen to an alternative world where the ship carrying baby Superman lands in the Ukraine in “Superman: Red Son.”

We will be giving our powers to the state and sacrifice for the greater good. As Supe says in the movie, “we can accomplish anything as long as we stay united by our ideals.”

This movie is made for us as we have so many talking points to go over. Strap in, this could be a long ride.

We’re also proud to announce that our YouTube video for this episode now features actual video footage of the show, check it out here and be sure to hit that subscribe button!

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Police Abuse: What Would The Penalty Be If Private Police Did This?


As you read this story, please keep the title question in mind.  What would the penalty be if this was conducted by a private company?  What accountability would you demand?

Walter Ogrod was just set free after spending 3 decades on death row. The reason he was there in the first place underscores everything that is wrong with the justice system.

In July of 1988, a 4 year old girl named Barbara Jean went missing in Philadelphia. Her body was found wrapped in a garbage bag inside of a TV box, about 1000 feet from her home.

4 years later, Philadelphia police arrested one of her neighbors, Walter, charged him with sexual assault and murder, and forced him to confess. While he was in jail awaiting trial, they enticed jailhouse informants to fabricate statements against him in exchange for immunity from charge for their upcoming cases.

Let me repeat that: the police got people in jail to lie about an innocent man, in exchange for letting them free from things they were possibly guilty of doing.

Walter’s “confession” was riddled with errors that didn’t line up with the facts of the case. For one thing, his “confession” was that he beat her to death, but she died from asphyxiation.

During the trial, prosecutors withheld exonerating evidence from the defense, which at this point is something we’ve all become used to hearing, even though it’s illegal.

There was, of course, zero physical evidence.

The prosecution’s case was so terrible that Walter’s first trial ended in a mistrial. Even still, they were able to successfully convict him in 1996, and he was sentenced to death.

The Philadelphia DA and police were more concerned about pinning Barbara’s death on someone, anyone, than they were about doing the harder work of actually finding the person who raped and murdered her.

Let’s recap: the people in charge of protecting the people of Philadelphia focused their efforts on framing an innocent man, and even setting other suspects free in exchange for lying about him, rather than trying to find a rapist and murderer who may still be walking the streets today.

Thankfully, even though it took nearly 30 years, a Philadelphia judge finally set Walter free, and the DA’s office is filing to refuse to retry him.

Unfortunately, many other people have been executed despite similarly terrible cases against them, including Nathaniel Woods earlier this year (link to my post about Nate’s case in the comments).

Jo Jorgensen and I are staunchly opposed to the death penalty. We believe that when government is given power, they often use it in the most cynical, abusive and inequitable ways. The death penalty gives government the power to decide if any of us are allowed to live or die, and we see often what giving them that power leads to.

Thankfully for Walter, after losing over half of his life on death row, he is home with his loved ones.

Thanks for Spike Cohen for posting about this atrocity.

The Libertarian Party of Texas opposes the Death Penalty as a form of punishment by the state, as well as any other unnecessary use of force by state agents in response to criminal action.


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Source: Liberty LOL – Police Abuse: What Would The Penalty Be If Private Police Did This?

Episode 184 – Saving Private Ryan (1:30:56)

“Saving Private Ryan” for D-Day’s 76th anniversary, with Prof CJ of the Dangerous History Podcast. We will see you on the beach.

Prof CJ brings a studied, historical perspective to the discussion that helps to dispel some of the propaganda about the “good war”.

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Dissident Mama, episode 7 – Jon Harris

Episode 7 features Jon Harris, the host of the indispensable Conversations That Matter podcast. In it, this bold Christian truth-teller and I discuss the riots, critical theory, the “new religion” of anti-whiteness, the importance of Southern history, and much more. It’s a dose of realism and hope all rolled into one informative package.

Unfortunately, we did not get to talk about Harris’ book “Sacred Conviction: The South’s Stand for Biblical Authority,” which was written under a pen name for reasons I’m sure you can guess (read: anarcho-tyranny), but he’s proud to call it his own. Maybe we’ll get back Harris on again some time to discuss this work. My guess is that with the way Woke-Murica’s barreling toward the cliff of nihilism, we won’t be wanting for new discussion topics.

In the meantime, let’s pray for the repentance and salvation of our enemies, pray for the clarity and courage of our fellow Christians, and pray for the destruction of evil. Let’s trust in the Lord and keep trying to do as best as possible what He has commanded us to do. Like the godly General Robert E. Lee once wrote, “Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more; you should never wish to do less.” Amen to that.

Note: Here’s the Harvard “whiteness” debate I referenced during the interview. I link to it only because it has been scrubbed from YouTube and is pretty hard to find these days. Behold the “social justice” that awaits us if we don’t reject false prophets and embrace Jesus. Lord have mercy.

Check out this episode!

Source: Dissident Mama – Dissident Mama, episode 7 – Jon Harris