FPF #130 – Yemen & Israel with Will Porter

On FPF #130, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss his new article on Yemen and the situation in Israel. Will’s article explains how deaths in Yemen have been undercounted during the Saudi/US war against Yemen. Will talked with several sources to gain a better understanding of the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. Will also discussed the NY subway terror attack and how that it was blowback from Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #130 – Yemen & Israel with Will Porter

Book Review: The Euro

The Euro is a book about the shortcomings of the eurozone currency project by American economist Joseph Stiglitz. The book makes a case against many of the policies pursued by European leaders thus far and recommends several alternatives, including further integration, a flexible euro, and the exit of one or more members. The book is divided into twelve chapters which explore different aspects of the problem and possible solutions. A short preface details Stiglitz’s view of the economic problems of Europe as being largely attributable to the creation of a single currency zone without the creation of other institutions that are found in other such places elsewhere in the world. He compares the euro to the gold standard, repeating the flawed mainstream view that deflation is bad. His Keynesian approach to economics and thoroughly statist worldview is apparent from the beginning. That being said, Stiglitz appears to want to solve problems and correctly identifies some people and institutions as being uninterested in doing so. The opening section begins with a chapter that expands upon the preface and outlines the rest of the book. There is little here that is not covered in greater detail later, so let us move on. In Chapter 2, Stiglitz argues that the poor results of the euro should have been expected because economic integration of this sort cannot come before political integration. Here, he contends that military might no longer shapes outcomes as it once did, but this is dubious because nothing short of a nuclear exchange that no one wants could have stopped the United States from conquering and colonizing Iraq if that had been the intention and American leadership had used its full power. So too for Russia in Ukraine and Crimea. His responses to other arguments for a single currency make more sense. He states the fallacious mainstream position on public goods, claiming without logic or evidence that it is impossible for markets to provide basic research and common utilities. This amounts to a confusion of collective action with state action. Even so, Stiglitz does recognize that localization is better than central planning from afar, though his disdain for German policies makes him inconsistent on this point. He then turns to economic integration, discussing the importance of German history with hyperinflation and its prominent role in modern Europe for understanding the European Central Bank. Next, Stiglitz writes about effect that a shared currency has on economic integration, which is mixed. Like many Keynesians, he accuses the market of failure when this is actually impossible; such events are actually failures of government, resources, or individual people. He also regards economics as scientific, even though the scientific method cannot be applied to subjects in which counterfactuals are so important but also unobservable. As usual, the word ‘neoliberal’ says more about the person using it than anything else. He concludes by arguing that there is a democratic deficit in Europe, even though he argues elsewhere in the book against incentive structures which are necessarily part of any democracy. Europe’s lackluster economic performance since the 2008 crisis is the subject of the third chapter. Stiglitz begins by claiming that Keynesianism is a success because it has lengthened business cycles and shortened downturns, but it has also made the downturns that do occur so much worse that markets were better off before such interventionism. Much of the chapter consists of empirical data for Europe since 2007. When discussing unemployment, he seems not to recognize that unemployment benefits subsidize a negative behavior and will thus produce more of that behavior. Stiglitz relies upon the Gini coefficient when discussing inequality, which is a faulty metric because it measures pre-tax income rather than after-tax consumption. This causes it to exaggerate the amount of income inequality. His detailing of the long-term adverse effects of recession in terms of destroyed human capital is largely correct, but he again recommends interventionism that tends to worsen such problems. He also takes the position that the state should protect those at the economic bottom, though almost every economist would avoid social Darwinism on this front. Stiglitz then commits a fixed pie fallacy by arguing that trade surpluses necessarily cause trade deficits elsewhere, when the reality is quite different. He concludes by correctly noting that the counterfactuals help critics of the euro, and that there is no better explanation for many of Europe’s troubles than sharing a common currency across uncommon societies and economies. Read the entire article at ZerothPosition.com

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Source: Reece Liberty.Me – Book Review: The Euro

FPF #129 – Q & A Show

On FPF #129, I take questions for the first Q and A show. I answer questions on Yemen, Trump, and Israel. I explain Trump’s possible reasons for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. I also discuss CNN’s fake bombshell report on a connection between Wikileaks and the Trump Campaign. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #129 – Q & A Show

Ep. 20 – Sex Work And The Age Of Consent

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Today we are joined by fellow Libertarian Union members: Patrick, Daniel, and Robert.  This is a snippet from a much longer recording session in which we discussed the age of consent and sex work laws.  This is a quick introduciton into a topic that we will have much more to say on in the future.  Enjoy!

Recorded – 11/17/17


John Stossel on Who Owns Your Body? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb1Bp7wxePk&feature=youtu.be

Ray Allen Gets Catfished http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/21503707/ray-allen-tells-orlando-court-was-catfished

Actual Anarchy Discuss The Greatest Porn Audition Of All Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN3eyijZ6Ew&feature=youtu.be

Seattle Man Tricks Women Into Sex By Pretending He Was A Porn Recruiter https://jezebel.com/six-women-claim-a-seattle-man-posed-as-a-fake-female-po-1781506270

Source: Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast – Ep. 20 – Sex Work And The Age Of Consent

Jason Stapleton Program: Jason Stapleton explains the 5 Principles of Liberty

A snippet from The Jason Stapleton Show

Jason Stapleton Promoting the 5 Principles of Liberty; Peace, Tolerance, Individualism, Limited Government and Free Markets. JasonsStapleton.com

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Source: Liberty LOL – Jason Stapleton Program: Jason Stapleton explains the 5 Principles of Liberty

Make it a libertarian Christmas!

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Source: Libertopia Cartoon – Make it a libertarian Christmas!

Episode 54 – Die Hard (1:16:46)

Yippee-ki-yay motherfuckers!

We are joined by Shaheen to discuss the Christmas-action flick starring Bruce Willis, Die Hard! It’s a John McClane Christmas, and now we’ve got a machine gun, ho-ho-ho.

Welcome to the party pals.

Here are Shaheen’s previous appearances:

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And here is a link to find all of his articles here at Actual Anarchy:  https://www.actualanarchy.com/category/author/shaheen-the-anarcap/

Shaheen on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ElcoAlFares

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The Cake-Baking Supreme Court Decision could Create new Class of Slavery


Tom Woods Liberty Classroom

Ultimately, there are only two possible outcomes facing the American people after the Supreme Court rules in this case:

1 – Some Americans will be offended.


2 – Some Americans will be forced into involuntarily servitude at the point of the federal government’s gun.

This is really not complicated.

SCOTUS will, by judicial fiat, create a de facto new “amendment” to the Constitution, allowing offended persons to enslave those who offended them, or they will simply tell the offended persons to take their business elsewhere. (They could also tell them to bake their own damn cake.)

This is not about “equality” to the radical, activist elements of the LGBTQWKRPINCINCINNATI crowd. This is about retribution and backdoor reparations.

Yes — homosexuals have been unfairly and unjustly treated by elements of our society, and even by our laws, since before our country’s Founding — but asking for government to force another human into your service is not the moral path to equality.

Being offended is not justification for tying up either the courts or another citizen’s hands.

I fear this decision.

It basically comes down to Justice Kennedy.

One man . . . ONE FREAKIN’ MAN(!!!) has the power to either create a new classification of legalized slavery, or tell those offended that some animals ARE NOT more equal than others.

There needn’t be religious rights, gay rights, or free speech arguments presented in this case. It’s far more cut-n-dried than that:

Do you have the right to enslave a person who offends you?

That’s the only question that matters in this case.

If the gay couple loses this case, what do they actually lose?

(Go ahead . . . take your time. Let me know when you’re done making your list.)

If the baker loses the case, what does he stand to lose?


If this were truly about equal rights, I’d be standing with the gay couple — but it’s not. This is about one group punishing another group for their multi-generational sins, and doing so at the expense of a single individual’s liberty.

Their intent is to force the baker into their service, against his will. If he refuses, they want him to pay a fine or lose his business. If he refuses to pay, they want him visited upon by armed agents of the government. If he resists, they want those agents to use force in order to bind and imprison him. If he refuses to be taken, they expect him to be shot.

What does the baker desire from the gay couple? Nothing other than to be left alone. Hell . . . he didn’t even want their money.

So . . . we can either be offended, or we can be slaves.

What say you, Anthony McLeod Kennedy?

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Source: Liberty LOL – The Cake-Baking Supreme Court Decision could Create new Class of Slavery

FPF #128 – The Execution of Daniel Shaver

On FPF #128, I discuss the execution of Daniel Shaver by police officer Phillip Brailsford. The shooting occurred in January 2016 and Brailsford has been acquitted by a jury of all charges. A judge finally allowed the body cam footage to the public. I react to the video and give some analysis. I also explain how America’s are not holding out military and police to a high enough moral standard. 

Link to video

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #128 – The Execution of Daniel Shaver

This is your security force

It was announced this morning that Ex-Mesa, AZ police officer Philip Brailsford was acquitted of second degree murder and reckless manslaughter.

This will come to no surprise to anyone familiar with criminal justice reform, being as the thin blue line of legal protection benefits the monopoly security forces throughout America.  Police are all but trained to shoot first and ask questions later, and there is no better case than the deadly encounter which ended the life of Daniel Shaver.  Warning, this video is very graphic, but is important to observe the near execution style tactic officer Brailsford coldly employed.  

Here are the facts.  Daniel Shaver (a pest control worker) was showing off his pellet gun in his hotel room, when some busybody saw the gun through a window.  These guests told the hotel management, who called police, then the video linked above ensued.  Panicking and obviously confused, Daniel frantically attempts to obey every single command the officer screams at him while a gun is pointed at him while begging for his life.  He is told to crawl with his left ankle wrapped around his right ankle.  Daniel is wearing what looks like ill fitting gym pants and pauses at one moment to pull up his pants (as a result of the commands officers were giving him), causing the officers to shoot him in response to him reaching for his waistband.

Nowhere in the video is it apparent that Mr Shaver was armed.  Nowhere in the video is it apparent that this person is criminally insane.  The video shows a scared young man who was gunned down in cold blood.  What is apparent to me is that we have a very real problem with police violence that people have put up with for far too long.

Please consider donating to Daniels Memorial Fund, to help Daniel’s family recover from this unjust killing.

Source: Subversion – This is your security force