“Ain’t” ain’t what you think it is

By Carl Jones

I was watching a British movie recently about some British soldiers during WW II who were trapped behind enemy lines and trying to get to Dunkirk. The movie, as I said, was made in Britain by a British production company, and throughout the movie the soldiers frequently used the word “ain’t.” This would probably surprise a lot of Americans today who’ve been taught incorrectly that the word is “Southern slang.”

Ain’t is a contraction that has been in the English language for over 500 years. The thing is, it originated, I believe, in Southern and Western England where the ancestors of many Americans, especially Southerners, came from, but was presumably not used in the Eastern Counties where the Puritan ancestors of many New Englanders came from.

I heard one linguistic educator say that “when a person used the word ain’t in the 1600s, he was considered to be showcasing his aristocracy.” In other words, it was not only an English word, but a word of the upper crust of society.

The idea that ain’t is not a word, or that it is “ignorant” or “hick” in nature, is an assertion put forth by Yankees (not to be confused with “Northerners,” most of whom are not Puritan descendants). Noah Webster, a Yankee, wrote his dictionary as a means of teaching “wayward” Americans from outside of New England “proper” English. By proper, he meant “Yankee” English.

As Professor Clyde Wilson pointed out, Shakespearean theater performed properly would be performed with a Southern accent because Shakespeare was from Southern England, which is where at least one of the half dozen or so Southern dialects originated.

Attempts by “elites” to change our language are no different than attempts to take down our flags, our monuments or to teach the Yankee version of why the South seceded. It is an assault on our Heritage and our culture. It’s a part of an ongoing and generations-old attempt to make all Americans over in the Yankee image. To make us forget who we are. Like most other leftist initiatives, it is also birthed in pure “ignorance.”

Carl Jones is past Chief of Heritage Operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, past Alabama Division Commander of the SCV, current Army of Tennessee Councilman, and NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.

Some additional info:

“Southern speakers … we’re not ignorant, as it’s often been assumed. But we simply sound like the ancestors that came here so many years ago.”
On a related note: “Yonder” is used seven times in the King James Bible, the 1611 Bible translation commissioned by King James I who united Scotland, England, and Ireland into Great Britain, and was the monarch who supported the first permanent English colony on America’s mainland: Jamestown, Virginia. Now, ain’t that somethin’.

Source: Dissident Mama – “Ain’t” ain’t what you think it is

Episode 256 – Psycho (1:32:47)

We have Snobby Bobby of the Not for Everyone Podcast on tonight to discuss the Alfred Hitchcock classic, “Psycho”.

From the master of suspense, at the peak of his powers, comes a genre-defining classic that helped change an industry. Psycho has been referenced in culture ever since it came out and in a way, it makes the twist have less of an impact, but it is a masterful film that is well worth watching.

Yes mother, we will do a good show, mother.

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Episode 255 – Swing Kids (1:42:44)

A longtime listener of the show, Reverend Lee, comes on to talk about “Swing Kids”.

Swing Kids is a 1993 American dramatic film directed by Thomas Carter and starring Christian Bale, Robert Sean Leonard and Frank Whaley. A group of teens adores forbidden music in Nazi Germany just before the outbreak of World.

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing.

Also, due to some confusion with the same-named South Korean film from 2018, we do a mini-review of that one as well.

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Lyin’ Atlanta, part 2

War is “by nature revolutionary in its impact upon a people. Its values are antithetical in the extreme to the values of kinship-based society with its consecration of tradition, conventionality, and age or seniority.”
— Robert Nisbet

Murican citizen, ever wondered how “we” got to the point of ICE agents on horseback being demeaned for actually patrolling the Southern US border because they were allegedly whipping Haitians illegals, even though the photographer himself said the images were misinterpreted?

Sure, this was all fake news meant to gin up the duped do-gooders and pressure politicians and other assorted oligarchs and apparatchiks to further leftism’s march through the institutions and straight into your home. But how are these hoaxes even allowed to germinate in proud Murica, “where at least I know I’m free?”

Ever wondered when repelling invaders became a “horrific” act or defending the homeland is “not who we are.” Or why white cosmopolitans cheer when hearing that “For the first time in America history, the number of white people went down.” Or how “access” (read: free stuff) has become “the new civil right” or “voter ID is racist.” Or how parents who speak out against the anti-white/anti-Christian propaganda are pegged as “domestic terrorists” and being threatened with FBI investigations by order of the US attorney general?

Of course, I could go on ad infinitum with examples of the gaslit schemes. And many legacy Americans don’t need convincing of the fact that they can barely keep their heads above water, but I’m not sure they all understand how they came to be drowning in the “melting pot” in the first place, especially when we’re told by the ADL and CNN that the “Great Replacement” is just a theory and a “white supremacist” one at that. (YouTube even offers up a “context” window for extra Schadenfreude.). To catch our breath, we must have a much firmer grasp on history and ideology, so let’s pick up where we left off with part 1.

“The Old South died hard … and has been buried under an avalanche of libels.”
— Clyde Wilson

The New South was a term coined by Atlanta newspaperman Henry Grady in 1886, writes historian Gail Jarvis, and was a desperate compromise of a savagely demoralized and defiled people. “Struggling to recover from the War and Reconstruction,” many Southerners came to the harsh realization “that the economic survival of the post-war South was dependent on cooperation with Northern commercial interests.”

So, they embraced industrial-capitalism as a matter of subsistence, while still trying to hold on to some vestige of their localist ways and customs. This would offer up a brief reconciliation period in the early-to-mid 20th century, but as my friend William Estes wrote, “In order to function in a civil society, there must be a consensus and agreement on basic principles. If that consensus is broken, society will not function.”

Ironically, it was this adoption of what journalist Pedro Gonzalez calls American capitalism that “dissolved the bonds of tradition, of the family, and encouraged women to abandon the crib for the cubicle.” It only makes sense that the “symbols and heroes of historic America naturally [would] come under attack because they are representations of differentiation, thus, [are] barriers to creating a homogenized mass society fit for mass consumption and production.”

“Where is Sherman when we really need him?”
— Tom Landess

Late literature professor and author Landess posed this question when critiquing Atlanta for conforming so thoroughly to the puritanical-progressive ethos. Perhaps, as discussed previously, the city never stood a chance due not only to Sherman’s campaign of physical “extermination” of the Georgian people, but also his goal of existential reform: to “make society right,” as one neocon fanboy describes it, and to use total war as the means of bringing forth a “more perfect peace,” as Sherman explained in his own words.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-2021-08-28-12.32.35-PM-1.png

So, out with the old and in with a “Neutered South,” as Jarvis calls it. Atlanta became the model of a new renovationist type of civilization, literally established upon the ashes of the old, and one that would yield a more easily manipulated and controlled populace, what retired humanities professor Paul Gottfried calls the managerial-therapeutic state.

Allow for the Southern man to build monuments for a while, and that way he’ll think he’s free. He’ll get distracted with fighting the empire’s wars, paying his taxes, attending church, raising families, dutifully voting in elections, consuming all the latest goods and wares, and parroting “patriotic” shibboleths. Meanwhile, new heroes will be created, false gods to propel forward the spirit of the age.

Enter in Martin Luther King, Jr. Here’s his and his wife’s grave in the Atlanta, which my children and I visited with friends earlier this year.

Originally called the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc., the complex is now simply known as the King Center. It features the Kings’ tombs suspended on an island within a long reflecting pool (above). The famous preacher’s philosophy is inscribed on large segments of the stone wall surrounding the compound (below left) and his hometown church (below right) is a National Historic Landmark, a “site which possesses national significance in commemorating the history” of America. There’s a museum, of course, and even an ecumenical “Chapel of All Faiths,” but both were closed due to covid restrictions.

King defined racism as “the arrogant assertion that one race is the center of value and object of devotion, before which other races must kneel in submission.” Now doesn’t that sound familiar? Huh, maybe the King Center’s never heard of BLM.

“It is the absurd dogma that one race is responsible for all the progress of history,” King continued, “and alone can assure the progress of the future.” Huh, maybe they’ve never heard of critical-race theory either.

“Racism is total estrangement,” King stated. “It separates not only bodies, but minds and spirits. Inevitably it descends to inflicting spiritual and physical homicide upon the out-group.” That is precisely what is happening to the Southern “out-group” and by extension to anyone who’s not perceived as a “minority” through the psyop of identity-less-ness.

King’s contradictions are palpable. His nonviolent principles are always cited when convenient, most specifically when blacks are themselves committing violence. Such acts are either excused as furthering the egalitarian vision, as was the case with the 2020 riots, or they’re simply brushed off as consequence of “systemic racism” and are duly ignored. (The Center’s “Eternal Flame,” above right, reminds me of the John Lennon “Imagine” memorial in NYC’s Central Park: that is, people mistake it as a symbol of peace and love, when really it’s just a shrine of secular-humanism.)

The King mythos is a “catapulting cultural Marxist juggernaut that continues to move the societal and political goalposts to the Left … [for] the purposes of continuing Revolution.”
— Boyd Cathey

But just how is this “perpetual progress” accomplished? By “’assailing America as irredeemably racist‘ forever after,” notes essayist Ilana Mercer. And the remaking and deification of King is the key.

Begone with the once-common admissions of the “social justice” pastor as a plagiarizing social activist and Communist sympathizer, and in with the adulation of him as a “conservative hero” upon which the very meaning of America is hung. Necessary is a “perfunctory whitewash” of the facts that King didn’t believe in even the most basic of Christian dogma: Jesus’ Virgin birth, divinity, or physical resurrection, nor the inerrancy of the Bible.

Forget not only St. MLK’s heresies, but also his sexual predation. Focus, y’all: White people got work to do!

The King con reminds me of what Alex Haley, the author of the popular 1976 book and highly influential made-for-TV movie Roots, opined when challenged on the historical accuracy of his work: “I tried to give my people a myth to live by.”

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”
— Voltaire

It’s a conceptual framework built upon a “misunderstanding of the Declaration [of Independence] as a ‘deferred promise’ of equality,” as scholar M.E. Bradford explained. Hence, the “anachronistic gloss” of the proposition nation: that “equality” (or the more postmodernized “equity”) is the seedbed of the Founding, not British Common Law and the ancient antecedents of that long heritage.

‘All men are created equal’ … is a slogan,” remarks historian Clyde Wilson, and “the slogan gives power to those who see themselves as entitled to interpret it.” Thus, the slogan an ever-morphing ideology if there ever was one becomes the guide, not experience.

This powerful left turn utterly transforms what “America” had been from 1607 onward and is finally consecrated with the Federal government raising an army to invade a sovereign confederation of states and launch a War for a command-and-control economy and against independence. Therefore, “Union” by force was necessary, say the demagogues, in order to right the wrongs of our “apostate nation.”

Apostate from what, you ask? Why, the religion of equality! Haven’t you heard, that’s what the Great Emancipator was fighting for? And now we don’t even need the Declaration. Slap a trigger warning on it ’cause America is just an idea after all.

“Lincoln’s ‘second founding’ is fraught with peril and carries with it the prospect of an endless series of turmoils and revolutions, all dedicated to freshly discovered meanings of equality as a ‘proposition,’” Bradford notes. It’s a “’millenarian infection’ that could arm and enthrone a Caesar who would be empowered, through the rhetoric of the ‘deferred promise,’ to ‘reform the world into an imitation of themselves.’”

After 100 years of Reconstruction, which author H.V. Traywick, Jr. says is “nothing short of a revolution on the same order as the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917,” came the “civil rights” revolution and its righteous Lincolnian disciple, MLK. A fake “Christian warrior” just like Lincoln, King becomes the fulfillment of the “promise” with his “I Have a Dream Speech” in 1963, helping to usher in the civilization-smashing Great Society in ’64 and then the Immigration Act of ’65.

Humanitarianism with a guillotine, economist Murray Rothbard might call it. That’s a helluva a proposition.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-2021-09-06-10.20.22-PM.png

And since the victors write the history we now have our revolutionary bookends: Lincoln predictably cast as the “redeemer” and King as the “healer,” while the South with its [fill in the blank] “slavery,” “treason,” “racism,” “greed,” “backwardness,” “laziness,” etc. is framed as the enemy of the good, an ornery and cancerous impediment to the “holy work” of our twin messiahs. It’s a Bolshevik blueprint with staying power, unfortunately.

Take Covid-mania as just one example. “Covid deniers” are those yahoos from Appalachia. You know, those dumb white, rural Southerners who are the partisan rednecks that “shun” science and care too much about having fun at football games. So, no antibodies for you, crackers!

In fact, the ACLU claimed with a straight face that “vaccine” mandates “further civil liberties” … by protecting “the most vulnerable … [like] communities of color hit hard by the disease.” Just get the jab, whitey. It’s a “justifiable intrusion,” just like the Civil War.

Makes perfect sense if you understand that “the hue and cry over equality of opportunity and equal rights leads, a fortiori, to a final demand for equality of condition,” as Bradford wrote in the 1970s. It’s the “uniformitarian hatred of providential distinctions which will stop at nothing less than … ‘a reconstitution of being.’”

Their foot shall slide in due time.
— Deuteronomy 32:35

Atlanta has historically been a hotbed for the “nihilistic impulse” of the reconstituting pimps. But the holy-roller hedonism seems not to have panned out for many Atlantans, some of whom now want to secede from Atlanta itself.

The shining New South city has lost its artificial luster and now has sky-rocketing crime. And even though the recent mutilation and murder of a white woman was “the city’s first White homicide victim this year,” you’re not even allowed to discuss the obvious and overwhelming issue of black-on-black crime. Why, that’d be a racist dog whistle. White folks are so kowtowed in Atlanta that black folks even make up “hate crimes.” Talk about “problematic.”

We are fighting “… a hostile people and we must make old and young, rich and poor feel the hard hand of war,” wrote Sherman. That he did. He made “Georgia howl.” Now it barely whimpers along. Scared of its own shadow and a perfect illustration of Murica writ large.

Translation: Mob rule is good and the peacefully seceding states are to blame for their own destruction and murder. In fact, the archetype is to blame for everything bad now and forever more.

It’s time to stop getting tangled in the devil’s net. It doesn’t matter if you are Southern or not. If you believe in faith and family, life and liberty, meritocracy and not malevolence, experience and not expedience, you might be a neo-Confederate. Embrace it.

Stop scratching your head as to how Murica went to hell in a hand basket, and start rejecting the lyin’ narrative that “we” are “one ‘nation’ under God” and that the Southern scapegoat is society’s barrier to happiness and hope. That’s the real hate hoax for it’s the springboard of the wretched revolution and its genocidal aims.

And then let us pray for what theologian Robert Lewis Dabney urged in his critique of the New South in 1882: “that out of the present foul transition, a good Providence may cause some new order to arise tolerable for honest men.”

So, let us not be neutered by the opinions of sheep. Let’s regain our footing by becoming lions. Otherwise, the erasure of the pride will continue unabated and most intolerable it will be.

Source: Dissident Mama – Lyin’ Atlanta, part 2

Episode 254 – The Goonies (1:26:15)

Hey you guys! Raylene Lightheart joins us again for a review of “The Goonies” which is prompted by me actually being in the area where it was filmed.

A group of young misfits called The Goonies discover an ancient map and set out on an adventure to find a legendary pirate’s long-lost treasure. This 1985 American adventure comedy film co-produced with Steven Spielberg and directed by Richard Donner from a screenplay by Chris Columbus was a nexus of Hollywood talent that launched many a career.

This is a cult classic that many people still adore to this day.

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Dissident Mama, episode 46 – Anne Wilson Smith

Anne Wilson Smith is the author of the brand-new “Charlottesville Untold: Inside Unite the Right” as well as “Robert E. Lee: A History Book for Kids,” both produced by the good folks at Shotwell Publishing. Having called the Republic of South Carolina home for most of her life, Smith was reared in a family that believes Southern history is something to be cherished. The daughter of preeminent Southern historian and scholar Clyde N. Wilson, Smith is a formidable researcher and writer in her own right and has taken up the difficult task of authoring two books in less than a year – even though she’s a wife and a mom of two boys because some things just gotta be said.

Unlike me, Smith actually attended Charlottesville: the watershed event that forever changed our political, cultural, social, and legal landscape. So much of what ails America is built upon the government-induced, elite-supported, and media-contrived false narrative resulting from that fateful day of August 12, 2017, so Smith and I talk about some of the big-takeaways from her hot-off-the-press release.

So if you want to grasp just how cancel culture, anarcho-tyranny, anti-whiteness, civil rights for thee but not for me, inescapable gaslighting, monument destruction, and other assorted leftist schemes have taken root and been able to grow so strong, this book is a must-read. After all, if you resist even a modicum of the madness, dear non-woke citizen, you’ll simply get Charlottesvilled.

Through first-hand experience, countless interviews of people who were there, in-depth media and legal research, and raw drone footage from the rally (which can be viewed by linking to the book’s many QR codes), Smith’s exposé explains what really happened and connects the dots for those who have for so long been intentionally kept in the dark about the “deadly white-supremacist rally.” After all, sunlight is the best antiseptic, and I do believe that good people are finally primed and ready for the truth. Deo vindice.

Download this episode, watch on YouTube, or listen here. 👇

Source: Dissident Mama – Dissident Mama, episode 46 – Anne Wilson Smith

A lesson on perspective

By Daniel B. Rundquist

“William D. Sutton was born in Kentucky on January 2, 1843, being 56 years, one month, and three days old at the time of his death, which occurred on Sunday, February 5, 1899, at 7 p.m. Eighteen years ago the deceased moved to Minnesota, where on September 7, 1882, he was married to Miss Annie C. Fredrickson, to whom were born three children, Alonzo, Etta, and Clarence, who with the mother, are left to mourn the loss of a kind husband and father.

“On October 12 last, Mr. Sutton with his family left their home in Prescott, Wisconsin, for Tennessee by way of the river, in a house boat. On reaching this point, the river froze up, thus impeding their progress and here they have remained all winter, occupying their boat at the foot of Washington Street. About Christmas time, Mr. Sutton was taken sick, his ailment developing into cancer of the stomach, from which he died as above recorded. Thus among strangers, in a strange land, the widow and fatherless are left in this lonely condition.

“Mr. Sutton was a soldier in the Confederate Army and was taken prisoner at Fort Donelson, where he fought against his own brother who was with the Union Army, and the two visited each other often during his imprisonment. Here he was taught to see his mistake and to know the error of the Confederate cause. He was a man of more than ordinary ability and was the composer of a number of poems which he intended to have published in book form. Formerly he had been a man of considerable means, but reverses came and carried all away. When ice bound here he was on his way to Tennessee to take charge of a store owned by a wealthy planter.”

The above was a portion of the obituary for Mr. William D. Sutton, my own great-great-grandfather. We are separated by four generations of Americans. Among the surviving artifacts of my mother’s ancestors we discovered pages of handwritten notes which were from the journals of Mr. Sutton, the binding long since deteriorated. For the very first time these journal notes, poems and such are seeing the light of day so to speak as I transcribed them myself from his longhand and published them in 2014. Mr. Sutton intended to one day publish his work, but passed away before he was able. Today, what remains of his work is available for Kindle and also on PDF format from the publisher.

Mr. Sutton, “Willdee” as he sometimes refers to himself, lived a hard life by today’s standard. He fought the Civil War on the Confederate side, was captured, and it is clear that this experience colored his outlook in later life. By the tone and subject matter of his writings, one might well conclude he was much more the lover than the fighter.

Mr. Sutton was very much human, asking and attempting to answer the same questions that we all have, and contemplating even the mind and intentions of God. His work is filled with romantic descriptions of nature, admonitions, advice, and observations of the day, mostly in verses of rhyme.

Works of this nature not only provide for us a glimpse of our own past, but often provide us with perspective. Much of what we see, hear, and read today is missing both perspective and context, and I believe this is due to ignorance, lack of interest, and used for political expedience.

As an example of perspective, I submit to you a portion of Mr. Sutton’s surviving work. Most people would agree that when business is “down,” it’s a generally bad sign. We all witnessed or suffered personally when the U.S. government unlawfully shuttered private businesses during the COVID narrative in 2020. But when is it ever a positive thing to see a business that is struggling? Well, William D. Sutton will explain for us. There are two versions of this prose, one is likely a draft.

“To a saloon keeper—who was complaining of dull business.
You say your trade’s declining and you are barely making your expenses. Which means fewer mothers
and children repining and more men coming to their senses
When business is flourishing with the butcher: grocer: and shoemaker, wives and children get more
nourishing. While your success is a sure heartbreaker.
To make a success of your trade how many widows and orphans have you made? How many have died
at the end of a rope or languished in prison without hope?
You’ve caused the children bitter cries and tears to flow from the mother’s eyes. It fills the alms houses
and jails. Trengied with drink: men there wine assails.
It robs the statesman of his brain. Of tramps it makes a lengthy train. I defy the world to show a place
it’s not brought misery and disgrace.
I read in the tribune just to day where a father dead drunk on the floor one little babe lay cold in death,
another drawing its last breath.
A weeping mother almost dead from over work and want of bread. All because some whiskey seller
made that much more money from his trade.
Girls be all maids the rest of your life rather than a drunkards wife. Take my advice: young man and heed
it well. I’ve bin through the mill myself. Shun them as you would the gates of hell and you’ll have friends
and health and wealth.
But in Saloon and on the street the boys had there fun at scrappin’. Every other man you meet his mug
had got a slapping. One fellow over from the island and for a fight was just a spiling.
When N—C made a pass at him and layed him on the floor. Some hastings business then come down so
and undertook to paint the town. But some one promptly knocked them down and then the fight was
Next morning clearing up the wreck you could find thumbs and noses by the peck. A sash knocked out, a
broken door … free lunch and beer bestowed the floor.
And now young man take my advice. I’ve been through the mill myself. Rum leads to poverty and vice,
destroys intellect and health while you’ve lots of cash to spend for rum.
You are highly eulogized but when you’re broke then you’re a bum and sorely ostracized.

(Version 2)
Lines to a Saloon Keeper who told me his trade was dull

You say your trades declining
And you are barely making your expenses
Which means fewer mothers are repining
And more men coming to their senses
When the grocer, butcher, and shoemaker
Tell us their trade is flourishing
Wives and children are partakers
Of something useful, good, and nourishing
Quite different though when you succeed
In your unrighteous trade
How many hearts you’ve caused to bleed
Widows and orphans made
How many in prisons now reside
Without a gleam of hope
How many die by suicide
Or at the end of a rope
You’ve caused the children for too long
Young maidens for to weep
And bosom friends to long and sigh
And father’s grief sink deep
From a noble life statesmen have fell
To the depths of degradation
From the curse of rum offshoot of hell
And a curse to every nation
I read in the tribune just today
Where a father drunk on the floor lay
One little babe lay cold in death
Another drawing its last breath
A weeping mother almost dead
From overwork and want of bread
All because some whiskey seller made
That much more money from his trade

W.D. Sutton
Prescott, Wis.

Editor’s note: History and genealogical research provide such a cherished opportunity for us to self-reflect (who we are and where we came from), but it also offers up moments in which we can ponder the real lives and very real experiences of our ancestors. Kin not seen through the lens of “me,” but rather, who they were as individuals encapsulated in their own snapshot of time.

When I read this essay, I wonder why Sutton thought there was “error of the Confederate cause.”  Was it because he was somehow freed from Fort Donelson and was subsequently influenced by his Unionist brother? After all, it was a consequence of the aptly named Battle of Fort Donelson in which the Yankees pushed their invasion of Tennessee, gained control over the Confederate-controlled bulwark, and then shipped Southern prisoners from there to Chicago’s Camp Douglas. This was a site corrupted with absolute prisoner brutality and disregard for human suffering and life. It’s estimated that about 4,200 Confederate POWs perished there during the remainder long years of the War. In fact, these Confederate dead are buried there in a mass grave there today.

So how did Sutton get out of Donelson, I wonder. And did he really buy into the Yankee/industrial-capitalist mythos, or was that just the embellishments of a Minnesota obit writer. On one hand, it would seem as if Sutton was resentful to the money-over-people mindset, but then again he also seemed quite into temperance, which is often associated with Yankee do-gooderism. Or maybe he was just worn out by the bullshit.Whatever the case, this is a thought-provoking essay and proof that perspective is not only a door to the past, but also a link to the present and future. – DM

Source: Dissident Mama – A lesson on perspective

Episode 253 – Dirty Work (1:29:39)

A bit of a somber occasion as a remembrance of the great Norm MacDonald who passed away recently with a review of a brilliant film, “Dirty Work” with the wonderful Raylene Lightheart.

Dirty Work is a 1998 American comedy film starring Norm Macdonald, Artie Lange, Jack Warden, and Traylor Howard and directed by Bob Saget. It flopped at the box office, but has since gained a cult following.

While not a great film this will be more of a celebration of Norm and his body of work from calling out the Clintons on the View, his Conan appearances, and of course the original fake news on Weekend Update where he went after OJ hard and told us how murder was now legal in California.

Whatever happens, I blame Frank Stallone.

We’re also proud to announce that our YouTube video for this episode now features actual video footage of the show, check it out here, and be sure to hit that subscribe button!

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Dissident Mama, episode 45 – Father Peter Heers

Fr. Peter Heers has lived in Thessaloniki, Greece, with his wife and five homeschooled children since 2000, when he also launched the publishing house Uncut Mountain Press. The son of an Anglican priest who converted to the Church with most of his parish in 1991, Fr. Peter came to Orthodoxy in 1992.

Fr. Peter has a doctorate in Dogmatic Theology and is a professor at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in New York and was a rector of two parishes in Greece. He is also a translator of several books including two tomes on St. Paisios, a two-time author of works on modern ecumenism, the editor of an Orthodox journal, and was the first headmaster of Three Hierarchs Academy, an Orthodox school in Arizona.

Besides operating Uncut Mountain Press, the prolific Fr. Peter is also the creator of the website The Orthodox Ethos, which features podcasts, essays, and online courses, and has online communities at both its Patreon and Crowdcast pages, where additional online lectures and live-stream Q&A sessions are also available.

The good father and I discuss the mass deception of “covid-ism,” courage vs. cowardice, trust vs. rationalism, blind obedience, anonymity, clergy’s condescension of laity, the importance of the Holy Fathers, the destruction of history as a symptom of nihilism, and much more. As Fr. Seraphim Rose explained,  “While there is daylight, we must speak out.” Amen.

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Some topics related to our conversation include:

Fr. Peter’s 10-part lecture series Russia’s New Martyrs & The Catacomb Church, his 12-part Orthodox Survival Course, and his videos Why I Will Not be Inoculated with the Experimental Drug Solution, and The Coronavirus Narrative and its Demonic Methodology; the Burning Bush Brotherhood; and DM episode 11 – Nora Kowalcheck, New Martyrs & Confessors, and Russian Lessons for Dixie by yours truly.

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Sneak Peek 5 – Voluntaryist Origins V

Hello, Voluntaryist fans!

We are drawing CLOSE to completion of the Voluntaryist Origins V design process.

The first draft of letters is complete and the review + wrap on page arrangement is approaching shortly.

Here’s another sneak peek for you from the process:

That said, if you have moved or are planning to move soon, please UPDATE your address before we close update opportunities to prepare for printing and later shipment.

You can do so through the Indiegogo dashboard.

Once the comic wraps for print submission, the digital copy will be sent out to backers.

You’ll be seeing something in your e-mail VERY SOON. ( ;

That all said, Pho and I have a CRITICAL project we are working on that could really use your support.

Our latest song, DISOBEY, is currently funding for the music video production part on Indiegogo here:


This is a sequel song to MASK ORDER which has nearly 100,000 views on YouTube alone.


We want to make this music video BIGGER, and BETTER than Mask Order and, to do that, we need the resources to be able to get more props, hire actors, and afford set help.

We’ve been pretty successful so far as you can see:

But that present success doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

With your additional support, we can increase our production quality and accomplish more hard-hitting shots that are guaranteed to make people think about how much the government has ruined our lives these past 2 years.

So, if you have not already, please consider heading over to the campaign here:


to help us reach our next goal.

We’re almost to the second STRETCH GOAL:

Which will allow us to make another provocative art piece to send to backers at the art print tier or higher. It’s an art piece that is sure to turn heads and will be used for online promotion to rally the culture against the lockdowns, shutdowns, and mandates.

So THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the comic AND the music video’s creation and promotion.

You’re stepping up to turn the culture against the totalitarian police state.

Looking forward to the next update which will be the one letting you know that the comic has been sent out digitally to backers and to the printer’s.

Thank you for taking a stand with us!

In liberty,

-Jack & Pho

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