Gun Rights vs. Abortion

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In regards to recent events, we here at Libertopia are certainly very sad for the victims of violence in Florida (and elsewhere throughout the world). But we do believe that the current hysteria from the left in regards to restricting our natural rights in regards to gun ownership (as advertised in the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution) seems a little hypocritical when considering the millions of unborn children slaughtered through abortion. Just something to think about!

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Breaking: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Charges 13 Russians for Election Interference; Adds Nothing to Narrative


Again, why are we breaking news on a Friday if it’s ‘significant’? Everyone knows that Friday afternoons are reserved for stuff we want headlines on but no real in-depth coverage. Most reporters have already head home for the weekend.
The indictment can be downloaded here and reads:

From in or around 2014 to the present, Defendants knowingly and intentionally conspired with each other (and with persons known and unknown to the Grand Jury) to defraud the United States by impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of the government through fraud and deceit for the purpose of interfering with the U.S. political and electoral processes, including the presidential election of 2016.

Unfortunately, No one will actually read the indictment and compare it to what Already Occurs in every election.

There’s no value in doing so. Must keep the Left/Right arguing with each other at all costs. Leftists will claim “It is definitely starting to look like we have an illegitimate president” and Righties will proclaim ‘Fake news!”

As an Intelligence Officer, I will tell you that election influence operations are the norm. It would actually be highly exceptional if an election wasn’t being influenced by outside countries, non-profits, and donations. This only occurs in certain non-descript countries of zero geopolitical value which are few and far between.

​Here are the charges:

  • INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY, LLC was created as a ‘software agency’.
  • INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY, LLC received funding from a Russian.
  • INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY, LLC operated social media pages and groups designed to attract U.S. audiences.
  • Social media pages posted divisive political and social issues.
  • Some ‘defendants’ traveled to the US under false pretenses (working in a software company).
  • INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY, LLC posted derogatory information ‘about a number of candidates’ and ‘disparaged Hillary Clinton’.
  • INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY, LLC bought political ads on social media.
  • Some defendants ‘posed as US persons and communicated with unwitting individuals associated with the Trump campaign’ hoping to coordinate political activities (they are not being charged with being successful, just trying).
  • Defendants are charged with “making expenditures in connection with the 20167 U.S. presidential election without proper regulatory disclosure”.

​These are the charges?

On a scale of Influence-Operations up to Hacking-the-Election-OMG-Trump-is-Illegitimate, this represents child play that occurs in Every. Election. In. Every. Country.

That some Russians donated funding in order to influence an election should not be a surprise. We do the same thing.

Private citizens do the same thing.

George Soros has done this. In leaked documents from his Open Society Foundation George Soros even attempted to manipulate the 2016 ElectionWill Special Counsel also indict Soros? Will the EU nations bring an indictment against him and his ‘Election Hacking”? That’s the standard that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is attempting to establish in this indictment.

Additionally, bringing charges against foreign nationals is of no-value in the real world. Russia isn’t going to find these defendants and ship them over. Quite the opposite, they’re probably getting medals. Russia sincerely believed Hillary would go to war with them. Her record is clear on Russia

So we’re not going to actually take the Russians to court, but by indicting them, Mueller can continue the narrative that this election was “different” or “illegitimate” or even “Hillary should have won” (which no one actually believes).

Who knows. Maybe it’s a new world.

Maybe these Russians are all ‘guilty’ and now ‘election influence’ is no longer going to be part of our status quo. Not likely, but if so, will you hold the U.S. federal government to these same standards when we meddle in others’ elections? Why or why not? How is it different?

Should we just defund the Central Intelligence Agency now? This is part of the CIA’s specific missionWeAreNotAngels.

How far back in history should we look when determining guilt of this occurring in the past?


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Source: Liberty LOL – Breaking: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Charges 13 Russians for Election Interference; Adds Nothing to Narrative

Ep. 55: Can We Crowd-Fund the Government?

Everyday, thousands of worthy causes are funded voluntarily through a large number of small contributions — many times by people completely unknown to the beneficiaries.  In the age of instant information and effortless allocation of funds, can that very same tactic be utilized to fund services typically provided by the government?  Roads?  Emergency Services?  National … read more
Source: Battle For Liberty – Ep. 55: Can We Crowd-Fund the Government?

Second federal judge blocks move to end DACA; Judicial Activism against an Unconstitutional Law

Only in America could the mainstream media call those who want strengthened borders “Racists” and “Xenophobes” while those who are here illegally are referred to as “Dreamers”.

If you aren’t real sure why the courts keep blocking the Trump Administration’s attempts to shut down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, let me catch you up.

The entire DACA debate in a nutshell – It’s not that the courts believe the Trump Administration can’tend the program. The courts believe the administration does have this right, this ability. The courts just want to make sure there’s a good reason behind it.

As if, the executive branch has to all-of-a-sudden provide justification in form of a White Paper, hand-deliver this to the judicial branch and wait around for permission to be given. Just as the Framer’s intended.

No, this is not one of those ‘checks and balances’ we learned about in 5th grade Civics class.

“Defendants indisputably can end the DACA program,” Garaufis wrote, referring to the Trump administration. “The question before the court is thus not whether defendants could end the DACA program, but whether they offered legally adequate reasons for doing so. Based on its review of the record before it, the court concludes that defendants have not done so.”

The judge goes on to cite a “recurring, redundant drumbeat of anti-Latino commentary”.

To be fair, Trump definitely capitalized on the drug problem, the gang problem and national headlines of illegals killing Americans (after being deported many times). This is politics. This is a candidate firing up a base.

Now, if you read a lot of CNN, you might think that “We’re getting a lot of drug dealers and gang members from Mexico; They’re not sending us their best and brightest” is anti-Latino. It’s not.

“Today’s ruling shows that courts across the country agree that Trump’s termination of DACA was not just immoral, but unlawful as well,” said Karen Tumlin of the National Immigration Law Center.

So the Justice System is also the Morality Police, now? Oh yeah, Federalist Papers Essay #82 regarding the authority of the judicial systems. I’ll have to refresh myself up on the morality section.

When you have judges who legislate morality from the bench, your judicial system is screwed. They are supposed to be partial only to the Constitution.

The Justice Department said it maintains that the administration acted “within its lawful authority” in deciding to end DACA and will “vigorously defend this position.”
Just to recap, the government has very few purposes in our life. It’s purpose is to defend Life, Liberty, and Property.

If the President decides that droves of foreign nationals, who don’t share our western ideals of liberty and freedom, are a threat to “Life, Liberty, and Property”, then it’s incumbent upon his oath of office to make that decision.

This week the Supreme Court is set to meet behind closed doors to discuss whether to take up the Trump administration’s appeal of the related case.

Spoiler Alert: They Won’t.

​The Supreme Court is very selective on which cases it takes. And when it does take a case of national importance, you will be sure that the legal argument examined will be some tiny nuance within the case, not the hallmark of the case itself.

With obstructionist judges who act upon partisan lines, the future is bleak for the Trump Administration.

If you feel very passionate about DACA, let’s rally support and create the law, legally.

Source: Liberty LOL – Second federal judge blocks move to end DACA; Judicial Activism against an Unconstitutional Law

FPF #155 – Rand Paul is Right on War

On FPF #155, I breakdown Senator Rand Paul’s interview on Fox News. Senator Paul takes advantage of the government budget process to call out American’s 7 wars, the huge Defense budget, and the futility of American Interventionism. I discuss Mike Pence’s statement on North Korea. I also update the Afghanistan War, the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton, and the Syrian Civil War

Thank you to all my listeners who have tuned into the first year of Foreign Policy Focus!!


Trump wants to expand US nuclear weapons arsenal

Dutch FM lies about Putin

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #155 – Rand Paul is Right on War

On Libertarianism and Statecraft, Part II: Property and Liability

By Insula Qui Author’s note: The main themes of this series will be further expounded upon in my upcoming book Anarcho-Monarchism, which will be available in April. Stateless Statecraft At the end of Part I, I posited that statecraft would best function and flourish without a state. This is an assertion that could seem oddly self-defeating unless the meanings of state and statecraft are clarified. Statecraft is by definition simply good governance of the internal and external affairs of a political body. The state is a group of people who exercise a monopoly on initiatory force within a geographical territory. Although the word ‘statecraft’ directly refers to the state, there is no philosophical reason for why statecraft would disappear if there were no state. When we consider the implications of governance on the free market, the abolition of the state would lead to the largest amount of statecraft possible. To explain why this is so, it is necessary to formulate a theory of property. Absolute Property Each person who owns property in a libertarian social order is the absolute monarch over his own property. They are not bound by the constraints of an overarching state that weakens the rights they have to their property. The landowner can decide the laws that apply within his property, who can enter his property, and how to use all of the resources on his property. The owner also reaps the benefits when renting the property that he owns. A society built around property is a society in which each person can rule absolutely over his own property without external interference. Decentralization involves a centralization of power for each individual and family, thus increasing power rather than decreasing it. One can view a worldwide anarcho-capitalist society as millions or even billions of monarchies co-existing. (This is ignoring any other associations and any potential use of force, which will be dealt with in Part III.) Since property ownership makes each person into a monarch, each person will need to manage one’s property using the utmost care. This is especially relevant with regard to social relations, as social interaction involves multiple individual monarchs managing their property in unison. Furthermore, each of these monarchies has to fully internalize the costs they impose on others, and will therefore be held completely responsible for everything they do. Before formulating a wider theory of society, it is important to address this issue of externalities. Read the entire article at

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Ep. 29 – California Bullet Train | Another Government Boondoggle

itunes pic

Cousin Rob returns to DWYH to discuss the boondoggle that is the new California Bullet Train project.  After years and years of planning, they are about $3 Billion short of funds and they haven’t even broken ground yet.

Also discussed: government accountability, the fake Hawaii missile threat, and a short intro to the topic of the Branch Davidian incident at a compound in Waco, Texas back in 1993.

Recorded 1/21/18 – Show Links Below

Check out our last episode with Antony Sammeroff on PROCRASTINATION at

Details on the California Bullet Train:

Documentaries on Waco & Ruby Ridge:

The Rules Of Engagement:

A New Revelation:

Ruby Ridge – PBS American Experience – 2017:

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Source: Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast – Ep. 29 – California Bullet Train | Another Government Boondoggle

FPF #154 – Syrian Civil War: Iran V. Israel

On FPF #154, I discuss the Olympics and Syria. The Koreans entered the games under a unified flag. Mike Pence and Kim Yo-jong have received a lot of attention for their appearance at the opening ceremony. John Bolton claims the sanctions against North Korea have failed and its time for the US to make “hard choices.” Kim Jung Un has offered to have talks with South Korea’s President. 

In Syria, the Syrian Army downed an Israel F-16. Mike Huckabee responded by saying all North Koreans and Iranians are evil. Turkey continues to push into Afrin. I also break down a speech by Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on her Syria policy. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #154 – Syrian Civil War: Iran V. Israel

Episode 63 – The Lion King (55:46)

Can you feel the love tonight? Robert and I eviscerate Disney’s The Lion King faster than goose-stepping hyenas turned on Scar. We hope you enjoy this one where we take on monarchy, democracy, time preference, trespassing, self-defense, social ostracism, plot holes, and animation….and so close to Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

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