Dissident Mama, episode 49 – Ashley Rae Goldenberg

Ashley Rae Goldenberg is an independent journalist, researcher, and content creator known on social media as Communism Kills. An outspoken America Firster, she’s not only loathed by the anarcho-tyrants (evident by her permanent banishment from Twitter), but Goldenberg has also found herself in the crosshairs of the Libertarian Party and Con Inc. whose Beltway borgs have verbally attacked and even canceled her for daring to challenge allowable opinion.

Anyone this triggering to cultural Marxists, libertines, and neocons must be doing something right, so Goldenberg and I discuss her back story and worldview, the “Jewish romance with communism,” the perils of challenging the globohomo/anti-white narrative, and the Rittenhouse, Charlottesville, and Ahmaud Arbery court cases, which are ALL the same thing: whiteness on trial.

Here’s the “Right Wing Watch” hit piece on Goldenberg that got her deplatformed from “polite” political society. (I typically don’t share links and subsequently drive web traffic to leftwing sites, but I thought in this case y’all might wanna behold the word-salad agitprop as to compare it to what Goldenberg told me in her own words.)

Also of note is her brilliant Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead” list, which caused normie gnashing of teeth, and the video of Goldenberg’s assault at the hands of the Antifa/BLM cabal. Truth-telling is a lonely business, folks, so be sure to follow Communism Kills on Telegram and Gab.

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Source: Dissident Mama – Dissident Mama, episode 49 – Ashley Rae Goldenberg

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