The Rise of the Anti-War Right [podcast]

What an interesting time to be alive. Richard Spencer has more credibility than most leftists since they decided to drop the anti-war thing the second Barry O’ was elected. Even worse, the leftist terrorist organization, AntiFa, came to protest (read: elicit violence) the anti-war protest Richard Spencer hosted. This proves the right does have some sense of consistency and they will not blindly accept whatever their God Emperor chooses to do. I applaud them.

Meanwhile, Liberty Hangout just released an article of Bernie saying he is in support of regime change in Syria. Apparently, all the other times regime change failed in the Middle East was just a coincidence. It should now be blatantly obvious that the right is superior to the left. I would go as far to say that all factions of the anti-war right from Tom Woods to Richard Spencer to Tucker Carlson should team up and rally behind this idea of being anti-war.

I also speculate how Facebook introducing their new fake news function will turn out.


18 – The Rise of the Anti-War Right

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