Bill Nye, the Science Lie and the Strange Tale of RFK Jr.

By Kirk D.

On Monday Tucker Carlson interviewed Bill Nye the so-called “science guy” about his recent comments at a Facebook Live event with Bernie Sanders on Climate Change.

In the interview Bill Nye accused climate “deniers” of suffering from “cognitive dissonance” and “psychological delusions.”

However, when Tucker pressed him on a few very basic questions, Nye didn’t have a coherent answer and instead tried deflecting repeatedly and then ended the interview with a bizarre and ominous statement about President Trump.

Also in the interview Tucker referred to previous statements by Nye where he agreed that climate skeptics may need to be jailed for their views. This was in reference to an interview Climate Depot’s Marc Morano had with political activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. back in 2014, wherein RFK Jr. laments over the fact that there are no current laws on the books that would “punish” global warming skeptics. Continue reading “Bill Nye, the Science Lie and the Strange Tale of RFK Jr.”

Desperate Media Attack O’Keefe’s CNN Expose Within Hours

By Kirk D.

This is why the mainstream media has no credibility.

Within hours of Project Veritas’ leak of over 119 hours of internal CNN audio files, the mainstream media began its deluge of hit piece articles against James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. Politico said the leaks ‘fell flat’ of expectation and Raw Story said that the leaks were a “massive bust.” The Washington Post called the leaks “totally overrated” while CNN referred to O’Keefe as a “provocateur.” Funny, I thought performing the job of an actual journalist was called “journalism” not ‘provocateur-ism.’ The funniest part about all of these articles is that none of them actually reviewed the audio that was released. At most they engage in apologetics on a few of the audio files O’Keefe released with transcripts and commentary; none of which exceed more than a few minutes, a far cry from the 119 hours leaked. Continue reading “Desperate Media Attack O’Keefe’s CNN Expose Within Hours”

Aspiring Dictator John McCain Asserts Trump is Becoming a Dictator

By Kirk D.

Yesterday on Meet the Press, Never Trumper, John McCain took another dig at President Trump asserting that Trump is trying to become a dictator because of his recent attacks on the press.

McCain also defended the need for an “adversarial press” and that without it Americans will lose many of their “individual liberties.” The most ironic part about this entire interview is the fact that in 2008 McCain himself admitted on video that he aspires to be a dictator. Continue reading “Aspiring Dictator John McCain Asserts Trump is Becoming a Dictator”

Are Open Borders Really the Position of Libertarians?

By Kirk D.

Migration is a hot topic these days, especially since President Trump’s travel ban on nations of interest. Many Republicans tend to embrace strict limitations on immigration while Democrats seem to have no limitations; but what about Libertarians?

The official Libertarian Party’s platform on migration states that people should be able to “travel freely as long as they are peaceful.” They also claim that ‘most immigrants are peaceful and productive’ and that ‘undocumented immigrants shouldn’t be classified as criminals.’ The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) takes it a step further and claims that “there is only one Libertarian position on immigration” and that is “open borders.” There are a slew of other Libertarian websites (like this one) making similar claims, but do all Libertarians feel this way?

It’s hard to quantify considering most polls don’t include Libertarian based questions on topic issues. But if you take to the comment sections on many platforms and a vast array of websites and blogs, a lot of people calling themselves Libertarian don’t seem to share the institutional views that the Libertarian Party, the FFF and many other gatekeeper outlets espouse. Some more mainstream Libertarians like David Boaz and John Stossel believe that migration needs checks and balances. Some equate open borders as being a principle of communism. Ron Paul has advocated for creating better working visa programs while still enforcing migration laws but above all, ending the welfare state.

But the last point is key.

How can Libertarians be in favor of open borders while a welfare state is in place?

And there lies the conundrum. I think this article from is a must read for Libertarians who are confused on their position of open borders. Hans-Hermann Hoppe encourages real Libertarians to not be the useful idiots of cultural Marxism via the victimology that has permeated the main stream Libertarian institutions.

Other Nations Getting in on the Fake News Trend

By Kirk D.

Years ago journalists would carefully vet information and sources before publishing anything, but in 2017 the ‘journalistic’ standard is to simply publish anything that might increase readership, no matter who it may hurt or no matter how ridiculously inaccurate the information may be.

Buzzfeed recently published a so-called dossier on Donald Trump that was not only completely unsubstantiated, unprovable, and unvetted, but was likely generated by a 4Chan user as an intended and obvious prank.

However, despite the ludicrousness of this dossier the mainstream media is still claiming that it’s true. And now that Trump has implemented a temporary immigration halt, using a law Obama signed into law in 2015, other countries are getting in on the hysteria, wondering if they’ll be next. Continue reading “Other Nations Getting in on the Fake News Trend”

Obama vs Obama on Immigration

By Kirk D.

Politicians often contradict themselves, some more blatantly than others, but Obama may be one of the most blatant, especially on immigration.

In 2005 Senator Obama, gave a press conference in which he addressed “undocumented” immigration. He proceeded to discuss the need to “better secure the border” and “punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants.”

Sound familiar? Continue reading “Obama vs Obama on Immigration”

Daily Beast Parrots Fake Twitter Account of Quebec Shooting

By Kirk D.

A shooting at a Quebec City mosque last night left 6 dead and 18 wounded.

Initially the shooter(s) had yet to be identified, but a parody twitter account with the handle of Reuter New Braek, using a similar Reuters logo, minus the “s” at the end, tweeted that:

“Authorities have identified the suspects in #Quebec City shooting as white supremacists David M.J. Aurine and Mathieu Fournier”

Continue reading “Daily Beast Parrots Fake Twitter Account of Quebec Shooting”

This is Going to be a Long 4 to 8…

By Kirk D.

Protests erupted on Saturday following the detention of two Iraqi refugees, Hameed Khalid Darweesh and Haider Sameer Abdulkhaleq Alshawi, at JFK airport as a result of President Trump’s so called “Muslim ban.”

In usual fashion the crowd was ready with catchy chants and anti Trump signs.  So what has brought on this tidal wave of political ambulance chasers, desparately leaping on every opportunity to create a second Bolshevik Revolution?  Well, it’s the same old story.

Continue reading “This is Going to be a Long 4 to 8…”