Episode 30 – Idiocracy: 4th of July Special w/Adam Kokesh (1:52:59)

We bring on Adam Kokesh to talk Idiocracy for the 4th of July (the original Secession Day) Special of the Actual Anarchy Podcast.  From Mike Judge, one of the creative minds behind Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill, and Office Space, comes an outrageous sci-fi comedy that’ll make you think twice about the future of mankind. Meet Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson). He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. But when a government hibernation experiment goes awry, Bowers awakens in the far-flung future, he is now the smartest man alive.


Here is the Google Info:

In 2005, average in every way private Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson) is selected to take part in a secret military experiment to put him in hibernation for a year along with a woman named Rita (Maya Rudolph). The slumbering duo is forgotten when the base they are stored on is closed down and are left in stasis until 2505. When they finally wake up, they discover the average intelligence of humans has decreased so much that Joe is now the smartest man in the world.

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Fireworks Tyranny: Denver Police Department Style

By Steven Clyde

In the City and County of Denver, all types of fireworks are banned. You didn’t misread that: ALL TYPES.

Citizens are urged to pick up the phone and report any suspicious activity they see. Yes, they are urging your neighbors to have the government come kidnap you and steal your money for partaking in something we’ve all participated in at one point or another for generations.

Yet it doesn’t stop most people from doing it. There are still locations where you can buy fireworks (from places with permits which ill describe below), and people set them off on places from sidewalks, to parks, to you name it: the police drive around and bust hardly anybody. I can attest myself, because last year I bought a common pack of multiple fireworks and set them off on the sidewalk, while many officers drove by and did nothing. That’s how it should be, though technically I could’ve been fined or worse.

Coming from the east coast myself, setting off fireworks on the 4th of July was just a tradition. If there is at least one tradition that’s worthy of being celebrated, our unprecedented independence from the British tyranny of taxation and coercion from an oppressive King is of that nature. The fact that we (ironically ) took our independence for granted and set up an ever growing state with a constitution full of “implied powers” is something we talk about here all the time at Actual Anarchy. So we aren’t sucking up to state traditions, but we do believe in freedom.

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Have Hope: It is a Wonderful Time to be Alive

Despite all the evil perpetrated by the collective, the world is an amazing and wonderful place.

We live in prosperous times.

Our water is clean and sewage free, transportation is readily available, communication is instantaneous, and entertainment is available on demand.

We live in a world of rapid communication and wondrous new technologies. There are people here in the world whom I have never met in person, yet we have had wonderful discussions, we have shared hopes and even some dreams. We have collaborated on projects and we have exchanged ideas and argued points. These people are my friends and they are no different than the people with whom I share my “normal” life.

I just completed a terminal degree. I stopped working and through the powers of technology I was able to research and publish a dissertation, without having to attend classes in person. In fact I completed all three of my college degrees through the internet, no one can tell from my diploma that I am any different than any other graduate of that school.

After composing music for 35 years, I realized my lifelong dream and released a CD. The album is available on BandCamp, they are a company that simply takes a small percentage of what I collect to provide me an avenue of distribution. Years ago, I would have had no avenue to even consider recording my music, today I can do it in the privacy of my home office/studio for a minimal investment (maybe a month’s salary altogether).

I have access to the works of the great philosophers through online resources (like Liberty Classroom) that provide structured self-paced classes for a very small fee.

I order food, music, fountain pens, movies, car parts, motorcycle parts and countless other things online and it is delivered to my door, even on Sundays.

I study philosophy, theology, history, physics and countless other subjects online. A guy like me who started off a blue-collar worker (I was an electrician for the first ten years of my adult life) has moved on to academia. I am starting a new job with a major corporation this month (the application and one of the interviews were online). Decades ago I would have been dismissed as “reaching above my station.”

Over the half century of my life doors have not just been opened:

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Utopian? You talkin’ to me?

Utopianism – impracticable schemes of political or social reform

In the early twentieth century, the progressive movement called for war to advance the ideals of Christendom worldwide. In the aftermath “The Great War” ideas like temperance, universal suffrage, and income equality went from theories to practice through the tyranny of government.

These same ideas permeate the minds of statists throughout the world today. We just need more laws, more government control, more collectivism to solve the ills of society.

If the state could control guns there would be less death.

The state should use progressive taxes to provide services the private sector cannot and to provide more income equality.

The statist argument presupposes that the average person is not smart enough to rule himself (the linked article talks about intelligence and democracy, but a quick read shows the mindset of “our betters”). Continue reading “Utopian? You talkin’ to me?”

Your guy SUCKS!

I wrote this at the beginning of the Presidential campaign in 2015, since then I have rejected the political process in total, but it is still relevant.

Here is reality: Your guy sucks.

My guy would suck too, if I had one.

Politicians do nothing to “improve the economy,” help you out or do anything positive for you.

Politicians are a parasitic class of human beings who live on the sweat and blood of honest, hard working people.

Stop thinking of them (any of them Obama, McShame, Graham, Walker, Clinton, etc.) as good guys, they aren’t. They are out for their own wallet and wealth, nothing more.

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You Like to Meddle!

“We meddle. People don’t like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think. Don’t run, don’t walk. We’re in their homes and in their heads and we haven’t the right. We’re meddlesome.”River Tam, Serenity

As I get older I find myself unaligned with any political movement. I have never had much interest in the party steeped in institutional racism, home of the Klan, the Great Society, the party that defines Hispanics as “taco bowl voters.

I also have found that the party of corporate welfare and social regulation holds no appeal.

The party that purports to represent people like me, runs a series of candidates that seem to take the worst elements of the two major parties, they are not relevant (Bob Barr anyone?).

So where does that leave me?

Outside of Dr. Ron Paul and few others, it leaves me as a person whose views are not even moderately represented. In the tyranny of democracy, people like me are unheard and disregarded. Why?

We want to leave you alone and we want you to leave us alone, you find that offensive.

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Rejection of Our Aptitudes, In The Name of “Order”

By Steven Clyde

I can only attempt to speak the words that too often go unspoken; yet who am I but an individual making a case for the individual?

We live at a strange time in the existence of humanity, and nonetheless at a time when poverty is at its lowest[1] and where the capacity to be productive and acquire wealth for oneself has been increasing steadily for centuries[2].

In the pursuit of the most functional society we can only ponder on whether our actions, which merely amount to the pursuit of our goals, can make up the society we live in; an effective society at that.

The only other alternative aside from pursuing our own endeavors is 1.) total war or 2.) a society set up through a set of rules enacted by a few men or women to create order; the same type of order we’re willing to sacrifice a huge portion of our life to in order to be secure from our own persons.

So do we dare deny that governments are coercive in nature, or even violent? Surely not our own in the United States (at least never in the name of evil we think), but unequivocally we know the answer for North Korea, Cuba, the somewhat recent (in terms of history) dissolution of the USSR, etc, no? Continue reading “Rejection of Our Aptitudes, In The Name of “Order””

Podcast Names Itself “Actual Anarchy,” Causes Actual Anarchy

We were contacted by the fine folks at www.actualanarchy.blogspot.com who originally had the idea of this name as far back as 2011.  We respect that they, and we, agree that the name is a good one.  And we appreciate their warm welcome to the internet, and extend the same courtesy.

Here is a link to their article:  http://actualanarchy.blogspot.com/2017/02/podcast-names-itself-actual-anarchy.html

The folks over at ReadRothbard have recently launched a new podcast, re-branding themselves as the “ActualAnarchy” podcast. In so doing they have actually demonstrated anarchy thereby enacting an entirely new concept, meta-actual anarchy. We will endeavor to explain.

While we firmly assert that the ActualAnarchy blog has been in existence since at least February 9, 2011 (Happy Birthday! – just around the corner) and therefore the originality of our use of this name supersedes that of the new kids on the block, we are also of the conviction a la Stephan Kinsella that ideas, words and branding are not, per se, scarce and therefore no such thing as an “intellectual” property right exists. We’ll let Stephan make this a teaching moment. And while we don’t even have to use quotes, we will do so out of courtesy instead of compulsion:

“Like the magically-reproducible lawnmower, ideas are not scarce. If I invent a technique for harvesting cotton,your harvesting cotton in this way would not take away the technique from me. I still have my technique (as well as my cotton). Your use does not exclude my use; we could both use my technique to harvest cotton. There is no economic scarcity, and no possibility of conflict over the use of a scarce resource. Thus, there is no need for exclusivity.”

And because we actually do believe in the merits of a natural law based social order, we will stand by this conviction by not attempting to disallow the homonymity of the podcast with our own esteemed blog. We will not even express any snobbish resentment. Though, we will standby our superior originality.

This assertion of rights by the podcast in using the same name as the blog will be respected by the blog of the same name, and both will live up to their libertarian ethos, demonstrating indeed that actual anarchy in this sense is both an objective intellectual concept recognizable by society and a fully attainable reality.

We must become the actual anarchy we wish to see in the world.