Utopian? You talkin’ to me?

Utopianism – impracticable schemes of political or social reform

In the early twentieth century, the progressive movement called for war to advance the ideals of Christendom worldwide. In the aftermath “The Great War” ideas like temperance, universal suffrage, and income equality went from theories to practice through the tyranny of government.

These same ideas permeate the minds of statists throughout the world today. We just need more laws, more government control, more collectivism to solve the ills of society.

If the state could control guns there would be less death.

The state should use progressive taxes to provide services the private sector cannot and to provide more income equality.

The statist argument presupposes that the average person is not smart enough to rule himself (the linked article talks about intelligence and democracy, but a quick read shows the mindset of “our betters”).

Finally, leftists KNOW they are more intelligent than everyone else.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, the average statist (left or right is immaterial to me) believes she is smarter than most people and thinks that all society must do is put the proper people in office and they can create a better community for all people.

A better society, justice, meaningful work, safe society, universal healthcare, equality, coexistence, etc.

If your end goals are as stated above, who exactly is the deluded Utopian?

Anarchists understand that humans need limits, the limits are stated in two easily understood ideas.

  1. Non-aggression principle.
  2. Private property rights.

We understand that utopia will not spring forward from these ideas, we are realists.

We know that if we give power to an individual, a group of individuals, or a collective, they will violate the rights of the individual through coercion and force.

Human nature has shown us repeatedly that power corrupts the hearts of humans and when given this power they will impose their will on others.

No, we are not the utopians, we understand that utopian ideals must be resisted if we are to attain freedom.

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