Have Hope: It is a Wonderful Time to be Alive

Despite all the evil perpetrated by the collective, the world is an amazing and wonderful place.

We live in prosperous times.

Our water is clean and sewage free, transportation is readily available, communication is instantaneous, and entertainment is available on demand.

We live in a world of rapid communication and wondrous new technologies. There are people here in the world whom I have never met in person, yet we have had wonderful discussions, we have shared hopes and even some dreams. We have collaborated on projects and we have exchanged ideas and argued points. These people are my friends and they are no different than the people with whom I share my “normal” life.

I just completed a terminal degree. I stopped working and through the powers of technology I was able to research and publish a dissertation, without having to attend classes in person. In fact I completed all three of my college degrees through the internet, no one can tell from my diploma that I am any different than any other graduate of that school.

After composing music for 35 years, I realized my lifelong dream and released a CD. The album is available on BandCamp, they are a company that simply takes a small percentage of what I collect to provide me an avenue of distribution. Years ago, I would have had no avenue to even consider recording my music, today I can do it in the privacy of my home office/studio for a minimal investment (maybe a month’s salary altogether).

I have access to the works of the great philosophers through online resources (like Liberty Classroom) that provide structured self-paced classes for a very small fee.

I order food, music, fountain pens, movies, car parts, motorcycle parts and countless other things online and it is delivered to my door, even on Sundays.

I study philosophy, theology, history, physics and countless other subjects online. A guy like me who started off a blue-collar worker (I was an electrician for the first ten years of my adult life) has moved on to academia. I am starting a new job with a major corporation this month (the application and one of the interviews were online). Decades ago I would have been dismissed as “reaching above my station.”

Over the half century of my life doors have not just been opened:

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Virtue signaling anarchists!

I have a column I am working on but must get this off my chest. Why is it that even in libertarian/anarchist circles, we feel the need to virtue signal?

If we defend someone who is being targeted with violence, but he is of ill-repute, there is always someone in our own circles telling us he does not deserve to be defended.

If we criticize a company that enacts a discriminatory policy against Christians, we are reminded that it is a private company and they can do as they please.

When we laugh because a DC insider gets skewered we are reminded that everyone in government is bad.

When we criticize military action in Syria we are told that al-Assad is a tyrant.

My fellow anarchists, I propose the following understandings:

  • We all know private businesses may do as they want, but we will point out their errors in hopes that economic pressures will lead to change (that is how it would work in an anarchist world).
  • No, we do not like racists, sexists, communists, fascists, totalitarians or any other dirtball, but when their freedoms are denied we should defend those freedoms. Restricting the freedom of someone who thinks outside of the approved parameters is a threat to everyone. When we defend a dirtball’s freedom that does not mean we agree with the dirtball.
  • Yes, we hate all politicians (or anyone who wants to violently impose their will on other people), but sometimes it is just fun to watch the mainstream go apoplectic over a DC outsider.
  • It is incredibly sad when innocents are victimized by war, and yes it makes us hurt to see it. But that does not mean western governments need to kill random people in that country to keep it from happening again. We know the initial perpetrators of violence were bad guys, no need to remind us of that.
  • Finally, we all hate the “justice system,” let’s not pretend that you hate it more than any other anarchist.

Are there any other “givens” I forgot, if so comment below.

The Uncivil War: Your side sucks!!!

Recently several southern municipalities have initiated the removal of monuments dedicated to the memory of the War of 1861. I believe the optimal solution to this issue would be placing the monuments and the land they are on up for auction. Private entities could purchase them and deal with them as they please.

That brings us to the larger issue, the war itself. I contend that there is no moral high ground regarding the War of 1861. As I always told my students, when Lee surrendered to Grant we need to understand both men had freed their slaves long before the war.

Slavery was a fact of life in the western world until the 19th century. The best way to approach the discussion is to set aside the issue of slavery, not because it is unimportant, but because it existed on all sides.

First, southerners should recognize that slavery was an issue in the conflict, to deny that is to deny history. If we read Kenneth Stampp’s, Causes of the Civil War, slavery is one of the issues that led to the war. Is it the issue? For some it was, we cannot argue otherwise. But, was it the issue for the common soldier, absolutely not. When less than 4% of a population engages in an activity, it is hard to motivate folks who don’t have skin in the game to fight for it. Continue reading “The Uncivil War: Your side sucks!!!”

School Sucks: HOMESCHOOL your child!


By LyStoy

So you think your schooling’s phony
I guess it’s hard not to agree
You say it all depends on money
And who is in your family tree

– Supertramp, Bloody Well Right

I am returning to my thoughts on education this week. Here are some of the ideas/theories I have developed regarding education as a former public school teacher and parent:


The best way to educate a child is in a homeschool environment. Homeschool does not necessarily mean that the parent educates the child all the time, parent cooperatives, child directed learning and online schooling all fall under the umbrella of homeschooling for the purposes of this discussion.

Homeschool students are better prepared for college.

The second-best option is a classically oriented private school that a parent has personally vetted. If you have a particularly bright child (and don’t we all) this may be a viable option if you want her to learn Latin and Greek or any other subject you may not have mastered. Just remember not all private schools are created equally.

You may want to combine homeschooling in early years with classical education in later years.


Use immersion prior to age 12 (the earlier the better), to help your child learn a/many foreign languages. I personally believe that we would all be better equipped to travel throughout most of the world if we knew Spanish, French (particularly for travel in Africa), and Mandarin. Latin is great preparation for the SAT and later scholarship. Anecdotally, the multilingual people I know all learned multiple languages early in life. I encourage the use of television, radio broadcasts, movies and visiting ethnic communities where your child has no option but to learn the language. Continue reading “School Sucks: HOMESCHOOL your child!”

Utopian? You talkin’ to me?

Utopianism – impracticable schemes of political or social reform

In the early twentieth century, the progressive movement called for war to advance the ideals of Christendom worldwide. In the aftermath “The Great War” ideas like temperance, universal suffrage, and income equality went from theories to practice through the tyranny of government.

These same ideas permeate the minds of statists throughout the world today. We just need more laws, more government control, more collectivism to solve the ills of society.

If the state could control guns there would be less death.

The state should use progressive taxes to provide services the private sector cannot and to provide more income equality.

The statist argument presupposes that the average person is not smart enough to rule himself (the linked article talks about intelligence and democracy, but a quick read shows the mindset of “our betters”). Continue reading “Utopian? You talkin’ to me?”

Public Schools: State sponsored child abuse!

Public education is state sponsored child abuse. There I said it.

Now for confession time, I was a public school teacher for ten years. That’s right! I participated in this evil, vile system designed to destroy the innate curiosity of children and force them into boxes that result in a compliant populous.

Some of you are sitting there saying, “Lystoy you are right about politicians, you are right about double standards, you are probably even right about the pay-gap. But man you have lost it here. Schools suck, but state sponsored child abuse? C’mon, buy a clue.”

Okay, I suppose it all depends on how you classify child abuse.

  • Would forcing a child to sit still for hours on end be classified as child abuse?
  • How about forcing students to take highly structured tests that last hours each day for ten consecutive days?
  • How about locking them inside and only allowing them to play for 20 minutes in 6 hours?
  • How about punishing them for age appropriate behavior?
  • How about teaching them the party line and disallowing independent thought?

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Well I was thinking! Demonstration Time! Equal Pay Day!

The conversations I have in my own head, here is one for your entertainment.

Tolsander: It is Equal Pay Day! Hurray! We all get to rally and demand equal pay for equal work. <Plus there are cute ladies at the demonstration> I mean, who would ever think it is okay to pay someone less because they are male when a female is preferred, or vice versa.


Lystoy: This was taken care of legislatively over 50 years ago.

Tolsander: So today is the day America celebrates the Equal Pay Act of 1963!!! Right? Wait. What? No?

Lystoy: It is against the law of the empire to use a person’s sex as criteria to determine their compensation.

Tolsander: Evil people must ignore the law and pay women less than men. That’s it! And the government allows them to get away with it.

Lystoy: So you are proposing that employers hire women before men because employers only have to pay them 77% of what men make. If what you are saying is true, it is what any right thinking and profit seeking, money hungry businessman would do. Is that what you are suggesting? Continue reading “Well I was thinking! Demonstration Time! Equal Pay Day!”

Your guy SUCKS!

I wrote this at the beginning of the Presidential campaign in 2015, since then I have rejected the political process in total, but it is still relevant.

Here is reality: Your guy sucks.

My guy would suck too, if I had one.

Politicians do nothing to “improve the economy,” help you out or do anything positive for you.

Politicians are a parasitic class of human beings who live on the sweat and blood of honest, hard working people.

Stop thinking of them (any of them Obama, McShame, Graham, Walker, Clinton, etc.) as good guys, they aren’t. They are out for their own wallet and wealth, nothing more.

Let’s talk about disgusting, a young man dies in the back of a police van. Here come the politicians and their useful fools. Continue reading “Your guy SUCKS!”

Hope Kills! Take Charge of your Defense.

By Lystoy

Stop giving up your rights and don’t cede them to a government that cannot defend or protect you.

Ponder on this, since September 11, 2001, Americans (and residents of many other geographic unions) have ceded many of their natural rights to the state in order to assure their safety.

All our phone calls, emails, texts and other communications are monitored.

There are cameras everywhere. There are microphones all over major metropolitan areas. We are told that if we “see something, say something.” In a most Orwellian fashion, travel has become a hassle where we are required to allow ourselves to be molested on a regular basis to ensure our safety.

Yet, there is an “epidemic of violence.”

What we are led to believe by the “media” is that the surveillance state is unable to root these radical elements out. Let’s throw the next pail of fuel onto the fire, we have spent billions and billions of dollars fighting “Islamic radicalism” on foreign soil, so we “don’t have to fight them here.” I propose that these government boondoggles, whether they be perpetual war or the creation of a surveillance state, have had nothing to do with your safety and security and everything to do with transferring wealth and controlling “free” Americans.

In many cases, government agencies funded and armed the very radical elements the military is fighting. Rabbi Daniel Lapin says that if someone tells you there is one answer to any complex issue, you need to be very skeptical. The good Rabbi is correct, we are dealing with a complex situation involving multiple interests, none that involve maintaining the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

I ask that you consider this. Firing up Americans and convincing us that we need to give up our rights seems to be a media standard, do not succumb to their manipulation. Spending our money (that was coopted through coercion) to fight wars without end and without a goal does nothing but create terrorists.

The surveillance state by any measure is a huge failure, if it cannot do the job (and time has proven it cannot) it must be disestablished and the agencies in charge of it must be defunded.

Every person needs to attend classes, purchase a firearm, apply for your concealed carry permit (if you live in an unfree place and you choose to comply) and carry that firearm. You need to train and take follow up classes regularly.

The FBI’s own data shows that the higher the number of CCP holders in an area, the lower the crime.

Please do not become a victim cowering under a table begging for your life. Hope kills!!! and it breaks my heart to know that good people died hoping someone would save them.

In the future, I will be discussing how you can attain a level of freedom in a very unfree society. I begin by asking you to secure yourself, your family and your property.

Waiting for minutes for help from government agents is not a plan to protect anyone, it is a plan for failure. You have the power to defend yourself from an aggressor and you need to have a plan to do so.

Hope is not a plan, yes we leave the house each day hoping not to be accosted by a bad person, we hope he does not get violent, we hope he doesn’t have a gun, and we hope he doesn’t kill us.

You are loved and cherished by someone in this world, please have a plan to stick around for them as long as you can.

I hope you will listen!

You Like to Meddle!

“We meddle. People don’t like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think. Don’t run, don’t walk. We’re in their homes and in their heads and we haven’t the right. We’re meddlesome.”River Tam, Serenity

As I get older I find myself unaligned with any political movement. I have never had much interest in the party steeped in institutional racism, home of the Klan, the Great Society, the party that defines Hispanics as “taco bowl voters.

I also have found that the party of corporate welfare and social regulation holds no appeal.

The party that purports to represent people like me, runs a series of candidates that seem to take the worst elements of the two major parties, they are not relevant (Bob Barr anyone?).

So where does that leave me?

Outside of Dr. Ron Paul and few others, it leaves me as a person whose views are not even moderately represented. In the tyranny of democracy, people like me are unheard and disregarded. Why?

We want to leave you alone and we want you to leave us alone, you find that offensive.

You meddle. Continue reading “You Like to Meddle!”