Have Hope: It is a Wonderful Time to be Alive

Despite all the evil perpetrated by the collective, the world is an amazing and wonderful place.

We live in prosperous times.

Our water is clean and sewage free, transportation is readily available, communication is instantaneous, and entertainment is available on demand.

We live in a world of rapid communication and wondrous new technologies. There are people here in the world whom I have never met in person, yet we have had wonderful discussions, we have shared hopes and even some dreams. We have collaborated on projects and we have exchanged ideas and argued points. These people are my friends and they are no different than the people with whom I share my “normal” life.

I just completed a terminal degree. I stopped working and through the powers of technology I was able to research and publish a dissertation, without having to attend classes in person. In fact I completed all three of my college degrees through the internet, no one can tell from my diploma that I am any different than any other graduate of that school.

After composing music for 35 years, I realized my lifelong dream and released a CD. The album is available on BandCamp, they are a company that simply takes a small percentage of what I collect to provide me an avenue of distribution. Years ago, I would have had no avenue to even consider recording my music, today I can do it in the privacy of my home office/studio for a minimal investment (maybe a month’s salary altogether).

I have access to the works of the great philosophers through online resources (like Liberty Classroom) that provide structured self-paced classes for a very small fee.

I order food, music, fountain pens, movies, car parts, motorcycle parts and countless other things online and it is delivered to my door, even on Sundays.

I study philosophy, theology, history, physics and countless other subjects online. A guy like me who started off a blue-collar worker (I was an electrician for the first ten years of my adult life) has moved on to academia. I am starting a new job with a major corporation this month (the application and one of the interviews were online). Decades ago I would have been dismissed as “reaching above my station.”

Over the half century of my life doors have not just been opened:

They have been knocked down and destroyed:

We can reject the pabulum fed to us by approved sources and go around them and read primary sources, hear interviews from eyewitnesses, and come to our own conclusions. We do not have to accept the approved truth, socialize with people that do not share our values, or accept the status quo.

We can watch the television shows we want to watch, when we want to watch them and we can talk to whomever we want to. Our circles of friends and family are no longer dictated by geography.

Whether you share my beliefs or not, every single day in this modern world is a blessing. Yes, I have faced hardship, I have struggled to find food (when I was in my late teens) and I do not dispute that life is still very hard.

But humankind has never had it better. Please for all that is good and holy, embrace the change. Encourage young adults to provide the world with intelligent and free thinking rule breakers.

They can take this wonderful gift we have been given called modern life and turn it into so much more! In the words of that brilliant philosopher Louis Armstrong:


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