The 80’s Save Society

By The Professional Asshole

In the last 20 years society in the developed world has come down with an illness called feminism. This illness has basically taken to bucking 5,000 years of received wisdom—that the sexes are drastically different.

They are different psychologically, genetically, physically, athletically, economically, academically, and in every other conceivable category. One is not less morally or personally significant, only different.

This received wisdom is now called “sexism.”

I believe we, as libertarians, have a duty to society. A duty to recognize freedom of association and differing cultures, much in contradiction to the SJW, totalitarian left.

Before modern feminism much culture existed that is still available to us to persue and enjoy celebrating the world as it is, and not some genderless zhe/zhim/zher utopia where all distinctions are “racism.”

One of the most effective ways to do this is to have people watch old comedies. They are irreverent and demonstrative of reality (by making fun of it).

Take for example Police Academy: The opening line recognizes some people are too fat, dumb, or female to be cops (a point made repeatedly).

The fat and dumb seem to be standard now. Ideally, law enforcement should be fit enough to need limited force.

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Mx. Appropriation

By Tyler Leonhardt

Back in my day, the left was boisterously protesting us intervention in the Middle East and the civil rights abuses of the PATRIOT act.

You know, real issues.

Even the fight for 15, as silly as I think it is, is a real issue.

These days we have the Ctrl left, the group of identity politics driven fragile thought police crybabies that go around finding anything and everything to be offended over.

These people are the reason Trump won, not Russia.

People who are struggling to put food on the table aren’t interested in being sucked into an alternate reality where everyone and everything is made of glass.

This really boils my blood.

Cultures and societies have evolved since the beginning of time by interacting and influencing one another.

Western civilization is a merger of middle eastern, Greek, and Germanic cultures. American culture blends that with Native American and blacks. Others have been influenced by western ideas of democracy, capitalism. and citizenship (the idea of equality that leftists love so much originates from the western Enlightenment.!hell, so did Marxism). Were it not for “cultural appropriation”, we would all be stuck in caves wondering where our next meal will come from.

It is interesting that if a white person even tried to celebrate his/her culture they would be branded a white supremacist and subject to summary beatings on sight, but simultaneously heaven forbid someone look at some other culture and say “I like that”, because hell will reign down on that person.

I might add that Buddhism is the result of the orient appropriating Indian culture, and basically everything from Japan is appropriated from China.

For the history you didn’t learn in school, check out Liberty Classroom:

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Culture Drives Policy, So What Drives Culture?

By Doc Brown

Over the last several years, I’ve been seeing re-makes of various stories done purposely with casts made up of other ethnicities and genders. There was Little Orphan Annie done with a black cast, the latest all-female Ghostbusters movie, there was an all-black cast for a Cinderella rendition in the 90s, the latest Karate Kid was black, the British “Death At a Funeral” was re-done with a black cast, “Steel Magnolias” the same, Lucy Liu as Watson (albeit, a tv series), a female Iron Man, and the latest is a calendar photoshoot with an all-black Alice In Wonderland cast.

None of this bothers me. It’s fine and dandy. You know me, I’m all about the free market. (So just push the accusations of me being a racist out of your mind. If that’s what you’ve been thinking, you suck at psychoanalysis, so don’t quit your day job, buttercups. Anyway…) I do have to question a couple aspects of this sort of thing.

1. A. None of the originals had race or gender in mind, not overtly and not covertly. For example, with Alice in Wonderland, I don’t think Lewis Carroll chose a white rabbit because he was a white supremacist. And queens have always been female…just stating the obvious. And I don’t think Ackroyd, Ramis, Murray, et. al, were male chauvinists with “Ghostbusters”–they came up with an idea and thought it would be fun to play their creations.

B. Purposely choosing a specific cast based on race or gender is racist and sexist. If the decision is to find talented people that fit otherwise arbitrary roles in that regard, then that choice is racist or sexist. If Carroll or Ramis did so for the same reason, then they would be too, but they can’t because they didn’t unless someone can show me otherwise, which I’m open to seeing, and then they’re guilty of the same. A perfect recent example which does indeed rhetorically smell fishy is Scarlett Johansson in “Ghost In the Shell” playing a robot in Japan, based on a Japanese anime story. Everything else is Japanese, hello! Even if it was a tactic to appeal to a more world-wide audience, that decision would still fall under the racism card because the decision was race-based and not culturally apropros to the story, like Mr. Miyagi being Japanese because he’s, duh, from Japan. Continue reading “Culture Drives Policy, So What Drives Culture?”

Doctor Who, Social Justice Warrior

By Peter Berthelsen

“The endpoint of capitalism: the bottom line, where human life has no value at all…”

I like Doctor Who, but season 10 is filled with this not-even-trying-to-be-subtle-about-it crap. I’m speaking of episode 5, where the Doctor and his diversity-laden sidekick travel to space to find a station where the workers have been starved of oxygen so their employer can “save money”.

We are told that on this space station, oxygen is expelled, bottled, and sold to the workers. To this realization, the Doctor simply states, “capitalism in space.”

Now, anyone whose brain hasn’t been intentionally deprived of oxygen for the sake of corporate greed can tell you that capitalism is not just about sales. It’s about free exchange. It’s about elevating people out of poverty, not plundering and exploiting one’s way to the top of the food chain.

If human life were of no value to the capitalist, from where would one propose a corporation make it’s profits? Oh, yeah, from investors and customers. Both which are groups of — wait for it — people. In order to make money, one has to be a service provider. The true capitalist has to make people value what they have to offer more than they value their own possessions (specifically money), and be willing to exchange their own property for the property or service of another. It’s no small task. Continue reading “Doctor Who, Social Justice Warrior”

Social Justice Virus Infects High Tech

This Microsoft commercial makes me want to hurl:

I can’t think of a more cynical structure for a message than the one laid out in the commercial:

  • Ask impressionable pre-teen girls what politically correct (and nonachievable) goal they want to conquer.
  • Show them cool Microsoft products they can use to solve those problems.
  • Slam their fragile egos with the “bad news” that they probably can’t solve them because “only 6.7% of women graduate with stem degrees”.
  • End the commercial with the girls promising to overcome those evil structural barriers!
  • Et voila, social justice warriors in the making!

I’m becoming beyond sick and tired of established companies spending their reputational capital to create a new class of female Don Quixotes who see “patriarchy” as the new windmill to attack.

Rather than creating a permanent class of resentful bitches, perhaps Microsoft would do well to identify and close the back doors the American intelligence community has created in their own products so that their customers will no longer be spied on (by both the government and hackers that have stolen their tools) at a moment’s notice.  This may be a little bit more important to Windows and OneDrive customers than whether Jane’s or Suzie’s feelings are hurt.

Meanwhile, mealy mouthed statements like the company is “aware of the report and is looking into it” don’t exactly give them the encouragement they’re looking for.

Remember Microsoft. You run a business. Act accordingly.

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Knock that Chip off Your Shoulders, Pussies!

By Dissident Mama

From feminism to BLM, mass immigration to LGBT, and environmania to egalitarianism, there’s one intrinsically sick and demented characteristic that all modern leftist movements share: a gigantic ego-maniacal chip on their shoulders. It weighs down the ideologues with hubris, draining out any common sense they may be able to muster under normal circumstances.

It strangles them with an sense of entitlement, inflating their pride to an unbearable level for both them and the people to which they subject their self-centeredness. It inhibits their rational thinking, propelling them into a perpetual stupor of anger and admiration for whatever is the trendy cause du jour. It suspends their critical thinking, making them susceptible to the snake-oil chicanery of the social-justice cultists.

Basically, this obsessive self-absorption renders them stupid, angry as hell, and willing accomplices in the perpetuation of all sorts of hateful, illogical, sexist, and racist movements that spawn from the poisonous roots of progressivism. And this leads to a few irrational conclusions drawn by the participants in the A Day Without Women march happening this Wednesday.

It allows them a clear conscience taking part in an event organized by diabolical dames, like Maoist Tithi Battacharya, Stalinist and accessory-to-murder Angela Davis, and convicted terrorist and murderer Rasmea Yousef Odeh. These are some scary, totalitarian bitches, y’all. (And don’t let the fake-news promoters at Snopes tell you otherwise.)

It gives them carte blanche to spew lies, twist facts, ignore authentic injustices, and insult rational opposition to their tyrannical messages. It grows in them a feeling of moral superiority, as was seen in the recent stunt by female House Democrats, wearing white to Trump’s address to Congress as an “emblem of purity, symboliz[ing] the quality of our purpose.”

As their supposed tribute to the suffragists, these fems say the move was representative of their beloved “right to vote.” Yet, it was that very political franchise that determined Trump as winner. Continue reading “Knock that Chip off Your Shoulders, Pussies!”

The Social Justice Movement is Killing Hollywood

Hollywood is losing grasp of Americans because it has forgotten how it makes money: by entertaining them.

While I have mentioned previously that ratings for the Oscars continued to decline, Martin Armstrong brings up an important point about why that is the case:

The whole thing has become political and Hollywood has assumed its importance is far more than what its industry simply was – entertainment.

The 89th Academy Awards, however, reached nearly a new low in viewership. The industry that sees itself as being more of a politically correct role rather than entertainment elevating its position within society beyond arrogant, is in a serious bear market along with Football.

Armstrong concludes his post by writing:

Hollywood just may have shot-itself in the head with all this political posturing.

Indoctrination more important than entertainment

Meanwhile, social justice warriors continue to use media to indoctrinate Americans about their agendas, often with limited effect. For example, ABC’s When We Rise, a mini-series on the history of the LGBT movement, has continued to see ratings declines as the series has progressed:

Viewers are not rallying behind When We Rise.

The ABC miniseries chronicling the history of the LGBT rights movement fell almost 1 million viewers from its premiere, netting an audience of only 2.05 million Wednesday with a 0.6 demo rating, reports Variety. The show, created by Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, pulled in 2.95 million viewers during its Monday premiere, which followed The Bachelor.

An Advocate writer was upset that even though 3 million people watched the opening episode of the “groundbreaking” miniseries, more people tuned in to watch sitcoms and police procedurals.

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