Social Justice Virus Infects High Tech

This Microsoft commercial makes me want to hurl:

I can’t think of a more cynical structure for a message than the one laid out in the commercial:

  • Ask impressionable pre-teen girls what politically correct (and nonachievable) goal they want to conquer.
  • Show them cool Microsoft products they can use to solve those problems.
  • Slam their fragile egos with the “bad news” that they probably can’t solve them because “only 6.7% of women graduate with stem degrees”.
  • End the commercial with the girls promising to overcome those evil structural barriers!
  • Et voila, social justice warriors in the making!

I’m becoming beyond sick and tired of established companies spending their reputational capital to create a new class of female Don Quixotes who see “patriarchy” as the new windmill to attack.

Rather than creating a permanent class of resentful bitches, perhaps Microsoft would do well to identify and close the back doors the American intelligence community has created in their own products so that their customers will no longer be spied on (by both the government and hackers that have stolen their tools) at a moment’s notice.  This may be a little bit more important to Windows and OneDrive customers than whether Jane’s or Suzie’s feelings are hurt.

Meanwhile, mealy mouthed statements like the company is “aware of the report and is looking into it” don’t exactly give them the encouragement they’re looking for.

Remember Microsoft. You run a business. Act accordingly.

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