Your guy SUCKS!

I wrote this at the beginning of the Presidential campaign in 2015, since then I have rejected the political process in total, but it is still relevant.

Here is reality: Your guy sucks.

My guy would suck too, if I had one.

Politicians do nothing to “improve the economy,” help you out or do anything positive for you.

Politicians are a parasitic class of human beings who live on the sweat and blood of honest, hard working people.

Stop thinking of them (any of them Obama, McShame, Graham, Walker, Clinton, etc.) as good guys, they aren’t. They are out for their own wallet and wealth, nothing more.

Let’s talk about disgusting, a young man dies in the back of a police van. Here come the politicians and their useful fools.

“He was a thug.”

“He was a hero.”

Whatever? I did not know him, I cannot speak about him.

What I know is this, the blood dancers were willing to party on a dead man’s grave to further their political agenda.

Partying on any dead person’s grave, no matter what his background is disgusting.

Community organizers like George Soros were willing to pay people to riot and protest to further their political agenda.

Martin O’Malley who helped create the zero tolerance, highly violent atmosphere in Baltimore launched his Presidential campaign out of the ashes of a city that was nothing more than a pawn in the political game.

The GOP has backed a violent, freedom stealing drug war since the 1970s. No matter what side of the political argument a politician fell on, he/she sucked.

Let me present reality with real numbers.

We are living off our unborn grandchildren and great grandchildren.

That wonderful life you are “given” by politicians is a death pact you have signed with the blood, sweat and tears of your unborn progeny.

In 222 years our nation mounted a $10 Trillion debt. In the last 6 years, our nation added $8 Trillion more (it is now almost $20 Trillion). In 2050, conservative estimates project that our national debt will be between $42 trillion and $150 trillion (that is in today’s dollars). That means these United States of America will be a third-world nation.

Today 41% of working age Americans are sitting at home. This number has spiked significantly in the last six years (under a Democratic President and a Republican Congress, yes your guy sucks).

We have $150 Trillion in unfunded obligations over the next 25 years.

In the last six years over 48,000 of America’s veterans have committed suicide. We are so enamored with war, that politicians are working to change the standards for elite combat units so you can sacrifice your daughters and granddaughters to the military industrial complex.

Apparently, the boys aren’t getting the job done.

Military veterans die waiting for the medical care. The VA process for disability claims is intentionally convoluted and contrary to keep those claims to a minimum and the system is designed to discourage making a claim at all. Yes, your guy sucks. Military veterans are nothing more than an inconvenient reminder of politicians’ greediness and desire to enrich themselves with the lives of young men and women.

War is a tool that old men and women use to kill off young men and women and has nothing to do with freedom.

Yes, your guy sucks.

Instead of perpetuating memes that are based in fantasy created by one political party or the other, why not join me in admitting they all suck.

They are terrible human beings who have decided that instead of working they wanted to be paid to tell you what to do.

If they were so interested in public service they would have carried their lazy butts to the Salvation Army, into the free market, or the local charity to really contribute to society.

When I was a kid there was a song by Steppenwolf called “God Damn the Pusher Man.”

We need a new one.

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