Hope Kills! Take Charge of your Defense.

By Lystoy

Stop giving up your rights and don’t cede them to a government that cannot defend or protect you.

Ponder on this, since September 11, 2001, Americans (and residents of many other geographic unions) have ceded many of their natural rights to the state in order to assure their safety.

All our phone calls, emails, texts and other communications are monitored.

There are cameras everywhere. There are microphones all over major metropolitan areas. We are told that if we “see something, say something.” In a most Orwellian fashion, travel has become a hassle where we are required to allow ourselves to be molested on a regular basis to ensure our safety.

Yet, there is an “epidemic of violence.”

What we are led to believe by the “media” is that the surveillance state is unable to root these radical elements out. Let’s throw the next pail of fuel onto the fire, we have spent billions and billions of dollars fighting “Islamic radicalism” on foreign soil, so we “don’t have to fight them here.” I propose that these government boondoggles, whether they be perpetual war or the creation of a surveillance state, have had nothing to do with your safety and security and everything to do with transferring wealth and controlling “free” Americans.

In many cases, government agencies funded and armed the very radical elements the military is fighting. Rabbi Daniel Lapin says that if someone tells you there is one answer to any complex issue, you need to be very skeptical. The good Rabbi is correct, we are dealing with a complex situation involving multiple interests, none that involve maintaining the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

I ask that you consider this. Firing up Americans and convincing us that we need to give up our rights seems to be a media standard, do not succumb to their manipulation. Spending our money (that was coopted through coercion) to fight wars without end and without a goal does nothing but create terrorists.

The surveillance state by any measure is a huge failure, if it cannot do the job (and time has proven it cannot) it must be disestablished and the agencies in charge of it must be defunded.

Every person needs to attend classes, purchase a firearm, apply for your concealed carry permit (if you live in an unfree place and you choose to comply) and carry that firearm. You need to train and take follow up classes regularly.

The FBI’s own data shows that the higher the number of CCP holders in an area, the lower the crime.

Please do not become a victim cowering under a table begging for your life. Hope kills!!! and it breaks my heart to know that good people died hoping someone would save them.

In the future, I will be discussing how you can attain a level of freedom in a very unfree society. I begin by asking you to secure yourself, your family and your property.

Waiting for minutes for help from government agents is not a plan to protect anyone, it is a plan for failure. You have the power to defend yourself from an aggressor and you need to have a plan to do so.

Hope is not a plan, yes we leave the house each day hoping not to be accosted by a bad person, we hope he does not get violent, we hope he doesn’t have a gun, and we hope he doesn’t kill us.

You are loved and cherished by someone in this world, please have a plan to stick around for them as long as you can.

I hope you will listen!

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