Our First Foray Into Freedom Ep. 1

Hosts Pat and Jerry take us on a quick tour around the Liberty Movement by defining the major terms mentioned in Episode 0 and the concepts they represent.

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Show Notes:

Audio Sample: Murray Rothbard, Anatomy of the State, Mises Institute

Audio Sample: Ron Paul Voluntaryism, Youtube Channel FR33 Agents

 Definition of State: The organization that has a legal monopoly of the use of violence, within a geographical area.
A great video explaining what Dispute Resolution Organizations (DROs) are and their function in a stateless society
Markets within prisons          
Larken Rose’s first hand experience in federal prison
The Corbett Report 
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Tom Woods Show: Ep. 909 What the War on Drugs Really Looks Like, Minus the Propaganda 
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Source: Liberty Weekly – Our First Foray Into Freedom Ep. 1

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