Where’s a Socialist Snow Plow When You Need One?

By ANonyMom

We recently got over 3 feet of snow. We live in the foothills but this was unexpected. The DOT or whoever the fuck plows the goddamned roads came out the first day it was snowing and plowed twice. We haven’t seen them since.

What the actual fuck?!

Not only has it snowed more since they came out here, but the snow they pushed off the roads is piled so high that we now can’t get mail. We also can’t drive on our shitty half plowed road now. The snow is compacted and is now slick, so slick it’s dangerous to walk around outside. So thanks Government for fucking up everything and trapping us in our house. At least we have power back on…

There are some hillbilly type folks out here driving their personal tractors to clear friends’ driveways. One such person kindly plowed the main road through our neighborhood. Still not drivable but good on him for showing us that in the absence of government, someone will step up and do the fucking job.

Who will plow the roads?!

That guy.

That guy will fucking do it.

Thank you useless fucking government for making me hate snow and proving that you suck.

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