The Not-For-Profit Government Model – Concurrent Policies in Reshaping America for Liberty

The Not-For-Profit Government Model – Concurrent Policies in Reshaping America for Liberty The following is further discourse on the not-for-profit government model in advocating for concurrent policies to reduce violence. The original article of discussion can be found here: In applying the not-for-profit government model, it is essential to hone in on the policy changes that must be made to bring American government into a more Voluntaryist structure. The policies laid out here are recommendations to help reduce institutional violence by ensuring that the government’s only chief functions are to enforce laws which have actual human victims and to remediate historical harms due to government theft. LAND GRANTS AND DEED ISSUANCE FOR RESTORING INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY The total amount of land exclusively controlled by the Federal government amounts to approximately 635,600,000 acres. In order to restore individual sovereignty, the Federal government must divest this land into private hands in the form of allodial title. A policy of making land grants to individuals will help to remedy historical losses and foster a form of modern equality so that everyone who is living has a chance at having a secure home. With this in mind, each natural person alive at time of enactment in the United States should be granted approximately 2-3 acres of allodial title land so that everyone has some form of real property. The land grant options should be made in order of priority of proximate harm, with those who have been notably displaced being remediated first. For example, those who are decedents of natives displaced by the U.S. government like the Cherokees should have priority as to which tracts they receive, followed by those who have had lands taken from them via eminent domain. Other groups who have been historically disenfranchised should also receive a priority selection. While it can be argued that everyone has been harmed due to taxation, the remediation method serves the purpose of correcting some past injustices in a manner that does not absolutely exclude others because everyone will receive an equally-sized land tract. In delivering the property, the government should create adjacent public-use trails for traffic so that no property is landlocked. Doing this will ensure that everyone’s parcel will at least have the opportunity for use access without the need to buy special easement rights from the onset. PUBLIC ROAD TRUST The government should place all roads and sidewalks under public trust to ensure that people will continue to have uninterrupted travel. In doing so, the government should ensure that there is a means of no up-front cost access for all while permitting means to road funding in special access lanes. The special access lanes can be funded through tolls and help to provide funding for the maintenance of roads. This model of road development already exists in most states and, thus, should not be difficult to expand. The government may also use other forms of revenue generation that are non-violent such as billboard/advertisement rental. CRIMINAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY FOR CRIMES WITH VICTIMS Criminal law enforcement should be brought into Voluntaryist ethical norms by eliminating any law and which has no victim, with “victim” meaning one person intentionally causing harm to another’s person or property without consent. The chief laws that will be affected will be those which ban possession of something without a victim harmed, such as is with drugs laws. Individuals should be held accountable for their own risk-taking when they actually harm another. CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT The prison-industrial complex must be brought to an end as prison is a burden on society that does not fix the underlying harms or remediate the victim. Prison, as defined as incarceration for over a year, should completely cease to exist. Any punishment that requires a holding cell should be brought to an end within a year. If the crime is severe enough in harming the bodies of other people, then the punishment should be banishment, not an extended stay behind bars. Criminal justice studies demonstrate that persons who are incarcerated for 5 or more months become acclimated to the environment of being behind bars and begin to lose the ability to adjust to a criminality-free life after release. Crimes with victims should generally lead to sanctions that help remediate the victim as much as possible and only punish the offender with removal from society as little as needed. During the time of punishment, the focus of the criminal justice system should be on helping the offender learn from his or her mistakes and helping to ensure there is no recidivism afterward. This has been accomplished already with different types of criminal diversion programs where convicted persons are able to get educational and job training from mentors to help them be more productive and peaceful upon release. BANISHMENT MODEL Crimes of severe harm to others such as murder, serial rape, or serial aggravated battery should be punishable by banishment. The government should establish a remote island where those who have been convicted of such crimes are sent to live in a primitive state with no outside help. The purpose for this is to offer a means of retributive justice without having to pay for upkeep of the offender which, in some states, is upwards of $40,000 per year. Before banishment, an exoneration period of 1 year should be permitted to allow for exonerating evidence. Alternatively, those who are sentenced to banishment should have the opportunity to choose to work with a mental health institute for research and remediation study purposes, but they should have the option to reject the mental health commitment and go to the banishment island. Perimeter security of the island should be solely for the purpose of making sure no one unauthorized makes access or escapes. REFUNDING GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENTS All mandatory entitlement payments shall cease and the government shall refund all persons the funds that they have paid into mandatory entitlement structures. CUTTING THE MONEY SUPPLY WITH DIVESTMENT To curb inflation and restore wealth to the people, the U.S. government should begin selling off all buildings and goods it maintains that are no longer demanded by the people or are no longer used due to the changing of laws to Voluntaryist norms. The government should sell off these goods and buildings for US dollars and then proceed to destroy the paper currency gained to restore wealth to the people’s remaining dollar power. DEMONOPOLIZATION The government should no longer hold monopoly over any good or service and should allow failing agencies to close. For example, the United States post office should no longer be subsidized and should only receive money given to it through its business transactions or other voluntary means. END COMPULSORY PUBLIC SCHOOL Public school should no longer be compulsory. Public schools may receive funding voluntarily through charging students and parents for attendance and through gifts and grants. DEMILITARIZATION 10-YEAR PLAN The U.S. military should be brought into a purely defensive, non-interventionist position. To accomplish this, all military members and bases in countries with no active conflict should be brought to a close and returned home within 5 years of implementation. Those countries with active hostilities should have all members and bases brought to close within 5 years after the non-hostile personnel return home. At the 10-year mark, there should be no military presence active overseas with encampments or installations in foreign countries. DEBT REPAYMENT The U.S. government should begin to pay off all debts through the sale of surplus goods and buildings. Excess military goods can be sold or traded from the demilitarization to help pay down the national debt. While there can be more policies enacted to align the U.S. government into a more Voluntaryist nature, these are the chief policies that can bring the U.S. government into a mechanism for peace and prosperity.

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