Cartoon: A Foul Source!

foulWith this cartoon, I really wanted to visually communicate the idea that even though some people might be really good at selling you on whatever it is they want from you (like a politician, a salesperson or even someone you might be in a relationship with), sometimes they themselves aren’t so great. butthead, cartoon, libertarian, poisonous relationship, Narcissistic, political, windbag, presidential election, editorial cartoon, illustration, gif, animatedMaybe even a foul source! So that’s why this individual has a harp (which represents pretty sounds) sticking out of their…uh…”face”. Hmm…maybe that’s what they mean by butthead? Note: Animated version at left! Do you have any thoughts regarding poisonous relationships, corrupt politicians (regardless of party affiliation), political windbags, the presidential election, nonpartisan establishment media or even narcissistic movie stars? Let us know!

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Source: Libertopia Cartoon

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