Dear Reader,

My goal is that you return to my blog regularly for two reasons: (1) because the subject matter is compelling and (2) because the writing is high-quality. If you’re a liberty-lover, you will probably cheer me on for a few blogs, agreeing wholeheartedly with my take on a topic.

Eventually, you’ll undoubtedly read something with which you vehemently disagree. You might think, “Hey, wait a minute. I really enjoyed this chick’s previous stuff. So, how on earth can she have this stance or make that kind of statement? What a turncoat.” Hey, you even might wind up calling me something worse.

But most of my favorite writers are the ones who at least occasionally take an ax to my worldview, forcing me to dig deeper into my belief system. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to stop following some of these folks. I would ask myself, “How can someone be so smart and insightful on so many issues, yet be so clueless on this one? Who has time for this nonsense?”

Instead of running off to a safe space all triggered and unhinged, though, I stuck with them because their blogs met the two goals I have for my own website: engrossing material and bold, engaging writing. Plus, differing opinions aren’t a betrayal to your core audience, as long as you can reveal to readers why you think what you think.

And sometimes, just sometimes, a consummate content creator will even manage to plant the seeds for changing this stubborn woman’s mind on an issue. I mean, echo chambers can sound pretty dull after a while, don’t ya think? Whatever the case, I promise that I’ll always endeavor to meet my essential objectives, hopefully making my blog very much worth your time.

So, if you’re willing to take a chance on the Dissident Mama, I’d be thrilled if you’d join me on this thought-provoking and lively rhetorical adventure. We can have some big fun embracing open and honest expression, and maturing in our passions, principles, and open-mindedness along the way.

Here’s to free thought and life-long learning, y’all. Cheers!

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