When your sons smash the misandry

Back in 2000, philosopher Christina Hoff Sommers declared, “It’s a bad time to be a boy in America.” In her book, The War Against Boys, she wrote, “Routinely regarded as protosexists, potential harassers and perpetuators of gender inequity, boys live under a cloud of censure.”

Since Sommers penned these prescient words nearly two decades ago, our cultural decay has become even more entrenched. The feminists have dug in their combat-boot heals, and the louder they shriek and stomp and cry about their fictional mass victimhood, the more my sons suffer. The anti-male creed has taken on a life of its own, with the habitual caterwaul to a supposed all-powerful, women-crushing patriarchy, and a specifically a white one at that.

Within the pages of Vice, HuppPo, and Elle; on the broadcasts of The View, MSNBC, and Girls; and in the miseducation classes of America’s universities, social-justice assemblies in our nation’s public schools, or mandatory diversity training smothering the corporate cubicle grid and boardroom alike, it’s mandated that all must bow at the altar of “(White) men suck. Women rock.”

The anti-male bias is proclaimed from beyond the ivory towers and has woven its lethal thread into the daily commonplace of daycares, churches, moms groups, and home-owners associations. “Straight white men” are evil. There’s even a wretched play and song to hammer home the sexism for ultimate effect.

What Sommers coined as the “myth of shortchanged girls” is a sinister scam, in which progressives aren’t merely clamoring for “equal access” and “equal pay for equal work.” Rather, they desire egalitarianism, and special status and rules for anyone with a vagina.

Furthermore, they seek to demote men, their professions, their uniqueness as humans, and their roles as providers, protectors, fathers, brothers, and sons. It’s punishment veiled as equality, subjugation masqueraded as fairness.

Social-justice warriors seek to shortchange my boys because they weren’t born with the right plumbing. Of course, the irony is that this is the same inanity that for so long supposedly kept women out of coveted positions of power. (I will argue in future blogs that women have always wielded control and influence, albeit not necessarily in public fashion. Give me a stern, tough-as-nails matriarch, and she can make even the boldest of kings shake in his boots.)

But in our era, the populous is drowning so deeply in the surging noxious waves of feminism that we’re either becoming numb to the misandry, or we’re just so worn down by the ridiculousness, that we want to shrug it off for our own sanity.

But hate unabated and unchallenged always has a way of wriggling its way into the nooks and crannies of the culture and into the mindsets of the masses. Really, if the enmity weren’t so detrimental to civilization, it actually would be pretty comical.

Take, for example, a few of the go-to ad hominems the “grrrrrrls” spew forth in an effort to silence half the population.

Toxic masculinity” is code for dehumanizing boyhood and manhood. It’s a bludgeon used for belittling all males, at all costs, and elevating all women (except those of the non-leftist variety), no matter the cost.

Mansplaining” is a dagger aimed at killing the expressions of my children, husband, and every man I know and respect. It’s an implement meant to censor men’s thoughts, thus, giving dominance to those in opposition to real equality and freedom: feminists.

Manspreading” is a more farcical version of the above, but it’s just as menacing. This verbal weapon is meant to demean men for their stature, not their opinions, but is nonetheless objectifying and degrading.

Hell, if women were endowed with testicles and a penis, you can bet they’d be stretching out in an effort to cool off their junk. They’d also declare it some kind of human right, and then try to make us all either subsidize it (as some feminists suggest for motherhood and menstruation) or worship it (like the growing breastfeeding in public hysteria).

All men are potential rapists,” to the even worse, “All men are rapists and should be put in prison and then shot,” are simply polemics – tools aimed at silencing opposition. Is it any wonder that “polemics” in Greek translates to “warlike” and “belligerent”?

I mean, how can one argue in defense of rapists? Or not rally to the cause of the victim? You’re called horrible names if you even cling to the notion of innocent until proven guilty or that someone’s not an immoral felon merely by virtue of having a dick. The feminists win by stating fiction as fact. From Marx to Marcuse, this tactic has always worked well for the polemicists, so why stop now?

White privilege” is a bit of a hornet’s nest, so for another day and another blog. But all we need to chew on for now is that it’s acceptable for “journalists,” Hollywood insiders, “educators,” and apparatchiks of all stripes to unapologetically state that they’re “repulsed and mystified by men” and look forward to a day when “old white men holding culture back will all be dead.” This kind of hate is becoming normalized.

Sadly, I could go on, but let’s wrap this up with the two biggies, those all-encompassing and discourse-annihilating nails in the coffin of reason, intellect, and true equality: when in doubt, just tag someone either a misogynist or a tool of the patriarchy. Easy peezy, debate done. Conversation over.

Now, consider uber-PC pastor, John Pavlovitz, writing about his daughter, who supposedly “smashes the patriarchy” just because she’s strong-willed, rebellious, and fearless. Huh, sounds like most kids to me, especially young girls. I was one once, ya know.

But then again, this dude has his thumb on the pulse of truth and enlightenment because he heads a big social-gospel church, so perhaps I should defer to his infinite wisdom instead. Nah, challenging the liberal elitism of what I like to call the “evangeleftists” is way more satisfying, both creatively and spiritually. (And if that term takes off, please remember you heard it here first!)

Hey, Pastor John, I’m partial to teaching my sons, who are obviously in the cross hairs of progressive puritans like you, that being a boy is awesome! Scratching butts, farting, playing with Nerf guns, being natural math geeks, wrestling, wielding swords, competing over anything and everything, warming their hands down their pants, constantly moving and wiggling, picking boogers, being enamored with battles and flags and armament, wearing camo, loving history and geography, disassembling things in order to figure them out, and thinking that dookie jokes are funny is not only okay, but it’s super cool.

Please continue to “push back against a big world” that seeks to define you, fellas. Resist cultural Marxism. Man up! Embrace masculinity and celebrate the joy of being who God made you to be: all boy, no apologies. Keep on smashing that misandry, kiddos. And this recovering feminist will be cheering you on all along the way.

Source: Dissident Mama

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