The Women’s March is a sham

So, my gender has been totally co-opted by progressives, who twist language as a means of attaining power and penalizing dissenters. According to the totalitarian orthodoxy of the grrrrrrls leading the sham that is the Women’s March on Washington, I can’t even be an authentic chick unless I subscribe 100% to their belief system.

Like “feminism.” Translation: Every emotional and illogical thing women say must be taken as the gospel, and the heretics of toxic masculinity must be dominated accordingly. And “gender equality.” Translation: Women are given special social and legal status, so men and boys must be punished. And “climate justice.” Translation: Based on our pseudo-research (and silencing of challenging scientific voices), humans are the bane of existence, so they must be controlled and crushed economically. And “immigrant rights.” Translation: Open borders, immediate amnesty and suffrage for all, and tons of social services to boot so we can break the bourgeois middle class and rid AmeriKKKa of its sinister whiteness.

And “LGBTQIA equality.” Translation: Non-heterosexuals must be worshipped, and heterosexuals must be shunned and shamed for their hateful nonconformity. And “racial justice.” Translation: All white people are evil by virtue of their skin color, so they must either constantly self-flagellate to purge themselves of their guilt and in-born offenses, or be demonized as white supremacists and white devils. And “economic justice.” Translation: Women must be given equal pay for unequal work, and businesses must have celebrated pro-female hiring practices. And “labor protections.” Translation: Women can’t be fired because they have lady parts, and men have to treat women like delicate flowers or else they’ll be fired for sexual harassment.

And, of course, the biggest sacred cow of them all, “reproductive freedom.” Translation: Women have a right, rather, a duty to kill the parasites that grow within them, especially boys, without restriction and without payment, and even demand subsidization of birth control and misogynist tampons. These female zealots are completely ignorant of history, and the fact that most of the early women’s rights activists were pro-life. They would rather celebrate Lena Dunham than Alice Paul, Margaret Sanger rather than Susan B. Anthony, and Sarah Silverman rather than Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

To further complicate their irrational “principles,” feminists like to say gender is a social construct, yet cling to their uteruses when it suits their needs. They want equity in the military, yet don’t want to be drafted or have to fight on the front lines. They deny objective truth, yet still want to define what is truth for what it means to be a woman. They claim they can do anything a man can do, yet don’t want to do dirty dangerous jobs, and have no problem attaining less-risky jobs through gender quotas. They say they can channel the fortitude of goddesses and create change through the strength of sisterhood, yet require a swooning couch in a safe space when challenged in the least; Rosie the Riveter they are not.

They shriek about women’s health, yet ignore the physical, mental, and spiritual damage their anti-slut-shaming conduct and subsequent abortions wreak upon their lives in perpetuity. They are self-appointed victims in the hierarchy of cultural grievances, yet they march in the streets in their pink PussyHats unabated and championed by the media. They cry out to smash the patriarchy, yet benefit from male-dominated law enforcement to protect their event. They scream about police brutality, yet call for more government, more laws, and more regulation to further their delusional and disparate causes. They talk of justice, yet don’t support due process when it comes to alleged sexual assault; a woman should simply be believed without evidence or without investigation because every man is a potential rapist anyway.

But more importantly, today’s young feminists are not given real choice. They are denied pivotal information that can lead to genuine happiness and fulfillment, so they can instead be groomed as foot soldiers for a dystopian lie. They are the useful idiots who allow themselves to be used as pawns in a Marxist ruse to pulverize women-protecting Western civilization, demolish liberty-promoting federalism, kill the female-flourishing nuclear family, eradicate the purposefully powerful gift of motherhood, erase human-dignifying Christianity, and erode the complementary and life-giving relationship of man and woman. Down the rabbit hole they go. No wonder chicks are so angry, bitter, and discontent.

With emotional third-wave feminists running amok, it’s also no wonder people suggest repealing the 19th Amendment. Sheesh. And with a group of self-anointed “women’s leaders,” who have a wont for self-absorption and defining womanhood for the entire planet, it’s no wonder that chicks like me want to break the chains of their progressive puritanism, repel their feminist tyranny, and identify as something other than this anti-intellectual thing known as women.

Source: Dissident Mama

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