Lying Tyrants – Post of Posts – Facebook Debates are the Worst

Such a pain when you make concise, coherent, consistent arguments and they just get ignored.

Our hero is in Yellow!  From their original post where I saw the conversation:

Pointless argument with a leftist du jour. I’ve never heard the “taxation gives the dollar its value” argument before…

Few things are worse than a “smart” leftist.

My two cents on the “Taxes Give the Dollar its Value Argument:

The “taxes give the dollar value” argument is based on that because taxes MUST be paid in dollars…people need dollars. Hence, they will be in use and desired as a medium of exchange with which to pay those taxes. It’s not a great argument. But, it’s an argument. Statist gonna state.

The Last Word:

The overall theme of these kinds of posts seems to be Democrats asserting that the Republicans are operating the theft/coercion/murder equipment the “wrong” way failing utterly in realizing there is no “right” way to operate such a thing. Let alone experience any regret that their own cheerleading for the expansion of the executive under the “right” guy has lead directly to the use of those same expanded powers by the “wrong” guy. Both wings of the Remoblicrat Party labor under the delusion that they disagree at all with each other on the state’s primacy in ordering society.

– our Hero

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