Taxes are Moral and Just Because of the Social Contract

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Taxes are moral and just – because you voluntarily agreed to the social contract.

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The Refutation

Many progressives, leftists, and even those on the right will often bring up the “social contract” argument, claiming that you have in fact consented to taxes, by just existing and continuing to reside on your own property. Taxes are just the beginning of what the social contract requires – it also requires conscription into the military if drafted, giving up control of your body from limited access to regulated substances, and all sort of other inane laws and regulations that you must comply with from this so-called agreement. Supporters claim that a “social contract” exists that you have consented to merely by being born and remaining “in this country”, thus consenting to the state committing all sorts of atrocities against you.

Of course, that denies the obvious fact that states are everywhere and it is not really possible to escape by moving to another “country”. Nonetheless, the social contract argument is often made as some sort of final triumph to legitimize the awful actions of the state. Tom Woods does a great job refuting this argument here. Tom Woods’ argument is quite compelling – why should I have to leave to escape the “social contract”? The state is the aggressor and threatening the use of violence against me, so why don’t they leave?  The onus is on them to make a case for having a better claim to my property and my body than I do!

Upon hearing such a sound refutation of the social contract argument, such as that offered by Tom Woods, believers in the social contract will then declare that you really don’t have a right to your private property and body if the state needs it. They must take this stance to defend the social contract, because if you have the best claim to your property and your body, then you can simply reject the social contract by stating so explicitly – I do not consent! In order for the social contract to be valid, the aggressor, i.e the state, has to pretend to have a better claim than you do to your body and your property, so that they can conduct their campaigns of theft, warfare, military conscription and other atrocities. They must declare that the state actually owns your body and your property to accomplish this. When someone seizes your property by force it is theft, and when someone claims to be able to control your body it is slavery, regardless of whether it is done by an individual or a group of individuals called the state that has granted themselves special privileges.

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