Libertarianism vs The Alt-right [podcast]

A YUGE hot topic in libertarian circles is this idea of the alt-right: are they friends or just enemies of our enemies? So far, a lot of former libertarians have moved into the alt-right crowd, and when continue to please the left-libertarians when we elect candidates like Gary Johnson, and when Jeffrey Tucker just yells ad hominem attacks when posed with an opposing view, more libertarians are going to move to the alt-right side. While libertarians do share some similar views of the alt-right, I’m not convinced this is the best route to achieve liberty. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but I don’t think we should ostracize this group, rather we should be involved in rigorous debate and convert alt-right members to the ideas of libertarianism. I discuss some key issues such as immigration, the use of the state to achieve our goals, the errors of race realism, fascism vs communism, and most importantly, the underlying economic system of both groups.

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Libertarianism vs The Alt-right

Source: Gimme Liberty

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