The resentment of the feminist artist

The National Museum of Women in the Arts recently finished an exhibit entitled “No Man’s Land”. As the blog Goodbye, America puts it:

Female artists all seem to focus their works on the female body. For a slice of the female demographic that hates objectification, they sure have a weird way of expressing their resentment.

Personally, I’m disappointed both in the extent of resentment in contemporary feminist art, and the fact that the museum held the exhibit in the first place.

I visited the museum when it first opened. Its first exhibit was “Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea”. It was a beautiful discussion of how Mary was portrayed throughout history. Here’s a detail from “Virgin and Child” by Elisabetta Sirani (1663).

I remember being in the museum’s gift shop buying something from the exhibit. The female cashier clearly gave me the impression that she did not want to deal with me.

Something tells me that the most recent exhibit reflects more accurately her worldview than the first one.




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