SpaceX Set to Outperform NASA’s Existence Next Year

Reports are surfacing exclaiming that Elon Musk’s SpaceX is gearing up to launch two space tourists around the moon in 2018. According to the reports, the two individuals have already made their deposits and are currently undergoing fitness tests and the like. No human has ever traveled around the moon before.

So just like that, the private sector version of NASA will outperform NASA’s entire existence next year in regards to human space travel. I have always dreamed of a private NASA, and SpaceX is proving why freer markets should always the answer. If this was a perfect world, SpaceX could be the catalyst that sets the free market in a positive light among current non believers. I mean if we can explore space deeper than a governmental organization can, why wouldn’t it be even easier to utilize the benefits of the free market on Earth?

SpaceX just might be able to wipe the stupid flat Earth argument from Earth too!

Now, there is a reason I added that extra ‘r’ to free markets above. It is true that Musk gets around $4.9 billion in government subsidies, which are used for all his ventures including Tesla Motors Inc., SolarCity Corp., and SpaceX, which is also known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

Obviously, I do have a big problem with government subsidies because they ultimately steal that money from current or future taxpayers. However, Musk wouldn’t be a good businessman if he didn’t try to seek out free money where it was offered. Assuming the government would have collected this money anyways, I would prefer it go to Elon Musk, who is exponentially less likely to use that money to engage in mass murder of innocent people, whereas the government typically loves doing that with their money. However, if he manages to start some war with an alien species, I will admit my mistake.

All this begs the question that if Musk didn’t get any government subsidies would we still be exploring space? Honestly, I doubt it, but that just proves that most individuals aren’t quite as ready to explore space as I am. However, this is impossible to prove with the interference by the government, as they get to steal their income, instead of providing value to others. It wouldn’t be the craziest thing ever if he was able to privately raise enough money for this adventure, but it would require much more work than getting free money from government. If you understand human nature, we will always try to be the most productive, with the least amount of effort.

Regardless, this is a YUGE win for the free market against governmental organizations.


Source: Gimme Liberty

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