Backwordz Aids in Libertarian Culture Problems

Libertarians, in many cases, hold the true answer for many of today’s socio-economic problems. Despite being painted by the culture and academia as callous, simply letting the market work would go a long way to making everyone wealthier and more prosperous. Yes, even the poor because when rich people get to keep more of their money, they aren’t coerced to pay for healthcare for employees, and other problems only created by the government’s best intentions, they will create more jobs and hire more poor people.

This message is a tough one to sell because the government currently redistributes that money to the poor people through various government programs. They get hooked on free money, and forget what it’s like to actually provide value for money. Democrats take the faux moral high ground and will fire ad hominem attacks on you if you disagree with taking from Peter to give to Paul. Arguments based on logos – on logic and reason – get thrown into the trash can in favor of ethos and pathos.

Furthermore, our culture today, from reality TV shows to movies to music you see a similar path. All these forms of entertainment are focused around ethos and pathos, at the expense of logos. The culture inspires the citizenry, and as a result, we live in an illogical time.

Today you can change your gender daily, on a whim, and you’re celebrated. The president can drop any number of bombs on third-world countries, and you are only a bigot if you want to stop the bombings and don’t want to let in refugees. The current president is criticized for every thing under the sun, yet people truly believe he is literally Hitler. Trying to reason with a leftist, is like trying to convince a wall on your message.

Libertarians, while we hold the truth, have had such a hard time spreading this message because many times we are at complete odds with the culture. Politics is downstream from culture.

One band is out to change that, and if you aren’t helping them then you really aren’t a real libertarian!

Okay, I’m not one of these guys who just wants to prove how much more libertarian I am compared to everyone else. Those people help nobody. But I wanted to express the gratitude of helping a band like Backwordz, who are actively pursuing changing the culture

The more preorders they sell of their new album, Veracity, the better they will look to different medias.
Since the core of all their music is extremely political and libertarian, these medias will be forced to ask them questions about libertarianism. Leftists are overrepresented in today’s music culture.

I have met a lot of people who probably would have described their ideologies as libertarianism, if only they had heard the word before. Most people do believe that stealing is wrong, as is violating anyone else’s property, including their body. Infiltrating the culture, like Backwordz is doing, will make young people familiar with the word.

The best part about music as a medium is that, similarly to our culture today, it focuses heavily on ethos and pathos at the expense of logos. The same is true with Backwordz, who often feature their front man, Eric July, hardcore screaming and filling the listener with rage, ambition, and vigor to abolish the state… peacefully. Rather than reasoning with leftists, Backwordz attempts to take the battle to the leftist’s stadium – emotional appeals.

Backwordz is doing what needed to be done for a long time now. The timing couldn’t be more perfect either. Historically, we had two of the most unpopular candidates for president ever and one of the hottest blockbuster films last year, Captain America: Civil War, had an extremely libertarian bend. The people want to hear more about libertarianism, from an ethos or pathos standpoint, rather than a logos one.

The time to support Backwordz is now. They are trying to get to 2,000 preorders before their March 31st release. The album is stacked with 18 songs, which is unheard of these days, for $10. Also, once 1,000 preorders are sold, Eric July will be dropping a rap mixtape to help push them to their goal of 2,000. If you haven’t listened to any of Eric’s raps, I am sorry. Eric is seriously one of my favorite rappers, not just for his content but for his skill – I will attach a video of him rapping, as well as a Backwordz video at the end.

By clicking the link in the first sentence of the previous paragraph, you will be sent to the Backwordz bundle page. If you preorder the physical album using that link, you will get either T-shirts, hoodies, and stickers as well. Only capitalists know how to provide value like that!

If you just want the album, you can preorder it on Amazon or iTunes too (Amazon is $.50 cheaper).

Order their music, jam their stuff with your friends, and finally have a chance to spread the message of Liberty through culture. Even if you aren’t a fan of their music, appreciate the psychic profits you will enjoy knowing that they are providing much-needed value to the culture wars that libertarians keep losing. With songs like “Self Ownership”, “Statism”, “Praxeology”, and other explicitly libertarian themed songs, you’ll never have another opportunity to be one of the first people to help this band get their feet off the ground, and spread the beautiful message of Liberty to people who have never even heard the term libertarianism before.

Source: Gimme Liberty

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