The Ludwig von Mises Story

Seeing as how we posted a biography of F. A. Hayek; it’s only fitting that we also post one for Ludwig von Mises.  One of the most brilliant men of the 20th century.

His expertise ranged from money and its origins, business cycle theory that predicted the Great Depression, a devastating critique of socialism and how it is impossible, to his master work “Human Action” that is THE treatise in the study of economics.

Mises led an extraordinary life, most of it scorned by his peers and academia (a black mark they will never live down).

The man fled an advancing Nazi army!

Enjoy this one (I only wish something similar were done for Murray Rothbard as well, but at least he is prominent in this tribute to Mises).

The Ludwig von Mises Story

What kind of man was Ludwig von Mises? As this unique film shows, Mises (1881-1973) was a man who never stopped fighting for freedom: not when the Nazis burned his books, not when the Left blackballed him at universities, not when it seemed as if statism had won. With courage and genius, he fought big government until the day he died … in 25 books, hundreds of articles, and more than 60 years of teaching.

Mises’s battles against Communists, Nazis, and other socialists, are featured in this film, as are his ideas of Liberty. There is also the old Vienna he loved, the Bolshevik prime minister he dissuaded from Communism, and a cast of villains from Lenin to Hitler, as well as such supporters and students as Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, Bettina Greaves, M. Stanton Evans, Mary Peterson, Joseph Sobran, and Yuri Maltsev.

Among his many accomplishments, Mises showed that socialism had to fail, that central banking causes recessions and depressions, that the gold standard is honest money, and that only laissez-faire capitalism is fully compatible with Western civilization.

Mises was the twentieth century’s foremost economist, and one of its most important champions of Liberty. Here is a film that does justice to this extraordinary man, and to his equally extraordinary ideas.

For a more thorough biography of Mises, check out Jörg Guido Hülsmann’s Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism

Source:  YouTube

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