Quick update

Dear Reader,

Here is a quick update about the goings ons at Actual Anarchy HQ.

The response to the site (we’re only a month old!) has been fantastic so far.  As a part of the initial excitement, my plan was to get as much content up as possible so we have something worth reading!

To date, we have over 350 articles!  Some of them predate the site and this is because these ones are via RSS feeds from partner sites that we feature.  However, the pace has been torrid and it was brought to my attention that as we are not a “news” site; there is no need to have 8-10 articles post per day.

To that end, we are making the following updates:

1. We are going to start reducing the number of posts per day. I had been trying to get 5-8 per day; but it is probably too much.

2. We are going to try moving to 1-2 per day. We will continue to have content feed via RSS, so we will generally still get more than the 1-2 we post manually.

3. For the 1-2 that we post, we can make them “sticky” or “feature” them, so they ride at the top of the articles list for a period of time.

4. We post our show on Sundays, and will make it stick through Monday. We also do the occasional “special” that will follow a similar pattern. The next special is for St. Patrick’s Day which will post on Friday. I will leave that featured over the weekend as well.

Thank you for being a reader of the site.  We plan to bring you more content, but to not overwhelm!

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