States are Utopian, Not Anarchy [podcast]

Anarchy (anarcho-capitalism) isn’t a utopian idea, having a state is. I tear down the argument claiming that anarchy is just utopian, and counter it with how having a state is the real utopian idea. If you can’t trust people, trusting some of those people to have an institution with a monopoly on the legitimacy on the use of force is a really bad idea.

Instead, anarchy argues that since everyone acts in their own self-interest then all people should abide by a similar moral code, and nobody should have a monopoly on the use of force.

There’s still rules (just no rulers) and people can still force. Actually, more people are able to use force to protect their private property against all potential invaders, as the state is a common invader in society today.

If people aren’t fit to rule over themselves, then how are people fit to rule over other people?



15 – States are Utopian, Not Anarchy 

Source: Gimme Liberty

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