Why the New Age Movement is Doomed [podcast]

Today I discuss an article from High Existence called “10 ‘Spiritual’ Things People Do That Are Total Bullshit”. The article hits home on all the negative effects of taking spirituality too seriously. Further, I add why this New Age movement is doomed because of the underlying communistic nature. It’s a contradiction too. On one hand, spiritual people pride themselves in their highly individualistic sense of self, yet believe in the mantra that we are all one.

The main problem from this New Age movement is their hatred of greed and money. Since they don’t understand capitalism or how real wealth is created, they deem it as evil. The High Existence article touched upon this, and it was a breath of fresh air from this community. I relate many of the points to libertarianism as a whole as well.

I conclude by messing up many a word, while commenting on Steve Bannon’s latest comments on Republicans in Congress and their love for the Cato Institute and Austrian economics…. If only they actually cared about Austrian economics.


16 – Why the New Age Movement is Doomed

Source: Gimme Liberty

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