Trump attacks Freedom Caucus for not being “on the team”

So much for “moving on” from the Obamacare repeal/replace defeat.

Still showing signs that the health care debacle continues to sting President Trump’s ego, the Wall Street Journal reports that Trump “issued a remarkable warning to conservative Republican lawmakers in Congress, suggesting Thursday he would work against them in the midterm elections next year if they don’t support his agenda.”


The Journal explains why Trump is so furious with the Caucus:

The caucus flexed its muscle last week when its members withheld support from the health-care bill Mr. Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan were working to pass, leading to defeat for the president in his first attempt to pass major legislation. Next month, the group could also create a headache for the administration when Congress faces a deadline to pass a budget resolution to keep the government funded.

Instead of talking to the Caucus and figuring out whether a compromise position can be reached, Trump elevated (or demoted, I’m not sure which) it to just one more enemy for him to confront.

It appears that the lesson Trump is trying to teach is “my way or the highway”.

Fortunately, the Freedom Caucus is ignoring the “teacher”. While ZeroHedge has some of the juicier responses to Trump’s tweet, I’ll close this post with Justin Amash’s glorious slap.


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