Zucc’d, The Death of American Liberalism, & No GJ 2020 [podcast]

I woke up today to learn that I was zucc’d from my political Facebook account. I’m not too entirely sure on what the reason of my zuccing was, but it happened: I’m in Facebook jail. My best guest is that someone was offended because I shared a picture of the #BasedStickman. Facebook jail sucks, because I cannot reach nearly as many people by just sharing posts on my page due to Facebook’s algorithm. And I have a suspicion that conservatives and libertarians end up in Facebook jail much more frequently than liberals. I get into the importance of that subtle issue.

Also, I dive into a great Wall Street Journal article, that was published yesterday by Shelby Steele, called “The Exhaustion of American Liberalism“. I expand on how liberals are being attacked from both inside and outside their party, and how bleak their future seems. I also touch on how liberals don’t have any values themselves, just to oppose yours.

Lastly, a bit of good news for the end: Gary Johnson has vowed that he will not run for president in 2020.

Article you need to check out:

Backwordz Aids in Libertarian Culture Problems

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13 – Zucc’d, The Death of Liberalism, & No GJ 2020

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