Carrying While Driving

With the high-sensitivity of police officers these days, it is a real threat to interact with them – especially if you are carrying a firearm.

To minimize the risk of further violence being initiated against you, the following suggestions are from a training offered by a firearms instructor/police officer that I attended some years back:


  • 1) If pulled over, turn off car, turn on the interior light and wait in the car with the seatbelt on and your hands on the steering wheel.

  • 2) Have your passenger raise their hands to show they are empty and then place their hands in their lap.

  • 3) Don’t dig for wallet or registration before the officer arrives.

  • 4) You may hand your permit along with your license, insurance and registration paperwork. *Some states may require that you notify the officer if you are carrying.

  • 5) Tell the truth, but DO NOT mention the word “gun” as officers are trained to respond to that word with action. You may say something like, “I am licensed to carry and do have it with me, how would you like me to proceed?” – treat the officer with respect and do not arouse their suspicion.

  • 6) Do not get out of the car unless instructed. If so instructed, say something like, “certainly officer, I am licensed to carry and do have it on me. Tell me how you would like me to proceed.”

4 Replies to “Carrying While Driving”

  1. Ah, the old bootlicking strategy. Because it’s worked so well in schoolyards across the world eh? I wonder how many bullies stopped because their victims chose to roll over and take it? “Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll get tired of kicking you…eventually!”

    It. Just. Might. Work! Just like communism, you can’t keep a good idea down forever. I foresee something like the following happening at some magical point in the future:

    Victim: “Just my lunch money? Is that all? Are you sure I can’t get you anything else?”

    Bully: “Wow, this isn’t working out for me at all, attacking people must be wrong, I need to rethink my life.”

    Pro tip: Remember to roll over and show your belly. It’s a power move.

    Additional note: I hear John Travolta is a proponent of this strategy. I move that libs that adopt this pragmatic approach be called P.B.L’s. Or Power Bottom Libertarians.

    1. Yeah @Robert, “I left my children fatherless and the cop got a paid vacation but at least I stood up to the man”.

  2. Gotta pick your battles man. Why incur additional risks to your life when you’re playing their game on the side of the road.

    If I learned anything (aside from unwarranted love for jets and the Navy) from watching Top Gun it was this: “save your plane, live to fight another day”

    You’re much better fighting tyranny such as this when you’re alive and when you can do it when they don’t have as much outscale advantage in their favor.

  3. Guys, a traffic stop isn’t a binary situation. It isn’t, “if I show any spine, I’m definitely going to be murdered,” and “if I play along, I definitely won’t be.”

    Personally I lean towards the “confident, bored, and annoyed” look when dealing with them. What they won’t get from me, is respect. I wouldn’t give respect to any other mugger, so I don’t see why I should give any to one in a blue costume.

    That said, enjoy your strategy. I hope those boots taste good! Hopefully the cop will accidentally spill some chocolate syrup on them that day.

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