The Real Gender Gap

By Voluntary Society

​Mother says: “I’m in favor of female genital mutilation”

People: “You MONSTER!”

Mother says: “Just kidding! I meant MALE genital mutilation.”

People: “Oh, that’s cool. at least their penises will be pretty.”


If you had this done to you or have done it to your child:

I understand that you probably didn’t realize that babies can’t localize pain and feel it all over their bodies. You probably didn’t know that they’ll lose a significant amount of nerve endings affecting their ability to feel pleasure.  You probably believed it was healthier even though it’s been debunked for  having zero hygienic benefits. I don’t judge the people who’ve had it done BEFORE knowing these things…

But NOW that you know, you have a responsibility to help stop the barbaric practice used on defenseless baby boys at a time when they should feel nothing but safe and loved. If nothing else, you owe it to your future children to research what I’ve just told you for yourself before defaulting to socially acceptable barbarism just because it was good enough for your mother’s generation. #endrant

For more in depth information regarding this issue, please watch Stefan Molyneux’s video here (the opening is a tough watch):

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