White supremacists reaching out to college campuses

TruePundit.com highlights a disturbing trend:

In recent months, America’s various hardcore white supremacist organizations have engaged in considerable outreach efforts on college and university campuses to convince students to join their fringe cause.

The flurry of activity includes putting up racist and anti-Semitic posters and fliers, affixing stickers, creating chalk messages and sending faxes and sending emails to student subscribers on electronic mailing lists.

Since around the beginning of the current academic year, white supremacy groups have attempted to proselytize on U.S. college campuses a total of 107 times — and 65 times since January, according to a report by the Anti-Defamation League.

Racist agitprop has appeared on campuses in over two dozen states — in hallways, in parking garages, on utility poles and on street signs.

One white supremacist group responsible for littering college campuses with racist posters and fliers is American Vanguard. The group’s website features propaganda about “an America based on the immutable truths of blood and soil.” Members “must be physically fit.” Also, “no non-white-Europeans.” “No hand/neck tattoos,” either, but “exceptions” are “possible.”

In November, American Vanguard members placed several posters around the campus of Purdue University.

“Defending your people is a social duty not an anti-social crime,” read one of the posters.

“We have a right to exist,” read another.

As I mentioned in my discussion with the kind Kenny the Wizard, identity politics lead to white identity politics. If leftists continue demonizing white people in general, and white Christian heterosexual men in particular, they’re going to become the very demons they’ve been made out to be.

While this is certainly a disturbing development, white supremacists would like nothing more than to be further attacked and demonized. That would only help their enrollment numbers.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity for everyone involved to step back, take a deep breath, and make sure that when we’re talking to someone, we look at that person as an individual, rather than as an element of a larger blob?

Saint Francis, pray for us!


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