Official Actual Anarchy Response on Syria

New boss, same as the old boss.

If you were silent with Obama droning every day of his administration, but hated Bush for doing similar things – you are a hypocrite.

Obama bombed 7 countries in 8 years. It doesn’t matter if it’s a democrat or a republican.

If you were OK with Bush “defending our freedom” with war crimes on the other side of the world (how did our freedom get over there?), but hated Obama for his war crimes – you are a hypocrite.

Bush declared war on Iraq and Afghanistan, using depleted uranium munitions (chemical weapons anyone?)

If you cheered Trump and voted for him because Hillary was campaigning on being a bigger warmonger – not bad.


But he’s a hypocrite now.



If the last statement applies to you, and you now support these attacks – you are a hypocrite too.

We believe that all aggression is wrong and immoral, no matter which little letter is next to the name on a campaign sign.  They both love war because there’s money to be made and power to be had.

In fact, we believe this applies to the individual and that special ceremonies or costumes does not change it.

If it is immoral for one, it is still immoral for the many.

The non-aggression principle is the test to measure when force is justified.

We are not pacifists here. We believe in self-defense.

However, we also believe that the very nature of the State is force embodied and is immoral. It ought not exist and without it the concentration of violence would be diminished by a factor of damn near infinity.

We condemn these acts of war.

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