Inevitable consequences of the minimum wage

In one of my first blog posts, I drew this picture:

Minimum wage graph

It’s a simple supply and demand chart that shows what happens when the minimum wage is raised. A gap occurrs between the number of workers willing to work at, and that will be hired at, that wage. The end result will be fewer workers working at that wage.

This is what happens when California doesn’t listen to such common sense:

A burger-flipping robot has just completed its first day on the job at a restaurant in California, replacing humans at the grill.

Flippy has mastered the art of cooking the perfect burger and has just started work at CaliBurger, a fast-food chain.

The robotic kitchen assistant, which its makers say can be installed in just five minutes, is the brainchild of Miso Robotics.

A California fast food joint wants to automate flipping burgers?

Go figure.

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