The Trump Moment is Over

Trump was never supposed to be a pro-war president. He had talked about how the middle eastern wars, were foolish and mistakes.  Now he has plans to not just stop  Bashar al-Assad, but to end his rule.   There is a lot at stake here. The airfield that was attacked was run by Russia. It is doubtful that Putin will be too happy about this. What’s more, is that the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is already talking about taking steps to remove Assad.

What  happened

This was all brought on by the chemical weapons strike carried out by the Syrian military.  There are some who wonder if Assad, actually had called for the strike.  There is a lot of reason to doubt that Assad and Putin had tried to pull this off. They were winning. Hard to win when you commit and an obvious war crime to anger the entire western word, who already hate you for your friends. (Russia, Iran) That reason alone makes the whole thing incredible. Assad had no motive to try to anger the US, yet here we are.

What is more, the last time Assad was accused of using chemical weapons, he was later proven to be innocent and the weapons used had belonged to the rebels. The New York Times is convinced that Assad has carried out this attack and others, claiming this is part of his strategy.  This ignores a fact such a plan is suicidal. It is all well and good if these are simply rebels, but that is not the case. Many of the rebels are backed by the US and have been since the early days of the war in 2011. Knowing the biggest power in the world, has their eyes on you conflict, makes any attempt at chemical or other banned weapons, incredibly dangerous.  If Assad didn’t use chemical weapons, back in 2013, why would he now?
The scary reality

We committed an act of war against a country, with significant military backing from a nuclear power, with little evidence.  There is no way this goes anywhere profitable for the USA or our allies. We are becoming the Air Force for our most bitter enemies. All this does, is advance the cause of ISIS. If we ever want to see peace return we need to pull out of the region entirely and let the native people work this out.

It could be too late 

A Russian warship, today are on their way, toward our ships in the Mediterranean. The tensions are at an all-time high and I don’t know if it can survive this strain. We may be on the verge of the biggest war, since Iraq, and of course it is approved by the media. For all the claims of him being a Russian plant, he isn’t doing a great job of it.

What this means

I was on episode 7 of the Actual Anarchy Podcast. During the show, I talked about how I wouldn’t judge President Trump based on his first months in office but did say Trump will be defined by his actions with Syria and Iran. His actions tell me he will not be reelected. The Trump moment has passed and we are dealing with the fallout. Many of his supporters have been calling him out for this, revealing how important an anti-war message will be moving forward. These people, for the most part, have been jumping off the Trump train, and who can blame them? Between this new war, and Trump Care, there is little left for the populist right to be happy about, and without the media propping him up, Trump cannot maintain the illusion of control.

We need to remember this was never about who was president, it was about who would keep us from the next war.

Turns out we never had a chance.

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