Libertopia Infographic: When government does it…


Ahh, yes, when government does it, it’s okay. Cause without security patdowns, wars, “peacekeeping” missions, big government education programs, indefinite detention, taxation, interrogations, no-knock raids and national security – all at the expense of the individual and individual rights of course – just where would we be as a society? Without such things, would it really be some mad-max scenario, as some of your statist friends might thunder down from their high-horses? Or could the true respect (as opposed to token nods) for the individual and natural rights really lead to an even better future of peace and prosperity? Thoughts or suggestions? Leave a comment! Want more memes, cartoons and infographics? Check out our graphics page! As always, we enjoy hearing from you! Also, please share our libertarian graphics with a friend, or check out some of our amazing artist interviews! Until next time, keep smiling and have a great day!

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