Puberty Challenge: Oblivious Female Impersonator develops into Oblivious Male Clownboy


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My friend used to have a big crush on this girl when he was younger. Now she’s a dude, a communist, SJW cultist, obnoxiously militant atheist and generally disconnected from reality. It really is sad, and it didn’t hit him until he saw the image above…

I’ve been making the point to people, in liberty and otherwise, that the real fight isn’t over policy, it’s over culture. Not that you could pin me down as socially conservative or liberal proper, but there’s something truly troubling about it being trendy to be transgendered and it’s a third rail to suggest it’s not normal.

Is anyone else realizing that our divisive social culture is becoming increasingly aligned along economic lines? This chick/dude/thing could have gone places.

Even if achieving some modicum of success in life, her lifestyle will put a ceiling on how successful she can be. We live in a free-market society and she will be unable to take full advantage of Free Market Capitalism. You see, she’ll be sucked into the Bernie-Blame-Rich-People-SJW-Crowd and she’ll repeat the talking points that ‘capitalism is evil’ and ‘Rich White Men’ and are the reason she can’t get ahead blah blah blah when in fact, she’s just lacking as a “Value-creator” to society.

We live in a capitalistic society. In order to succeed you’re challenged to provide value. You’ll know when you’re successful when others voluntarily trade their money for your services. They agree that the services or product you provide is more valuable that the money they give you in exchange.  That’s how all this works.

Socialism and Communism work because value is forcefully taken from others.

We love the #FreeMarkets around here. It’s the principle means that you need to create value for others in order to be rewarded and enriched. Bernie Sanders’ message is one of demonizing and stealing from those who are more successful in order to enrich yourself.

I hope the best for our friend here. Maybe, upon seeing her again, we could fist-bump and I could share the message of Liberty. There is still a lot of opportunities to succeed even when, economically and culturally speaking, much is dim.

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