Joining the Conversation: The Future of Liberty Weekly

I am pleased to announce that Liberty Weekly will be celebrating its first anniversary on June 23, 2017!

One year ago today, I was preparing to write the final round of finals and conclude my first year of law school. The ten months of 1L year contained much self-doubt and anxiety. I even developed a habit of tooth-grinding, which has persisted. Law school is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

But, to this point it has been worth it–the unholy magic that is law school did its job. This cushy liberal arts major (English) was pounded into human dust, then reconstructed with a cold, analytical mind and a vampiric lust for blood that only an attorney could possess.

After 1L year, I picked up a data entry job managing the alumni database at my school. I worked with some great people, but the job itself was very mind-numbing. So to stay entertained, I discovered the libertarian podcasting community!

Of course, the Tom Woods Show quickly became a staple in my work routine. Although I was a Misesian free market anarchist before listening to Tom, my knowledge grew exponentially during that summer I spent doing data entry, planning my wedding, and reading Murray Rothbard.

As the dinosaur mainstream media slowly suicides via its blatant lies, obsolete business model, and lap-dog coverage, people are turning more and more to decentralized forms of entertainment and media production. This, my friends, is where the future of the liberty movement lies.

As more and more people turn to these decentralized forms of communication, the marketplace has opened for independent media providers to spread the liberty message. As we know, the free market is the best mechanism for prosperity and true human progress. Why not use it to disseminate the message of liberty and true human progress?

By creating Liberty Weekly, my intent was to simply join in that conversation and spread the message. I did so with the hope that the site could eventually attract enough attention to monetize.

While that is still my intention, it has always been a struggle to produce quality content with the kind of consistency that would grow the site beyond 90 views per week, especially while juggling my marriage, clerking obligations, and law school.

Now that I feel like I have more time and motivation–I want to take Liberty Weekly to the next level!

With that, I am very pleased to announce the return of regular content to Liberty Weekly and the coming launch of the Liberty Weekly Podcast with a pre-June launch date!

The podcast will focus on much of the same content that appears in previous articles published on the site. It will also have guest appearances and will contain more substantive coverage of libertarian theory, economics, and history. Of course, the content is subject to change based on audience input.

I am also pleased to announce that Liberty Weekly will be welcoming a regular co-host to the podcast, who will introduce himself at launch. He very knowledgeable and is great at conveying the message. I am very excited at what he brings to the table.

I will also be updating the free E-Book signup option to consist of a  public policy analysis of the war on drugs from an Austrian market-process approach. It will definitely compliment your logical arsenal for use against the statists. I know that you will love it.

The best way to experience Liberty Weekly and receive updates going forward is by signing up for our email list, where I am launching a new campaign with a more exclusive, personalized feel. Join the Liberty Weekly Elite!

Finally, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who have been keeping tabs on my work here. My hope is that we will see Liberty Weekly grow exponentially together. I am thrilled to get started!


Pat MacFarlane

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