The Gender Wage Gap… Yep. It’s a Bunch of Crapola. (Episode 30)

the gender wage gap myth

We recently “celebrated” Equal Pay Day – a day that is supposed to recognize how far into the year a woman must work in order to earn what a man earns. Every year, this day is provided a national spotlight in an effort to perpetuate the narrative that America is still a society based in misogyny. But as John Adams pointed out, facts are stubborn things, and the economics don’t support phantom gender wage gap. Sure, it’s a useful tool for politicians to convince women they’re getting a raw deal in society, thus providing more proof that the government is absolutely essential to level the playing field.

The gender wage gap is bullshit, and we took this opportunity to explain why.

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The Gender Wage Gap Myth


Source: Libertarianism for Normal People – The Gender Wage Gap… Yep. It’s a Bunch of Crapola. (Episode 30)

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