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How to manage to read a book a day and still have time to run your business and spend time with your family.

One of the secret weapons is Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump. You might not end up reading a book a day, or even a book a week. But whatever you do decide to read, you’ll read it faster and understand it better.

Today I read a summary of the book Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump.

I learned a bunch of techniques for reading faster, and I thought you’d enjoy some of them too.

Here are a few of the principles from the book:

Scanning (Part 1). Most business books are written in a logical structure with a new idea per chapter. Read the table of contents, and then the first paragraph or two of every chapter, and you’ll have a good idea of what the main message of the book is.

Scanning (Part II). Most authors will put the main point of their paragraph in the first sentence. Read the first sentence of every paragraph, and again, you’ll get the main point.

Underlining. You’ll read faster if you move your finger across the page as you do. To get faster, simply start moving your finger faster. Move your finger slightly faster than you feel comfortable, and over time you’ll dramatically increase your reading speed.

Dusting. If you want to get even faster, start moving your entire hand across the page as you read as if you are dusting the book.

Mindmaps. To comprehend what you are reading, create a mindmap with one concept in the middle of a page, and then start branching off the sub-ideas as appropriate, and making sure to keep related materials together.

If you want more, you can read a summary of this book here today (you’ll need to create a free account first):

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