Leftism: The Same Old Game

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Galactic Imperium News Service: After announcing a special division at the North American Moogle corporate headquarters called The Division of Tolerance and Thought Crime (or DTTC for short), other social media giants like Fakebook, Bitter and Dumblr announced their own special departments devoted towards the facilitating of Leftist thought within their corporate atmospheres. Says Sherry Dinkowitz, DTTC Lead Officer for the program at Moogle, “Our Division of Tolerance and Thought Crime Department will be devoted to policing our employees and making sure they aren’t perpetrating any undesirable thoughts or actions which may poison our community. Such behavior may result in being sent to a week-long sensitivity training seminar, or – in severe cases – immediate dismissal.”

When asked why such measures were being instituted, Dinkowitz explained that, “We live in a culture of rampant religious intolerance, hate, sexism, racism and white privilege. It’s important to take strong  measures to stamp out any kind of individualism or foreign thought which can be determined as being linked with such unsavory elements.”

“It’s our hope that we can build a future free from those types of people or beliefs we don’t approve of,” Dinkowitz said with a smile.

Note: The above post is a work of parody or satire. Any relation to actual companies (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr), real-life people or present-day circumstances is likely just an unusual coincidence. Check out the rest of our libertarian cartoons right here!

Source: Libertopia Cartoon – Leftism: The Same Old Game

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