Is There Any Hope of Reaching SJWs? (Episode 36)

When you see videos from the UC Berkley Milo event, Ben Shapiro being shouted down in lecture halls, or professors being screamed at for defending the right to dress as an American Indian for Halloween, it’s not unreasonable to question whether the SJWs leading the fight to end racism, sexism, fascism, etc. can be made to understand that their tactics are fascist by their nature. Free speech is definitely under attack and the people opposing this basic civil right bafflingly claim that their fighting for equality and social justice.

So are they beyond hope? Or is it possible that, as they mature and gain real-life experiences and interactions, they might start to see the world as complex and multi-faceted rather than the black and white caricature they’re provided by their high school teachers and college professors? A recent video by a prominent YouTube SJW gave me some glimmer of hope. In today’s episode we discuss whether this is proof that others can be reached, as well.

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– Pat and Jon

Source: Libertarianism for Normal People – Is There Any Hope of Reaching SJWs? (Episode 36)

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